when is national boba day

When Is National Boba Day?


Seeking a reason to savor your preferred beverage in the company of your pals? Look no further! It’s National Boba Tea Day!

When did National Boba Tea Day start?

The inaugural National Boba Tea Day occurred on Monday, April 30, 2018. Kung Fu Tea, a bubble tea chain hailing from New York City, established this holiday to celebrate and promote the enjoyment of bubble tea across America.

How to celebrate the holiday

Certainly, here’s a list of enjoyable activities to celebrate National Bubble Tea Day:

  1. Visit a boba shop with your friends and explore a different flavor or topping.
  2. Purchase a DIY Bubble Tea Kit from well-known brands such as Pearly and savor your homemade boba experience.
  3. Share a positive review on the Google Maps listing of one of your favorite local boba shops.
  4. Create your very own bubble tea from scratch using this instant pot recipe.
  5. Watch a YouTube video related to bubble tea, like the one linked here.
  6. Surprise a friend by ordering them a bubble tea through UberEats.

Skip the lineups with instant boba

Standing in a queue at a store or anticipating your UberEats delivery scheduled for April 30th might require some patience. How about giving an immediate bubble tea kit a shot? These kits can be prepared in less than 3 minutes and deliver a taste comparable to the one you get at a retail boba shop. Additional information on instant boba kits can be found here.

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