Black Love Day 2023

Black Love Day 2023


Black Love Day 2023: Black Love Day is held every year on February 13. It’s an emotional and true celebration of more than just romantic love. It includes self-love, cultural pride, and Black community unity. This Day, which started in the U.S., is a great chance to honor and enjoy the many kinds of love that exist among Black people.

Black History Month’s Black Love Day is a powerful reminder of how strong and resilient Black people are. It tells a different story than the common stereotypes and structural injustices that try to make Black people and their relationships seem less important and worthy. People of all races and social classes can find love on Black Love Day, which shines a light on hope and togetherness in a world full of racial tensions and unfair treatment of minorities.

Black Love Day is mostly a celebration of all kinds of love, including pure love and love that changes things. It’s a chance to see how shared problems, wins, and goals can bring people together. Black Love Day honors the power of love to heal, inspire, and encourage, as well as the deep connections between Black people. This could show up as self-love and approval, romantic relationships, friendships, or close ties with family and friends.

Black Love Day 2023

History of Black Love Day

Author Ayo Handy-Kendi, better known as “Mama Ayo,” is also a pathologist and the driving force behind the African American Holiday Association (AAHA). She made Black Love Day because she wanted to. This celebration comes from a terrible event that Handy-Kendi saw happen in January 1993: members of the Black community killed Malcolm X. That event changed her life forever, and she became deeply committed to fighting violence and supporting peace.

After Malcolm X’s terrible death, Handy-Kendi took the bus home by herself and thought about how she could stop the violence in her community. She remembered hearing a heavenly whisper while she was thinking about things, which made her realize how important bigger acts of Black love are. Black Love Day was created by her the same year it happened. It all began with this divine intervention. Handy-Kendi’s son was killed in a violent act, which broke her heart but made her want to fight even more. She remembered the Day again the next year, showing how important it is for both personal healing and bringing people together.

In an interesting interview with “The Daily Dot,” Handy-Kendi discussed Black Love Day and its marking. She stressed how easy the act was and asked people to set aside just one Day to show love, along with joy, forgiveness, and atonement. At the heart of this celebration are the five key parts of Black love that she thinks are important for community strength and unity.

Black Love Day timeline

Ten years ago, Ms. Handy-Kendi started the African American Holiday Expo in Washington, D.C., to support Black-owned companies and honor the rich history of Black people. The point of this project was to get more people to know about important Black cultural events like Kwanzaa. After seeing how well the Expo went, she started the African American Holiday Association in 1989 as a non-profit to promote the celebration of different holidays that have roots in Black history and culture.

According to Ms. Handy-Kendi, she got supernatural instructions from “the creator” in 1993 to start Black Love Day. She worked very hard to plan the opening night party, which was like the colorful parties at the Expo, in Mayor Sharon Pratt Dixon’s office in the Northwest part of Washington, D.C. She gave the group a strong sense of purpose and unity by talking about her past and the history of the Black community as a whole.

Mama Ayo is Ms. Handy-Kendi’s name. She is 72 years old and lives in Capitol Heights, Maryland. For the past fifty years, her whole life has been devoted to health, and she has always been a strong supporter and practitioner of breathwork. She shows people and groups how to use focused breathing to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

How to Celebrate Black Love Day

In the United States, February 13 is a very important day because it is Black Love Day (BLD), a holiday that was created in 1993. Today is the third African-American “holiday,” which is celebrated all over the world. It is important to Black culture because it shows how important love is.

Black Love Day is more than just a date on the calendar. It’s a day to forgive, make peace, be happy, and celebrate Black love. Five main principles make it up. These are called the Five Tenets, and they are meant to help Black people love and get along with each other.

The most important thing is love for the Creator, which sees and values each person’s spiritual connection. This principle urges people to see spirituality as a way to find comfort and direction.

The second is self-love, which stresses the importance of respecting, caring for, and having high self-esteem. People are told to have good relationships with themselves and to see their worth and love-deservingness.

The third most important thing is love for family, which shows how important it is to have strong ties to your family and build good relationships within it. This concept shows how important it is for family members to help each other, understand each other, and stay together.

Fourth, love lives in the Black Community, which helps Black people respect each other, work together, and stand together. It talks about how strong and resilient people are when they work together to help each other through hard times.

Love for the Black race, which knows how rich Black history, customs, and culture are, is the last thing. This idea recognizes the achievements and accomplishments of Black people throughout history. It also urges people to embrace and protect their Black identity.

Why Black Love Day is Important

It is more important than ever to spread love and peace in our communities in this hateful and split world. Racist and segregated actions happen all over the world, which shows how important it is for us to show kindness and understanding as a group right away.

On Black Love Day, people of all colors come together to fight racism. People of color have had to deal with systemic racism for far too long, showing unwavering determination in the face of unfair treatment and abuse. It’s time to get rid of systems that hurt people and build a path to equality based on understanding, love, and acceptance for everyone.

The event is based on the idea that all kinds of violence should be avoided. All forms of violence are terrible for communities because they break down unity and cause long-term pain. Today is a chance to give people who support pacifism a bigger voice, which can help build community and encourage people to keep going even when things get hard.

In honor of Black Love Day, let us reaffirm our promise to spread love and togetherness and work together to make the world a more fair and just place. Let’s make it clear as a group that there will be no more fighting or killing. Love should be a source of hope for everyone right now and every Day for a better, more caring future.

Black Love Day Dates

Black Love Day (BLD) is a big deal in the United States. It was created in 1993 as the third officially recognized African-American “holiday.” This celebration is a deep acknowledgment of forgiveness, celebration, atonement, and a 24-hour display of Black love, which is based on five basic principles.

As its main goal, Black Love Day encourages love and thanks for the Creator, drawing attention to a spiritual link. This feature lets users think about their ideals and say thanks for being the ones who guide their lives.

By focusing on self-worth, acceptance, and self-care, the event also helps Black people love themselves. It tells people to put their health first, accept themselves as they are, and have a good relationship with themselves.

The third pillar, “love for the family,” emphasizes the importance of getting to know your cousins and keeping family ties strong. This trait strengthens and unites families by teaching people to care for and respect their family members.

The fourth pillar of the Black community stresses how important it is for people to love and support each other. To support and help each other, as well as to build a sense of community and collective power, people need to learn empathy, kindness, and teamwork.

Black Love Day 2023

What is the meaning of Black Love Day?

Black Love Day Celebrated

February 13th is recognized as Black Love Day (BLD) in America. Founded in 1993, Black Love Day is the 3rd nationally, commemorated African-American “wholyday.” It is an observance of atonement, reconciliation, celebration and 24-hour demonstration of Black love, illustrated through 5 Tenets (or specific acts).

In the Black community, February 13 is a big and important holiday called Black Love Day, even though it’s not a legally recognized holiday by the government. Ayo Handy-Kendi, a spiritual community leader who told this story to The New York Times, said that Black Love Day began on February 13, 1993, when she felt a divine call to bring her community together. There was a big event on New Year’s Eve 1992 after Handy-Kendi showed Spike Lee’s movie version of the famous civil rights leader “Malcolm X,” played by Denzel Washington. This is where the idea for the Day came from.

While she was driving home, Handy-Kendi had what she called a “divine intervention” or a message from “the creator.” This gave her a strong sense of purpose and made her want to make a day to honor all kinds of Black love.

Black Love Day started as a small event but has grown into a beloved Black custom that celebrates love in all forms, including romantic, friendship, family, and community love. It provides a place to think, reaffirm commitment, and meet. It also serves as a reminder of the beauty and strength that can be found in Black communities and relationships, no matter the age.

Who founded Black Love Day?

Ayo Handy-Kendi

Founded in 1993, the root of the spiritual holiday is connected with the honor and celebration of all things related to African and black cultures. Black Love Day was founded by Ayo Handy-Kendi, who was the creator of the African American Holiday Association.

On this important Black Love Day, we honor the Black community’s rich history, strength, and beauty. Today, we’re getting together to honor and enjoy the love that brings us together, even though we live far apart and face many challenges.

There is more to Black Love Day than just a celebration for black people. It is a big call for everyone to join in the spirit of love, unity, and understanding. It’s a strong reminder of how important it is to build love not only in our communities but also across differences and through bonds based on mutual respect and understanding.

On Black Love Day, black people can honor and enjoy the many identities, experiences, and cultures that make us who we are. Today is a celebration of the strength and resilience that has been passed down through the years, creating relationships that last through hard times and the passage of time.

Black Love Day helps people from all walks of life talk to each other and work together, fostering strong relationships and exchanges. These interactions can help us overcome bias and misunderstandings, leading to a more open and fair society.

What are the 5 tenets of Black Love Day?

Black Love Day and its rituals are guided by the original five tenets: love for the creator, love for self, love for the Black family, love for the Black community and love for Black people. Celebrating Black Love Day is about acknowledging those tenets throughout the day, Ms.

In the U.S., February 13 is Black Love Day (BLD), which has been a public holiday since 1993. The third national African American “holiday” has been celebrated, and it is a very important part of the culture.

On Black Love Day, which happens every year, people celebrate peace and joy and the fact that love is shown all the time in the Black community. The five basic principles, each of which stands for a different act of love, perfectly describe these feelings.

Love for the Creator comes first, and people in the Black community also recognize and respect the spiritual ties that bind them together. Self-love is the second concept, which is shaped by this attachment. People should value themselves, accept who they are, and build a good relationship with themselves. This is what self-love means.

The third tenet is about love for family, stressing the importance of strong family ties and promoting peaceful exchanges in the home. This also concerns love in the Black community as a whole, which helps people work together, support each other, and stick together.

Is Feb 13 Black Love Day?

Celebrate Black Love Movement Month & 31st Black Love Day, Feb. 13th.

A good community leader from Washington, D.C., named Ayo Handy-Kendi, created a cultural landmark on February 13, 1993. This holiday was meant to promote love between communities and foster a strong, unapologetic sense of Black identity. This important event became a symbol of Black people’s joy and pride around the world.

Ayo Handy-Kendi’s creative work was based on the idea of reclaiming stories and giving Black voices a bigger platform so that Black people could be proud of their past and accomplishments. Handy-Kendi started this event to encourage people to freely show love, harmony, and a wide range of ethnicities.

At its core, this event is a passionate reminder of how strong, beautiful, and persistent Black communities are. In many areas of history, including science, politics, literature, and the arts, Black people have done amazing things. This monument brings those successes to mind.

This holiday is more than just a day on the calendar; it’s a chance to honor Black culture and bring people from all walks of life together to feel stronger and more united. It’s a spot for talking, thinking, and doing something, and it encourages people to face and eliminate societal inequality while promoting equality and inclusion.

Over the years, this festival has grown into a beloved custom with many events, gatherings, and cultural displays. Whether it’s a big event or a small get-together, people come together to honor the rich and resilient history that makes up the Black experience.

The meaning of this holiday is still important now when the world is dealing with race and social injustices. It is a call to action that tells people to enjoy the wealth and variety of Black culture while also standing together against unfairness and injustice.

Who invented love day?

Oruch, a University of Kansas English professor, determined that Chaucer was the first to link love with St. Valentine in his 14th-century works “The Parliament of Fowls” and “The Complaint of Mars,” notes the Times. Therefore, Oruch claimed, Chaucer invented Valentine’s Day as we know it today.

No matter how you feel about it, Valentine’s Day has been around for a long time. Even though this holiday is now linked to romance, gifts, and parties with candles, its roots are not at all romantic. There was a massacre, a saint, and even a strange story about the “sinful” nuns of Valentine’s Day that can be found in the past.

Valentine’s Day has its roots in Lupercalia, an old Roman fertility festival held in the middle of February to honor Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture. Young men would get naked, kill goats and dogs as sacrifices, and then hit women with the hides because they thought it would make them more fertile.

Black Love Day 2023

As Christianity grew through the Roman Empire, the church tried to replace pagan celebrations with Christian ones. As early as the 500s, Pope Gelasius I made February 14 St. Valentine’s Day to honor one or more Christian victims named Valentine. However, the emotional meanings of the holiday would only become clear in a short time.

On Black Love Day 2023, people will enjoy the Black community’s unwavering strength, unity, and sense of power. When we think about what this holiday means, we are reminded of how love can break down walls, bring about change, and help people heal together.

As this year’s events come to a close, let us still remember Black Love Day and the lessons it taught us in our everyday lives. Let’s keep making sure that everyone in the Black community feels supported, accepted, and like they belong. Let’s fight against oppressive systems and give people who are struggling a say. Let’s do brave acts of love and support for each other because their freedom is deeply connected to our own.

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