When Is Restaurant Week In Westchester 2022

When Is Restaurant Week In Westchester 2022


When Is Restaurant Week In Westchester 2022: Westchester County, which is in the Hudson Valley of New York, is excited for its first Restaurant Week in 2022. This delicious extravaganza, which both locals and tourists love, honors the area’s busy and varied restaurant business. It usually happens over a certain amount of time, which makes guests want to go on a gourmet trip during that time.

Westchester’s Restaurant Week is fun because of the places that take part. They range from small cafes to high-class restaurants, and each one brings something new to the local food scene. It’s a great chance for foodies to try a wide range of prix-fixe dishes expertly made by talented cooks, giving them a taste of the county’s outstanding cooking at enticingly low prices.

You should not miss Restaurant Week, whether you live in Westchester or are just visiting and want to try some of its great restaurants. In addition to filling gourmet cravings, the event brings attention to the lively spirit of the local food scene and encourages people to get involved in their community. As excitement builds for Westchester’s Restaurant Week in 2022, get ready to try new foods, see new places, and enjoy the wide range of cuisines this beautiful county has to offer.

When Is Restaurant Week In Westchester 2022

Westchester County NY Government

The much-anticipated return of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week in the fall of 2023 will show off the creative food in Westchester County. Over 70 restaurants from all over the county took part in this event, which set a new record and showed how diverse and active the local food scene is.

The county president, George Latimer, talks about how excited he is and how Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is always a hit. He talks about how important it is for the event to bring people together and tells both locals and tourists to enjoy the chance to try new Westchester restaurants or visit old favorites.

Natasha Caputo, Director of Westchester County Tourism and Film, talked about how easy it is to get to Westchester County via Metro-North. This makes it very easy to attend this gourmet event. The area gets crisp weather and beautiful colors in the fall. Caputo urges people to enjoy the food and friendly service at Westchester’s best restaurants, some of which have coveted Michelin ratings.

President of Metro-North and Interim President of Long Island Rail Road Catherine Rinaldi stresses how important the transportation network is for getting people from New York to the Hudson Valley’s many attractions. The MTA makes travel easy and fun, whether people are planning a weekend trip or checking out new places in their city.

Mike Martinelli, Publisher of Today Media’s Hudson Valley Group, wants everyone to come to the upcoming food event. He encourages people to try the delicious three-course lunches that are available at special discounted prices. By doing so, they can support the successful local businesses that help both gourmet fun and economic growth. The modern American steakhouse Red Horse by David Burke in White Plains is getting ready for fall with a menu that includes Burke’s Himalayan salt-aged prime beef and many other signature items that promise a great meal.

What to Expect From Hudson Valley Restaurant Week This Fall

In the regular dance of the equinoxes and solstices, Hudson Valley Restaurant Week (HVRW), which happens every other year, stands out as a truly epicurean event. Valley Table, our well-known sister magazine, planned and put together this gourmet extravaganza, which features the best restaurants in the area and a wide range of prix-fixe menus that highlight signature and specialty dishes. 

Valley Table just revealed that HVRW will return in the fall of 2023, from October 30 to November 12. The event will encourage foodies to visit more than 120 restaurants in Westchester and the nearby Hudson Valley.

During these two weeks, places that are taking part in this culinary adventure can offer four tempting price points: $24.95, $29.95, $39.95, or $44.95. Restaurants can meet the needs of a wide range of customers by offering prix-fixe meals for takeout, which are different from the usual dining-in experience.

As excitement grows with the start of restaurant registration, famous places like White Plains’ Benjamin Steakhouse, Harrison’s The Greekish, and Peekskill’s Fin & Brew show off their cooking skills. Hudson Valley Restaurant Week started in 2006 and happens every year. It celebrates the area’s rich food history and gives businesses and customers a great chance to meet.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Spring 2022

People from Westchester and the Hudson Valley will love the food during Hudson Valley Restaurant Week (HVRW), which runs from March 21 to April 3. There will be 104 restaurants at this gourmet event, and 59 of them are well-known in the Westchester County food scene.

During HVRW, a three-course lunch or dinner costs $29.95 or $39.95 and is good for both experienced and new eaters. Fortina in Armonk is one of the most well-known places in the area. It follows Petroni’s tradition by serving simple Italian food in a wood-fired oven. Lenny’s North is a great Italian restaurant where Lenny Balidema’s cooking skills are shown off. The Livanos family’s famous New American food is served at Moderne Barn, and Chef Roberto Paciullo’s amazing cooking skills are shown at Zero Otto Nove.

On the beautiful grounds of Tilly Foster Farm in Brewster, Tilly’s Table brings food straight from the farm to the table. But at Clock Tower Grill, they serve modern bistro food made with food from nearby fields. The small French cafe Le Jardin du Roi in Chappaqua and the historic Crabtree’s Kittle House are both great places to eat. Harrison’s The Greek-ish, a new restaurant with an ouzo bar theme that is based on Chef Constantine Kolandranis’s 273 Kitchen, serves tasty foods with a Greek flair at reasonable prices. At the same time, Croton Falls’ Primavera serves delicious Italian food that will draw you in. It would help if you got ready for a culinary adventure because Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is almost here.

West Chester Restaurant Week 2023

It’s Restaurant Week in downtown West Chester from Sunday, February 26, to Sunday, March 5. Come out and try new foods. This lovely week, you are cordially asked to visit your favorite spots or try new foods that you will love. West Chester’s best chefs will work with participating restaurants to create one-of-a-kind prix fixe menus with three to five courses that cost between $30 and $50 (depending on the spot).

Please come back when we add the food from each place to the “Restaurant Week Menu” section below. Many times a day, check the website for new features and interesting choices. A lot of restaurants offer easy takeout choices. To find out more, contact the business directly. Most places need bookings, so check the restaurant’s website to make sure you get a seat.

In downtown West Chester, there are a number of parking choices, such as accessible parking garages, metered street parking, and parking on the street. The Justice Center Garage lets you park for free on weekends and after 5 p.m. During the week. On Saturdays until 5 p.m., parking on the street is free. On Sundays, parking in basements and on the street is both free. In honor of First Friday, there will also be free paid parking on the street after 5 p.m. on Friday, March 3. Join us for a week of great food, fun events, and lively experiences as we celebrate West Chester’s unique eating culture!


Many people know that NYC Restaurant WeekTM is the best food event in New York City, and it’s always being held again. This event’s fixed prices encourage people to try the wide range of delicious options that make up New York City’s food culture.

NYC Restaurant Week was started in 1992 as a way to get people ready for the Democratic National Convention. It has grown into a famous event that happens every year since then. It will be back this winter, from January 16 to February 4, to show some of the best places in all five boroughs. Fixed-price menus for $30, $45, and $60 are a cheap way to start exploring the city’s food delights.

Starting January 9, people can use the official NYC Restaurant Week website to make bookings for this gourmet treat. This isn’t just a dinner party; it’s a celebration of New York City’s famous food every six months. Customers can get out of their comfort zones and try the flavors of more than one borough at participating places across the city, from high-end restaurants to local favorites. It’s more than just a meal during NYC Restaurant Week. You can learn about, enjoy, and celebrate the city’s culinary gems.

When Is Restaurant Week In Westchester 2022

Does New York have a restaurant week?

New York City Restaurant Week actually comes twice a year, in summer and in winter, and each edition lasts for about a month. Restaurants curate their menus and produce prix fixe selections for brunch, lunch, dinner and sometimes all three.

New York City Restaurant Week is one of the best times to eat in the city because lucky tourists and locals can try food from all five boroughs. 

This popular event happens every two years, in the summer and the winter. Fans plan to take advantage of great deals at the city’s best restaurants, which changes the way people eat. There are prix fixe menus for brunch, lunch, and dinner at participating places, which range from well-known classics to hip newcomers. You can enjoy fine eating at prices you won’t find all year at this one time.

Because they were so popular last summer, the $30, $45, and $60 price ranges for two- and three-course specialties will be back for Restaurant Week 2024 in the winter. Guests have plenty of time to try out different restaurants since the event lasts for about a month. However, Saturdays are not included, and Sundays are up to the place. As the excitement for this tasty event grows, New York City is eager to show off its culinary skills and offer great meals at prices that can’t be beaten.

How long is restaurant week nyc 2023?

New York City is America’s melting pot and with such a diverse populous comes incredibly delicious food. Starting today, July 24th, and running through August 20th, New York City Restaurant Week 2023 celebrates the some of the city’s hautest boîtes offering diners special menus at discounted prices.

This award-winning Middle Eastern gem is tucked away in a quiet corner of Bay Ridge. The food, which is expertly prepared by owner and cook Rawia Bishara and her daughter, makes the restaurant feel warm. According to the inspector’s notes, the meal started very well, with pickled vegetables and flatbread covered in za’atar. This set the tone for a number of beautifully prepared dishes that were full of bright flavors. If you want to get the most out of this event, you should go with a group of friends or someone who is really hungry.

Victor is now open in Gowanus. It is a Mediterranean haven that was built by famous cooks Ian Alvarez and Ryan Angulo. A dramatic pink front stands out on the inside, which has a hot marble bar, soft green leather banquettes, and high-top sneakers. Inspector Insights is a cooking story that uses the wood oven very well and serves very tasty, seasonally inspired food in simple settings. The unique wine list makes it even more interesting as a place for people to hang out and have fun.

LORE is the best place to hang out in trendy Park Slope because it combines American food with Indian flavors so well. Jay Kumar and John Kim, who are cooks and business partners, bring new ideas to their food and make the space feel both calm and lively. LORE is in the Middle of this fancy Brooklyn neighborhood and stands out as a part of the lively food scene, making sure you have a great meal.

How long has Restaurant Week been around?

Restaurant week was created in New York City in 1992 by Tim Zagat, the creator of the Zagat Survey, and Joe Baum, a famous New York restaurateur.

Two famous people—New York City restaurant owner Joe Baum and Zagat Survey author Tim Zagat—worked together to start Restaurant Week in 1992. These two exciting people put together this gourmet event to make eating out in the busy city better.

Joe Baum, a famous hospitality expert, and Tim Zagat, a veteran of the restaurant business, worked together on a plan to highlight the city’s wide range of cuisines while also making good dining easier for more people to access. Their idea came true, and now it’s a well-known tradition that people all over the world follow.

Although Zagat and Baum got the idea for Restaurant Week from their love of fine food, it has now spread all over the world and become a phenomenon that pushes foodies to try new things. The event shows how much they want to improve the food scene and make great eating a shared pleasure for everyone.

How long is NYC Restaurant Week?

NYC offers 2 Restaurant Weeks during the year, the Winter version from mid-January to mid-February, and the Summer one from mid-July to mid-August.

New York City has two highly anticipated Restaurant Weeks every year. During these weeks, both locals and visitors can enjoy a wide range of culinary adventures. From the Middle of January to the Middle of February, the Winter edition has delicious food, and from the Middle of July to the Middle of August, the Summer edition does. These set times, marked by specially made prix-fixe meals, are like a food festival that encourages people to try out the city’s lively and colorful restaurant scene.

During these weeks, some of the best places in town offer a wide range of delicious foods for lunch, brunch, and dinner. Along with the tasty food, good dining experiences are more affordable, which means that a wider range of people can enjoy them.

The two Restaurant Weeks are big events that bring attention to the wide range of tastes that can be found in New York City. They are also very important to the city’s cultural calendar. It’s fun to read both versions because they take you on a tour of the city’s food scene. They also bring people together and help them appreciate the culinary arts, whether it’s winter or summer. It’s a call to enjoy the unique flavors of New York City’s food in each of these four distinct seasons, leaving a lasting image of the city’s changing and unique food scene.

Is NYC expensive for food?

According to Numbeo.com data from March 2022, groceries in New York City usually cost about $486.71 a month, per person. For the U.S. as a whole, the average is $348.34.

As of March 2022, Numbeo.com had useful information about how much people in New York City spend on groceries, with an average monthly cost of $486.71 per person. This number shows the unique economic situation of the city, where food and other living costs usually cost more than the national average.

The average monthly grocery bill for a person in the United States, on the other hand, drops greatly to $348.34. This difference shows how different places have different costs of living. For example, New York City has a higher cost of living than the rest of the country.

The data helps people who live in or want to move to New York City figure out how much it costs to shop for groceries in the city’s busy metropolis. Not only does understanding cost differences help people make good budgets, but it also makes people more aware of the small economic differences that affect the finances of different places in the US.

When Is Restaurant Week In Westchester 2022

Restaurant Week will happen in Westchester in 2022. It’s not just a time to eat, though. During the event’s time, both locals and visitors are allowed to enjoy the wide range of tastes that make up this beautiful county in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Participating restaurants, whose styles range from simple cafes to fancy restaurants, show off their cooking skills with well-thought-out prix-fixe menus that let customers choose from a wide range of tasty meals at reasonable prices. In addition to the food, Westchester’s Restaurant Week builds community and appreciation for the skills of local cooks, which adds to the lively atmosphere of the area.

People who come to Westchester can look forward to a nice trip through its culinary gems, whether they want to try something new or enjoy old favorites. This year’s Restaurant Week is a lot of fun. It is a good reminder that Westchester County wants to show off its unique culinary character and give both experienced foodies and curious tourists the chance to find and enjoy the unique tastes that make Westchester a culinary destination.

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