When Is Canton Trade Days

When Is Canton Trade Days


When Is Canton Trade Days: Canton, Texas, has First Monday Trade Days every month on the weekend before the first Monday of the month. It’s a busy and fun event. People from all over the area and from other countries come to this fun event, which makes for a crowded scene full of food, shopping, and entertainment options.

There are hundreds of sellers selling a wide range of goods at the 450-acre event, such as clothes, jewelry, handcrafted goods, antiques, collectibles, and delicious food. First Monday Trade Days is more than just a shopping event; it also has fun things for the whole family to do, like pony rides and a petting zoo for kids. 

Live music acts add to the holiday spirit and make sure that the day is fun and exciting. This is a nice place to spend the weekend for singles or families, and there are lots of tasty meals.

When Is Canton Trade Days

New Calendar for Trade Days Market in Canton, Texas

People often visit businesses in Texas as a hobby, but going to Trade Days in Canton is something special. At Canton’s Trade Days, which are known for having the world’s biggest and oldest street market every month, you can do something completely different. Knowing when they will be open and closed in 2024 might help you plan your visit better.

Canton’s Trade Days are known for having a wide range of stores, so you’re sure to find some hidden gems as you look around for hours. The market only happens once a month, but the carefully chosen items change every time a new vendor brings something new and interesting. If this is your first time visiting, you should rent a bike so you can see all the sights without getting too tired.

People who don’t usually shop are drawn to Canton because it has a lot of strange things and fun things to do that make shopping there different from other places. Great food makes Trade Days in Canton even more fun and interesting, making the whole-day event even better.

Know Before You Go: Canton First Monday Trade Days

The famous flea market in Canton, which is also known as First Monday Trade Days or Canton Trade Days, has been an important part of the society there since the 1850s. It all started when a circuit judge came to Canton every first Monday of the month. The event was based on court proceedings and had a place for people to meet. As the meetings got bigger, people traded goods, animals, and crops.

At the current First Monday Trade Days in Canton, there is a huge 700,000-square-foot fair with more than 5,000 dealers. A huge number of people come to this famous event every month, making it the biggest flea market in the world. Canton Trade Days are still a big part of business and culture in Texas, even though they have a long past that goes back to the 1800s.

All About Canton First Monday Trade Days

Fans of both collecting things and delicious food will love this East Texas outdoor flea market, which is famous for having a wide range of vendors selling goods and tasty food. When you shop online, the experience goes beyond the buy and turns into a journey of remembering and starting over. 

People like going to stores because they let you take your time, look at the items, and talk to other people, which is a nice change from shopping online, where things move quickly.

The market is so famous that people come from all over Texas and even other states to see it. Fans can fully immerse themselves in the interesting world of Canton’s First Monday Trade Days when they visit by air, thanks to Canton Hackney Airport’s easy access to this famous site.

Things to Know Before Visiting Canton Trade Days

If you’ve never been to a Canton First Monday before, here are some tips and information that will make your trip more fun:

Best Time to Go: If you go to Canton Trade Days early, it might be less crowded. Near the end, it might get busy, but prices might be easier to work out.

Money is very important. When you’re trading, cash is the best way to pay. Make certain you have enough cash on hand.

You should bring a cart, even if you only plan to buy a few things. A wagon or small pull cart is best. It becomes very useful as you learn more than you thought.

Picking up furniture: If you want to buy big things like furniture, they will let you use your car to pick them up at the store.

Choose Where to Meet: Because cellphone service may be weak in crowded areas, it’s important to have a plan for where to meet up with family or friends.

Emergency Paging: If a kid goes missing or there is an emergency, the Canton First Monday Trade Days offices will set up emergency paging.

Dress Right: For a fun and relaxing holiday, make sure you bring clothes that are right for the weather, comfortable walking shoes, and lots of sunscreen.

What Are The Dates For Canton Trade Days?

People love shopping at the Canton Flea Market in Canton, Mississippi. In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic caused the market to close for a while. But in 2021, people happily went back to the market, which suggests that this important event will continue.

Every year, Canton, Texas, has Canton First Monday Trade Days. The market is held every month’s first weekend, from Thursday to Sunday, before the first Monday. 

The market’s regular hours mean that people can check out its wide range of goods at any time of the year. Every month, Canton’s First Monday Trade Days are held. It is one of the biggest and oldest outdoor markets in the southern US, and people come from all over the area to buy things and do hobbies.

When Is Canton Trade Days

What are the dates for Canton trade days?


Starting Thursday, August 29th, 2024, repeats every day until Sunday, September 01, 2024 — all day.

Starting Thursday, October 3rd, 2024, repeats every day until Sunday, October 06, 2024 — all day.

Starting Thursday, October 31st, 2024, repeats every day until Sunday, November 03, 2024 — all day.

There are a lot of people at Canton First Monday Trade Days, which happen over the weekend before the first Monday of every month, from Thursday to Sunday. More than 100,000 people shop at this lively market every week, which is open all year. 

The huge structure is spread out over hundreds of acres and has space for almost 5,000 vendors. With 700,000 square feet of covered shopping areas, it offers a wide range of buying options. 

People can look at a wide range of things, such as clothes, handmade items, antiques, and collectibles. This has been going on for a long time in Canton, Texas, and it has become a popular tourist spot. It’s a fun and interesting experience for both shoppers and stores.

What is the best day to go to Canton trade days?

Thursdays and Fridays will have the smallest crowds. Sundays may have you finding the best deals as it’s the last day and vendors might want to sell their goods instead of packing them back up. Don’t avoid rainy, grey days.

First Monday Trade Days happen every month, from the Thursday before the first Monday to the Sunday before. Sunday or Thrifty Thursday are good times to go if you want to get the most out of your trip. There are shorter lines and better parking on Thrifty Thursday, and you can be one of the first people to see the items when the exhibition opens on Thursday. 

Also, Sunday is a great day to go because sellers may offer tempting discounts on the last day of the event. This well-planned approach makes the experience more relaxed and enjoyable, and it also makes it easier to find unique items and talk to sellers without having to deal with a lot of people. 

If you want to find the best deals, find unique items, or get away from the people, First Monday Trade Days are a lot more fun on Thrifty Thursday or Sunday.

How much does it cost to get into Canton trade days?

Admission to all of the shopping sites is free. Parking fees are required in most areas. Other modes of transportation include a shuttle bus.

People can rent Trade Center spaces at Canton’s First Monday Trade Days on a monthly basis after going through an official application process. The types of goods that vendors sell and how close those goods are to other goods in the area are used to choose where to put them carefully. 

People who want to apply should bring their forms to the First Monday Log Cabin Office, which can be reached by FM 859 from 800 First Monday Lane on the west side of the land. People who want to rent spaces or find out about prices should call the First Monday office at (903) 567-6556 at the times shown on the schedule.

Interested people can use the Trade Center Vendor Application, which is easily linked below, to get more information, such as rules and parking restrictions.

When did Canton trade days start?

IT ALL BEGAN … in the 1850′s when the circuit judge stopped in Canton on the FIRST MONDAY of each month. This was the day the Judge held court. People from the area came to town on that day to conduct their business, stock their pantries and sit in on court proceedings … and watch a few “hangings”.

In the 1850s, Canton’s First Monday Trade Days began when the circuit judge would come to town on the first Monday of every month for court hearings that drew people from the area. The day became a center for business deals, pantry restocking, and courthouse activities like hangings outside of court. People brought their goods, fruit, and animals to trade or sell on the west side, near the courthouse area. It turned into a busy market.

The city of Canton bought six acres of land two blocks north of the courthouse in 1965 so that the yearly First Monday festival could take place there. The event used to only happen on the first Monday of every month, but now it happens from Thursday to Sunday instead of just Monday. The well-known name “First Monday Trade Days” still sticks around after all this time.

Is Canton trade days cash only?

Some vendors do accept credit cards, however there are many vendors who accept cash only. We have ATM’s onsite but they may run out of cash on busy days. We recommend bringing cash to be prepared!

At First Monday Trade Days, you should bring cash with you since not all sellers take checks or credit cards. It’s close to some ATMs, but on busy days, they might need more cash on hand. Remember that not all cell phones can receive calls.

People with friendly dogs can bring them to the Original First Monday Park on a leash, but they have to clean up after them. You can park at Pavilion 4500, enter through the North Gate off Highway 19, and then go south through the pavilions if this is your first time here. The air-conditioned Canton Civic Center, which is on the original grounds of First Monday, is a nice place to relax.

While you’re at the event, take the chance to talk to people selling collectibles and old things. A police office for the City of Canton is located at the First Monday Trade Days Grounds. Find out about the different gates and entrances that lead to the important areas of First Monday.

When Is Canton Trade Days

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