When Is Dodger Opening Day 2023

When Is Dodger Opening Day 2023


When Is Dodger Opening Day 2023: Opening Day for the 2023 season will be March 30, 2023, at Dodger Stadium. The Los Angeles Dodgers will play the Arizona Diamondbacks in an exciting game. This highly anticipated matchup promises powerful moments and fierce competition. It is also the first game of the Dodgers’ new season.

Opening Day is exciting for fans, and the fact that it takes place at the famous Dodger Stadium makes it even more so. The Dodgers’ first game is against the Arizona Diamondbacks. This game sets the tone for a rough but fun season.

Dodger Stadium is the perfect place for the team to get off to a good start in their quest for success in the 2023 MLB season. It has a lot of history and a passionate fan group. Fans are excited for the first pitch because it will start a new era for the Dodgers as they try to win their division and the league.

When Is Dodger Opening Day 2023

Dodgers 2023 schedule starts at home, with all 29 other MLB teams on the docket

Major League Baseball released its 2023 schedule on Wednesday. There is a big change: all 16 teams will play each other during the season. The Dodgers’ first game of the 2019 season will be on Thursday, March 30, at Dodger Stadium. They will play four games against the Diamondbacks.

As a result of the March collective bargaining deal, the schedule was changed to make it more fair. By doing this, fewer games in each class will be played, which will make more games between leagues possible. Teams will now play intramural games against teams from the same class 13 times instead of 19 times. This is more than a third of the whole schedule.

Group Games (52): Teams will play thirteen games against the other four teams in their division instead of making three trips to each city in their division each season.

The other 64 games are against six teams from the same league that are not in the same division. There are also seven games against four teams from the same league that are not in the same division, with one home series and one road series. This is a small drop from the 66 games that came before.

Play in another league (46 games): Three games against the other fourteen teams in the other league, plus one two-game series at home and one on the road. These games keep the “natural rival” title. This is more than the 20 interleague games that came before.

The first series between teams from the same league will start on May 15 when the Dodgers play the Twins. It will be three games. From June 2 to 4th, the Yankees will be at Dodger Stadium. From August 25 to 27th, the Red Sox will be at Fenway Park. This will be Mookie Betts’ first visit since that move to Los Angeles.

Opening Day Night Game At Dodger Stadium

The 2023 season for the Los Angeles Dodgers will start on March 30 at Dodger Stadium with a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. There will be no day game. For the first time since 2020, the Dodgers will start the season at home.

At first, it was LA. He was set to play the Colorado Rockies at home to start the 2022 season. But because of the MLB layoff, the first two weeks of games had to be moved. For this reason, the Dodgers played their first game at Dodger Stadium on April 14 against the Cincinnati Reds.

The first pitch against the Reds at Dodger Stadium was thrown at 7:10 p.m., which is not the normal afternoon start time. PT. It was a rare event—for the fourth time in 46 years, the Dodgers’ first home game was played at night.

The future season is expected to keep going in this direction. The Dodgers’ Opening Day game against the Diamondbacks is set for 7:10 p.m. It’s time for the graduation. In 1995, 2011, and 2020, the Dodgers also held their home openers at night.

The Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks 14-5 the previous season, which helped them get a 6-3 record at home in Dodger Stadium. In 2023, though, there will be a new, more fair schedule with 13 games between each team and every other team.

Los Angeles Dodgers Opening Day 2023: Date, TV Schedule, Radio Listings and more

The Los Angeles Dodgers want to get back to being at the top of their division after falling to their rivals, the San Diego Padres, early in the 2022 playoffs.

But as 2023 starts, the Dodgers want a new start and a lot of changes that will make this season different. Notably, Trea Turner, a great shortstop, left after getting an 11-year, $300 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. Turner finished the season with a hitting line of.298/.343/.466, 21 home runs, and 100 RBIs, which was the most in the league.

Because of this, the Dodgers added some good players. The Boston Red Sox’s JD Martinez and Noah Syndergaard both agreed to one-year deals. Syndergaard will soon start a trial with the team.

The Dodgers’ first game of 2023 will be on March 31, 2023, at 7:10 p.m. at Dodger Stadium—PT game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Today is the Dodgers’ eighth game on the first day of the season, and they have always won five to one.

People who can’t wait will be able to watch the game on ESPN and Fox Sports 1. FuboTV lets MLB fans who don’t have cable watch their favorite teams. The basic package costs about $69 a month.

Dodgers 2023 schedule highlights

Their first game of the 2023 season will be at Oracle Park, April 10–12. It will be between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. After that, they’ll go on the road for their first series, which starts on May 5 and ends with a game against the San Diego Padres.

The Dodgers and Rays will play each other again after a long break since the 2020 World Series. From May 26 to May 28, these three games will be played at Tropicana Field. After that, the Yankees will go to Los Angeles. From June 23–25, the Houston Astros will play a three-game series at Dodger Stadium. The next day, on June 2-4, the two teams will play another three-game series.

Mookie Betts’ first game against the Boston Red Sox since the deal in February 2020 will be a big deal. It will happen on August 25 at Fenway Park.

The Dodgers’ last seven games of the 2023 season will be away games against the Giants and Rockies. The road trip will start on September 26, 2023, with two games in one day at Coors Field. The MLB season ends on October 1, 2023, a Sunday.

Opening Day Scenes From Dodger Stadium

The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 8–2 on a cold night at Dodger Stadium. It was an amazing way to start the 2023 season. Because it rained before the game, a tarp was put over the infield. But as the game went on, the mood got more exciting.

The snow-covered mountains in the background made for a beautiful scene that made the opening-day celebrations stand out. The unexpected weather made getting ready for the game more difficult, and the crowd was even more excited when the players took the field.

The Dodgers’ persistence, partly cloudy skies, and the first ball all worked together to make a great 2023 season opener. The win showed how good the team was and made everyone feel good about the next games.

Photographs that show what this memorable first day at Dodger Stadium was really like, showing victory, strength, and baseball’s lasting spirit. From bad weather to happy times on the field, each picture shows the excitement and anticipation that come with the start of a new MLB season.

When Is Dodger Opening Day 2023

What day is Dodgers Opening Day 2024?

March 28: Dodgers home opener

They will be the first team to face Ohtani the Dodger at Dodger Stadium. After the Seoul Series, Los Angeles will begin the domestic portion of its regular season on Thursday, March 28, against St. Louis. That is the first of four games.

At 3:05 a.m. on March 20, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres will play a Major League Baseball game in South Korea that will go down in history. This epic game will be the first MLB game ever played in South Korea. It is part of a special “home-and-home” series between the two teams. At 3:05 a.m., the second game will begin. March 21. PT, keeping the fun of baseball alive in a global setting.

After this game in another country, the Dodgers will play their first game in the United States on March 28 at 1:10 p.m. when they play the St. Louis Cardinals. PT. This much-anticipated game will take place at Dodger Stadium and will be the first game of the team’s home season. It will be against a tough opponent.

What is new at Dodger Stadium 2023?

Among the new items at concession stands throughout the stadium are the original Philly cheesesteak, the wild mushroom cheesesteak, the Philly chicken sandwich, fried cheesecake on a stick, hot link corn dog dipped in fire hot Cheeto dust, Mediterranean chicken bowl, Mediterranean falafel bowl, Greek fries, BBQ platter .

The Los Angeles Dodgers have announced that Dodger Stadium will be getting some work done. The results will be shown off on Opening Day, presented by Bank of America on Thursday, March 30.

The third-oldest park in Major League Baseball, Dodger Stadium, opened in 1962. However, it is always being improved and expanded so that it can better serve its loyal fans. The 2023 season has a lot of interesting changes, and one of the best is the addition of cutting-edge lighting. In August, Fernando Valenzuela, a famous left-handed pitcher and Dodger Spanish broadcaster will retire his number 34. This will be another important event for fans to see.

During the off-season, the Dodgers made a big change. They replaced all of the Field Lights with LED lights, which use less power. These lights can change colors, which gives fan events like shows and on-field celebrations a unique look. They are also eco-friendly.

When was Dodger Stadium opened?

Dodger Stadium is a baseball stadium in the Elysian Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It is the home field for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB). Opened in 1962, it was constructed in less than three years at a cost of US$23 million (US$223 million in 2020 dollars).

On April 10, 1962, the sunrise over Dodger Stadium marked the start of a new era in Major League Baseball and Southern California sports history. Since the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958, there was a long wait and construction time. Finally, the team was ready to play a home game at their new field.

The Los Angeles Herald-Examiner wrote an editorial called “A Date With the Dodgers” to get people excited about Walter O’Malley’s new stadium opening. At 1 p.m., the Dodgers played the Cincinnati Reds, who were the defending National League winners. Sunday morning:

The beautiful, amazing, passionate, and sometimes quite unbelievable Dodgers swept across the country not long ago, going from the historic Brooklyn Dodgers to the modern Los Angeles Dodgers.

This opened a new chapter in baseball history and made it possible for major league baseball to come to this city, which had not been possible just a few years before.

A cartoonist from the Herald-Examiner named Karl Hubenthal made a piece to celebrate O’Malley. In the “His Oyster” cartoon, O’Malley is shown opening a huge baseball that holds the shiny “pearl” of a new stadium with a smile.

Why is Dodger Stadium famous?

Through the years, Dodger Stadium has seen legendary moments, such as Sandy Koufax’s perfect game in 1965, the rise of Fernandomania in 1981, Kirk Gibson’s walk-off home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series (one of 20 World Series games), the 1980 All-Star Game, the 1984 Olympic Games baseball competition, the 2009 .

Get the kids involved.

Go right to the Outfield Plaza when you bring your kids to Dodger Stadium. With lots of room for kids to run around, great places to eat, and some fun things to do, it’s a great place for family fun.

There is a wall for climbing in the Outfield Plaza.

This climbing wall in the Outfield Plaza is a great place for boys and girls to play. You and your kids can use this climbing frame to pass the time while you wait for food at the snack stand or before the game.

How to Break Up Boredom on the Weekend

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Climbing frame in the kids’ play area

If your kids are getting impatient, let them play on this fun climbing frame while you wait for the food. They can have a good time at the game this way.

Gyro chairs that tilt a back

Find the fun side of Gyro Chairs. These seats are always funny and surprising, and they will make you smile. You can even get your own Gyro Chair through our link to Amazon.

There are many ways to pose for pictures.

You can take amazing pictures on top of the Dodgers Ice Cream Truck, next to a huge model of the 2020 World Series Ring, or next to the beautiful statue of Jackie Robinson sliding into home plate. These sites that can be shared on Instagram offer many photo possibilities.

Making Changing Diapers Easier

There are diaper-changing tables in every bathroom at Dodger Stadium to make things easier for parents. There are also family-friendly and gender-neutral bathrooms spread out in the park.

Why are they called the Dodgers?

According to the club, the name originated in 1896 as the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers. Heavy construction of electric trolley tracks in front of Eastern Park caused fans to dodge the trolleys to reach the park. Those fans became known as Trolley Dodgers and the team took on the name, which was shortened to Dodgers.

The club has an interesting background behind its name. It was first called the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers in 1896. The reason for this is that there are a lot of electric trolley tracks in front of Eastern Park. Fans have to avoid these rails on their way to the park. These fans were called “Trolley Dodgers,” which was later taken up by the team and shortened to “Dodgers.”

In 1888, six players got married during and after the season. This gave the team the name Bridegrooms. The team was known as “Ward’s Wonders” when John Montgomery Ward took over as manager in 1991. It was known as “Foutz’s Fillies” when Dave Foutz took over as manager in 1893.

Over the years, the Dodgers have gone by many names. After hiring Ned Hanlon as manager, the band was called the “Brooklyn Superbas,” after the famous vaudeville act at the time by the Brothers Hanlon, who were not related.

When Is Dodger Opening Day 2023

The Dodgers will not play on July 9, which is the Sunday before the All-Star Game. The 2023 All-Star Game will be held on July 11, 2023, at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. The Mariners will be the hosts of the game.

In 2023, Mookie Betts’s first game with the Dodgers will be against the Boston Red Sox. It will be the highlight of the season. From August 25–27, the Dodgers will play at Fenway Park. This series is especially important because it’s Justin Turner’s first time playing against the Dodgers since signing with the Red Sox as a free agent.

The MLB season ends on October 1, 2023, a Sunday. Also, information about the Dodger Stadium freebies program has yet to be made public, which is adding to the excitement for fans looking forward to the fun advertising activities that will happen all season.

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