When Is Kamehameha Day

When Is Kamehameha Day


When Is Kamehameha Day: People all over the United States celebrate King Kamehameha Day every year on June 11. In Hawaii, it is a state holiday. In Hawaiian history, this day is important because it honors the memory of King Kamehameha I, who helped bring the Kingdom of Hawaii together in the late 18th century and early 19th century.

In Hawaii, Kamehameha Day has been celebrated with fun events since the 1800s. Some of the most interesting traditions are the parades, traditional dances, and lively celebrations, as well as the leis that are draped over the statue of King Kamehameha I. Some of them are over thirty feet long.

There are parades, state speeches, art shows, traditional hula performances, and other cultural events planned for the day. These all add to the celebration of Hawaii’s rich cultural history. The event honors King Kamehameha I and gives Hawaiians a chance to enjoy and embrace their cultural beliefs. This builds unity and pride in the rich tapestry of Hawaiian history and traditions.

When Is Kamehameha Day

History of King Kamehameha Day

Kamehameha the Great, the Hawaiian conqueror and founder of the dynasty, was very important in uniting the Hawaiian Islands into a single state. From the time he was born in Kohala, Hawaii, in 1758 until he became king of all the Hawaiian islands, important events affected Kamehameha’s work.

After a bloody battle for power, Kamehameha won and took control of the islands, later widening his rule to include the lands next to them. Kamehameha was born into Hawaiian royalty, and many signs, like Hailey’s Comet showing up in 1758, said he would grow up to be a powerful king. Kamehameha was hidden for a while to protect him from the dangers that the other clans might pose.

He trained with his uncle, who was king of the Hawaiian Islands at the time after he got back. With amazing power, Kamehameha was able to lift the 2.5-ton Naha Stone, fulfilling a prophecy that said a great man who could unite the islands would do this. The English explorer James Cook met Kamehameha for the first time in 1779 while sailing on the HMS Discovery. Unfortunately, this meeting led to Cook’s death in a fight with Kamehameha.

How to Celebrate King Kamehameha Day

People and companies can both celebrate King Kamehameha Day by taking part in a variety of events. If you’re a business owner who wants to celebrate the day or a person who wants to learn more about Hawaiian culture, here are some great ways to get started.

Participate in Celebrations: To honor the day, many towns in Hawaii hold parades, hula shows, and other fun events. These things will help you learn about Hawaiian culture and honor King Kamehameha I.

Enjoy Traditional Food: To get a taste of the culture, make a traditional Hawaiian feast at home or go to a nearby place that does it.

Come to a luau with your friends and family for a fun afternoon of Hawaiian-themed activities like making leis and taking hula classes.

Join forces with local restaurants: To get people involved in their neighborhood on King Kamehameha Day, work with local restaurants to offer discounts or special deals to customers.

Offer Special Deals: To get more people to interact with your business and participate in your promotions, offer discounts or deals that are only valid on this one day.

Use Posts on Social Media: To get the most out of the event, make posts with a theme and relevant hashtags to help your audience see them and help you contact more people around the world.

People and businesses can respect the famous Hawaiian king Kamehameha on his birthday by taking part in these events and following these themes. Because of this, everyone can enjoy the events, learn more about Hawaiian culture, and remember how great King Kamehameha I’s life and legacy were.

Why We Love King Kamehameha Day

The events this year are really great. There are bright parades, floats, shows, and lots of bright flowers. It’s amazing how well Hawaiians can respect their fathers. Most likely, not all people are aware that these beautiful islands used to be at odds with each other.

But King Kamehameha I, the first king of the Kingdom of Hawaii, made it easier for the islands to become one country and for political ties with the U.S. and Europe to grow. Hawaii became the 50th state of the Union officially in 1959.

Some stories say the powerful king had between twenty-one and thirty women and had about thirty-five children. Most likely, he was making sure that there would be a trustworthy replacement in the future. Because he was smart and could plan, he was one of a kind in history. The celebrations honor his dedication to keeping the islands together and remember the interesting history that made Hawaii the lively state it is now.

King Kamehameha Day Timeline

1810 The Hawaiian Islands were at war for many years before King Kamehameha the Great joined them into a single country in 1810.


King Kalākaua declares June 11 as the first King Kamehameha Day. This is a very important day to honor Kamehameha the Great.

The famous King Kamehameha Statue was unveiled in Honolulu on King Kamehameha Day in 1883. The parade and the statue become connected over time.


Before the beautiful floats decorated with native Hawaiian flowers start their journey on King Kamehameha Day, there is a floral parade.

As King Kamehameha Day became more famous outside of Hawaii, celebrations spread to parts of the U.S. mainland in 2019.

Observing Kamehameha Day

As part of this event, the Kamehameha Statue is ceremoniously draped in front of Ali’iolani Hale in downtown Honolulu. For this important event, big leis, some over thirty feet tall, are skillfully wrapped around the statues in lines that fall. The same symbolic ritual is held at the Kamehameha Statue on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Along with this tradition, the Pa’u Parade and Ho’olaule’a are important parts of the event that make it fun and focused on the community. People taking part in the parade are dressed in bright and flashy pa’u skirts, and there will be music, hula dancing, and many other cultural acts.

The Ho’olaule’a makes the celebrations even more fun by offering a traditional dinner, fun games for everyone, hula performances, musical entertainment, and many vendors selling goods from the area. This event honors King Kamehameha and brings the neighborhood together in a happy celebration of Hawaiian history and culture.

When Is Kamehameha Day

What is King Kamehameha Day in Hawaii?

King Kamehameha Day – June 11, 2024. U.S. King Kamehameha Day, a pretty big deal in Hawaii, falls on June 11 and celebrates the accomplishments of “Kamehameha the Great.” He’s credited with uniting the Hawaiian Islands in 1810.

There is a big holiday in Hawaii on June 11 called King Kamehameha Day, which honors the achievements of “Kamehameha the Great.” Kamehameha is recognized for uniting the Hawaiian Islands in 1810, and celebrations of his life are held every year all over the islands.

Around a 15-foot figure of the beloved king, hundreds of leis—each at least 30 feet long—are hung. It’s a huge party in Downtown Honolulu. The popular Hawaiian hula dance, parades, and a lot of flower displays are some of the other things that happen.

What happens on Kamehameha Day?

Traditions of the Day

King Kamehameha is remembered with grand celebrations, colorful floats, flower decorations, and local marching bands in parades. The statue of Kamehameha titled ‘The Conqueror’ and the other four statues located in Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, and Washington D.C., are all adorned with flower leis.

King Kamehameha I was the founder of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Every year, the people of Hawaii remember him with flower parades and leis draped over monuments.

There is a story that King Kamehameha was born to be great. He is credited with uniting the Hawaiian Islands into a single ruling kingdom in 1810 after years of fighting.

Mythology says that a light in the sky that looked like a bird with wings would appear before the birth of a great chief. Historians say that Halley’s comet flew over Hawaii in 1758, which is the year that Kamehameha was born.

After he was born, he was kept away from groups that were at war. His old name, Pai’ea, was changed to Kamehameha, which means “The Lonely One,” and he came out of hiding after the threat was over.

Why do we celebrate Kamehameha Day?

King Kamehameha Day is celebrated in Hawaii annually on June 11th to honor the life of King Kamehameha the Great. King Kamehameha Day was established by Kamehameha V, the great-grandson of King Kamehameha the Great, in late 1871. The first celebration took place on June 11, 1872.

Look at the Legacy of King Kamehameha.

Please spend some time learning about King Kamehameha’s life, what he did, and what he meant to the people of Hawaii. He was the one who envisioned the start of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

Visit a museum.

Visit one of the museums in Hawaii to learn about King Kamehameha’s long history and lasting impact on the world. On display are things that show what this famous leader did.

Investigating movies

To celebrate, watch a movie or program about King Kamehameha’s life and the big impact he had on Hawaiian history. It’s an interesting way to learn more about his amazing experience.

Have fun with us in a parade!

As part of the celebrations going on all over Hawaii, you can join a procession celebrating King Kamehameha’s life and work.

Chef’s Award

Make a traditional Hawaiian food to serve at your King Kamehameha Day party. If you want to try something different, like poi or Kalua pig, you should try some of the area’s highlights.

What is a fun fact about Kamehameha?

Originally named Paiʻea or hard-shelled crab, Kamehameha was hidden throughout his adolescent years to prevent assassination, living in isolation along the Hāmākua coast of Hawaiʻi. His uncle Kalaniʻopuʻu trained him as a warrior.

Kamehameha, whose old name was Paiʻea, meaning “hard-shelled crab,” lived alone on Hawaii’s Hāmākua coast as a child to protect himself from possible murder attempts.

It was his uncle Kalaniʻopuʻu who taught him how to fight.

The people who found him gave him the name Kamehameha, which means “The Alone.”

People in Hawaii thought that anyone who could move the stone had power over the islands.

Kamehameha showed how strong he was when he lifted the 2.5–3-ton stone.

There is still the same stone in front of the Hilo Public Library on the island of Hawaii.

When did King Kamehameha Day start?

June 11, 1872

Thus, June 11, 1872, was the very first Kamehameha Day holiday ever celebrated.

On June 11, it’s King Kamehameha Day, a time to honor Kamehameha! Today is a big event to honor the great Hawaiian politician who brought the Hawaiian Islands together in 1810 to form a powerful country.

King Kalākaua made King Kamehameha Day a national holiday in 1871, and many people now celebrate it. There are many rituals and events planned for today that honor the life and work of this beloved Hawaiian monarch.

Hawaii has a rich history, and the event honors that history with lively lei ceremonies and fun activities. Wear your lei and join the fun to make King Kamehameha Day an important event you’ll always remember.

When Is Kamehameha Day

People who take part in King Kamehameha Day events have a unique chance to honor Hawaii’s history and culture. Attending this one-of-a-kind event is possible in a number of ways, such as by planning fun events, providing deals on goods and services, or planning activities that are appropriate for the day. These projects not only help make a memorable experience for staff and customers, but they also show that a company cares about Hawaii’s rich cultural history.

Events for King Kamehameha Day give business owners a chance to show their customers how much they care about and value them. By adding things that fit with the holiday spirit, businesses can show that they really understand the cultural importance of the event and strengthen their ties with the community. King Kamehameha Day happens every year and is a great chance for businesses to join in the parties and make everyone feel like they are all part of the same big party.

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