School Counselor Appreciation Day 2017

School Counselor Appreciation Day 2017


School Counselor Appreciation Day 2017: National School Counselor Appreciation Day, celebrated on February 8, is a devoted chance to acknowledge the critical contributions of school counselors. These motivated professionals play a significant part in advising and aiding students on their academic and personal journeys.

Originating from a grassroots effort, this day has gained recognition and significance across the country. It is a true acknowledgment of the relentless effort and devotion demonstrated by school counselors in cultivating the well-being and success of students.

The regard goes beyond the academic sphere, emphasizing the important role counselors play in the overall development of humans. School Counselor Appreciation Day gives us a place to show gratitude for the important role these professionals play in affecting the future of students.

On this day, schools, students, parents, and towns join together to commemorate and respect school counselors for their unfailing dedication, empathy, and knowledge. It is a chance to reflect on the tremendous influence professional counselors have on the lives of countless individuals, contributing considerably to the growth of society as a whole.

School Counselor Appreciation Day 2017

History of National School Counselor Appreciation Day

National School Counselor Appreciation Day is a special occasion dedicated to commemorating the outstanding successes of these enlightened professionals who play a significant role in guiding our future generations. The inception of this day goes back to the online community, where a group of students and parents banded together to underline the critical function of school counselors.

With a distinct purpose to appreciate the constant work of school counselors, a dedicated website was created. Subsequently, social media platforms became abuzz with important comments and stories celebrating these often-overlooked heroes. The hashtag #SchoolCounselorAppreciationDay gained speed, drawing attention from all corners of the internet.

The actual magic unfurled on February 8, 2017, as the day experienced a burst in online references, with over five honest acknowledgments filling the internet. Schools, students, parents, and even celebrities joined in to shower praise and express thanks for the continual effort and assistance offered by school counselors. It turned into a digital party of love like no other!

The Origins of Counselor Appreciation Week

Counselor Appreciation Week has a long past that encompasses numerous sources, including educational institutions, counseling associations, and advocacy groups. Notably, the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) had a vital effect in its inception.

The development of this observance comes from a common recognition of the worthy respect and appreciation that counselors warrant for their vital role in people’s lives. A particular week was created to recognize the crucial work carried out by counselors.

While the original focus was mostly on school counselors, Counselor Appreciation Week has experienced transition throughout the years. This event today includes counselors working in numerous contexts, including mental health facilities, drug treatment programs, career counseling offices, and community groups.

This yearly event serves as a dynamic arena for appreciating the significant effect of counseling on people, communities, and society as a whole. Additionally, it remains a reminder of the unending dedication and compassion that counselors bring to their work, adding greatly to the development of countless lives.

When Is Counselor Appreciation Week?

Although Counselor Appreciation Week for 2023 has already concluded, there is always time to plan for a future event. School Counselor Appreciation Week usually takes place during the first full Week of February each year.

Every Counselor Appreciation Week has a specific theme that leads the parties and activities. These themes are purposefully picked to mirror the evolving tasks and challenges faced by counselors. They usually mesh with the core ideals of therapy, including empathy, support, and personal growth.

Beyond the themed activities, participants in Counselor Appreciation Week actively join on social media channels, utilizing a designated hashtag. This hashtag works as a digital focal point, bringing individuals and organizations nationwide together to promote their efforts and voice their admiration for counselors. Picture it as a virtual arena where sincere messages, tales, photographs, and videos are exchanged, building a thriving and friendly online community.

The employment of social media and the hashtag show the extensive effect of Counselor Appreciation Week, spanning much beyond individual schools or organizations. It gives a forum for sharing thoughts, experiences, and inspiration with a broad and diverse audience.

5 Ways to Celebrate and Advocate for your School Counselor

Express Your Gratitude through film: Share your appreciation for your school counselor by shooting a small, 30-second film. Your chance to be mentioned on our CS social media at #NSCW22 awaits!

Utilize Flipgrid for Video Compilation: Visit Flipgrid, make an account, and rapidly record and compile videos right from your phone or computer. Let your emotions flow and join in the celebration.

Valentine s-Themed Heart-Compliment Cards: Embrace the impending Valentine’s Day by sharing love with a unique twist. Use our CharacterStrong Compliment Creation Cards to send heartfelt words to your school counselor.

CharacterDare – handmade Cards: Engage your kids in making handcrafted cards for your school counselor. All it requires is some blank pieces of paper, crayons, colored pencils, or markers, and the imaginative and sensitive brains of your kids.

Decorate Your School Counselor’s Door: Encourage students to cut and color paper hearts or write on different colored Post-It Notes. Let their creativity show as they paste these finished works on your school counselor’s door, producing a visually appreciating display.

History behind the term ‘School Counselor Appreciation’

In 1958, the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) started the development of School Counselor Appreciation Day. This day was established to recognize and honor the essential role school counselors play in the lives of students and the greater educational community. Its goal was to enhance awareness about the critical contributions made by counselors in aiding students’ academic, career, personal, and social development.

The year 1984 marked the extension of School Counselor Appreciation Day into a full week, known as School Counselor Appreciation Week. This extension allowed a longer, more prolonged time to celebrate and appreciate the essential work carried out by school counselors. Throughout this Week, students, parents, teachers, and administrators are asked to show their respect and gratitude for the counseling experts leading and supporting the educational process.

In 1997, School Counselor Appreciation Week expanded into National School Counseling Week, marked yearly throughout the first full Week of February. One of its key purposes is to improve public understanding of the important role school counselors play in supporting student success and ensuring a healthy learning environment.

From 2002 onwards, several commemoration programs have been created further to celebrate school counselors throughout National School Counseling Week. These activities encompass presenting rewards, highlighting success stories, creating special events, and involving the media to promote the critical work performed by school counselors. The major goal is to increase the stature of the counseling profession and inspire others to pursue a career in this sector.

School Counselor Appreciation Day 2017

What do you say for Counselor Appreciation Day?

Dear School Counselors, Thank you for being a main source of continuity for students amidst changes and challenges both inside and outside of school. Your thoughtful encouragement and consistent presence helps students to feel seen and supported. Thank you for reaching beyond the school walls to support families.

You are expressing gratitude for your important role in preserving continuity for children throughout different transitions and challenges, both within and beyond the school setting. Your regular presence and thoughtful encouragement help greatly to make kids feel recognized and supported.

Extending your support beyond school boundaries to aid families. Acting as a critical link between students, families, and local community groups, you give support for essential needs such as food, housing, and mental health. Your efforts go a long way in building a strong support network.

At the elementary level, you guarantee that kids develop the needed social and emotional skills for present and future success. At the secondary level, you supply careful materials and exploration choices, guiding children towards their chosen way forward.

Gratitude for the welcome space you make. Whether offering a listening ear, a serene environment, or a trustworthy presence, you intuitively address students’ needs, frequently anticipating their need for support even before they recognize it themselves.

Appreciation for your persistent support. Your talent in supporting kids is obvious, as you constantly endeavor to gain the materials they require. Creatively removing barriers to learning and enhancing peer interaction, you constantly value the well-being of pupils.

How do you show appreciation to a school counselor?

– Bring them a special gift or treat. – In the announcements, acknowledge and thank your school counselor for the work they do. – In the weekly email to parents, let them know about National School Counseling Week and the wonderful work that your school counselor does for their children.

Encourage youngsters to show gratitude to their school counselors, whether in person, through office visits, or via email.

Decorate the counselors’ doors with signs indicating appreciation for the essential work they accomplish and the great impact they have on students’ lives.

Organize a class activity where each youngster adds to a poster, sharing something they like about their school counselor.

Gift them a lovely treat or present to show thanks.

Acknowledge and thank the school counselor in daily announcements, stressing their critical contributions.

In the weekly email to parents, talk about National School Counseling Week and praise the counselor’s work.

Put up signs around the school to honor National School Counseling Week and the work of the counselors.

As a nice gift, you should buy them a book about their school counseling program.

What is the goal of school counselor?

School counselors and members of the support team help students set short- and long-term goals, improve attendance, reduce and resolve conflicts, and prevent youth suicide.

As Popov and Spasenovic (2020) say, counselors play a big part in keeping students in school by helping them figure out their skills, hobbies, and talents.

Besides that, counselors often work as coordinators and help students make decisions about their career paths. This includes helping students get ready for college and handling the process of getting into college (Karunanayake et al., 2020).

In places like Australia and Ireland, the school counselor’s job includes much help with schoolwork and career decisions (Popov & Spasenovic, 2020).

What is school Counselling Programme?

School counselling is a programme in which a trained professional counsellor provides support, gives encouragement and teaches skills in the areas of personal, social, academic and career development.

Many good things happen when students go to school counseling services (Savitz-Romer et al., 2022). These amazing projects were made possible by the work of school counselors, families, community people, and teachers working together. Together, they work to build an environment that helps students do well in school. People who work in education, especially school counselors, talk about and stress the differences between people and between societies. They do this by showing cultural awareness and responsiveness. School counseling programs, both in-person and online, try to make sure that all students have equal access to chances and a challenging curriculum so that they can all be involved in the learning process.

Research shows that schools that are certified as ASCA Model Program (RAMP) schools have much better English proficiency rates across the board than control schools (Mullen et al., 2019). The same study emphasized the good effects of lowering the student-to-school counselor ratio to the 250:1 level recommended by ASCA. For example, it showed that kids at high-poverty schools who got free or reduced meals did better in school (Mullen et al., 2019).

Why is school counselling important?

The importance of counselling in schools cannot be overstated. It plays a vital role in nurturing students’ mental and emotional well-being, fostering personal growth, and laying the foundation for academic success.

Being responsible is an important part of a counselor’s job. The importance of school counselors comes from the fact that they look at data about how well they do their jobs and change their methods to have the most effect on kids. Because of this, the counselor’s job is always changing and is affected by what is going on in the school.

As part of a big new job duty, the school counselor now has to fight more kinds of bullying, like cyberbullying, which can have terrible effects on mental health. Younger kids are using technology more and more to interact and make friends. This means that they may be more vulnerable to a type of bullying that causes problems for both kids and mental health counselors.

Counseling is important because it keeps the counselor up to date on the social problems that students are having so they can offer counseling or therapy when mental health problems arise.

School Counselor Appreciation Day 2017

As part of Counselor Thanks Week, students, teachers, and counselors can share personal stories, show thanks, and stress how important counseling services are. You can be a part of a group effort to bring attention to the important job counselors do by taking part in the digital party using the designated hashtag. This is your chance to thank them for everything they have done to help people grow as people and in school.

If you are a counselor, find out about AutoNotes’ clinical recording features. They will help you with your daily chores and paperwork. Write down the dates of the next Counselor Appreciation Week as soon as the theme is known. It is going to be a beautiful and powerful event that will keep drawing attention to counselors and the great work they do.

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