Panamanian Day Parade 2022

Panamanian Day Parade 2022


Panamanian Day Parade 2022: Crown Heights’s Panamanian Day Parade is held every year to honor the rich culture of Brooklyn’s large Afro-Panamanian community. People outside of the Republic of Panama think of this ceremony as the biggest celebration of national freedom and folklore in Central America.

There were Panamanians from all over the United States on Franklin Avenue on Saturday. Women twirled the traditional polleras’ huge skirts while marching bands and majorettes played in rows with amazing patterns. People at the party dressed up as scary Spanish invaders and slave traders in red and black “Diablo” costumes. Some people dressed up as “Congos,” who were actually Cimarrones, runaway African slaves who set up independent towns in Panama’s mountains.

The air was filled with the sound of congas, and Panamanian flags flew in the October wind. The Day of Independence Committee of Panamanians in New York, Inc. has been putting on this famous event in Brooklyn for 24 years now.

Panamanian Day Parade 2022

Panamanian Day Celebrations in Brooklyn Begin

In honor of Panama’s freedom day from Colombia every two years, on October 8, Caribbean Life says Brooklyn will be decorated with Panamanian pride and culture.

People who go to the yearly Panamanian Parade can really get into the party mood by dancing to cumbia, salsa, and reggaeton beats. The march will start at noon at the corner of President Street and Classon Avenue in Crown Heights.

Businesses and groups in the area will take part in the parade by wearing traditional clothes, waving flags, and offering sweets like empanadas, tamales, criminals, sancocho, and Rosca bread.

The 27th Panamanian Day of Independence event is being planned in New York by the Panamanian Day of Independence Committee. Maria McKenzie, who works for the DICPNY Committee, is said to have told Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley about the event when they met.

Crowds hit the streets for the 28th annual Panamanian Day Parade

The 28th annual Panamanian Day Parade in Crown Heights was more than two hours late because of rain, but people still had a good time at the event on Saturday. A lot of people got together to celebrate Panama’s freedom with music, floats, and a colorful procession of unity and pride that was shown through cultural displays.

Thanks to the parade, everyone can take part in Cuban customs. Vice President of the Day of Independence Committee Maria Willis stressed how important the event was for showing how diverse Panama is. He said, “We want to show our culture.” “We want to diffuse our culture, language, our customs to everyone here in Brooklyn.”

Brooklyn’s second largest parade kicks off Panamanian Day

On October 8, the biggest gathering of Panamanians outside of the Republic will happen. This will show the pride and culture of the 210,000 immigrants living in the United States. The Day of Independence Committee of Panama in New York, Inc. has been known for putting together the city’s second-biggest show for 26 years, even though 35,000 people live in Brooklyn.

Panama’s independence from Colombia in 1903 is celebrated every year at this heritage event, which is second only to the West Indian American Day Association’s international end-of-summer show in Crown Heights and Park Slope. Panamanian foods like empanadas, tamales, criminals, sancocho, and Rosca bread, which will also have red, white, and blue buntings, will be served at the event. This massive food festival will draw attention to the unique features of the “bridge of the world.”

The isthmus is known for being in the perfect place geographically. Its people are a mix of European and Spanish customs and different Caribbean cultures, making them desirable citizens.

A Look at the Pre-Independence Panamanian Day Parade

On a Saturday morning in Brooklyn, the area where Franklin Avenue and Bergen Street meet was filled with the sounds of drums, trumpets, cymbals, and traditional Panamanian Típico music. It was the start of a day-long party in honor of Panama when the crowd came in.

People from all over Panama came to Crown Heights to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the parade. The real parade took place in Panama on November 3, 1903, to celebrate the country’s freedom from Colombia. This march from before independence remembers the event. José Francis and Shawn Dya L. Simpson, who are Grand Marshals of both the United States and Panama, were honored at the beginning of the party. So were the Day of Independence Committee of Panamanians in New York Inc. (DICPNY) committee and representatives from the Panamanian government.

Recognition by the grand marshals was an important historical event for the people of Panama because it showed how proud the country was of its accomplishments and efforts. A well-known person from Panama, Jose Francis, hosts, produces, and directs the charity network cable TV show Rinconcito Panameño en Nueva York. He was born in the Republic of Panama and moved to the United States in 1986. He lived in Brooklyn. He also acts with the Proyecciones y Danzas Panameñas (PRODAPMA) folk dance group.

Panamanian Parade NYC 2023 Celebrates Panamanian Culture

The Panamanian Parade NYC 2023 will be a lively celebration of Panamanian culture. It will also show how important Panamanians are to American society. People come from all over the East Coast and even Panama, making it the biggest Panamanian march outside of Panama. The crowd is bright and varied because of this.

There is a busy street fair, as well as a Gala, Parade, and Cultural Festival as part of the celebrations. Taking part in the planning, rather than just watching from afar, is the best way to really get into the vibe of the party.

This event happens every year and is a lively way to show off Panama’s unique traditions, ways of life, and history. Panamanians and fans can meet and talk to each other, which builds a feeling of community and pride. By taking part in the Panamanian Parade NYC 2023, people can celebrate Panama’s many and varied contributions to American culture while also adding to the cultural mix of New York City.

Panamanian Day Parade 2022

Where is the Panamanian parade?


This historic moment has been celebrated annually for the past 25 years with an exhilarating parade in Brooklyn, which begins on Franklin Avenue and Bergen Street, and heads south to Eastern Parkway, culminating in a street fair on Classon Avenue between President Street and Eastern Parkway.

The Panamanian Parade will start in Brooklyn next Saturday at 10:30 a.m. and will be led by three immigrant expats who are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. This event celebrates the history and patriotism of the country and also marks the 28th anniversary of an important legacy.

New York City will celebrate Columbus Day and honor Hispanic people after the march. The Day of Independence Committee of Panamanians in New York puts on this event to show how rich and varied the cultural history of the Panamanian community is.

It is known that the Panamanian community in the borough puts on the world’s largest march outside of Panama, which is the second-biggest Caribbean culture event. They still do this to respect their history and celebrate the 120th anniversary of their independence from Colombia. In October, before the Panamanian Parade, there will be two more public salutes.

Where is the Panamanian parade 2023?

The 28th Annual Panamanian Day Parade was held on Saturday, October 7, 2023, in Brooklyn, New York. The parade is the largest Panamanian parade outside of Panamace and celebrates Panamanian culture. The parade started at Franklin Avenue at Bergen Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York.

The Panamanian group in New York City used to be mostly in Crown Heights in Brooklyn, but now it’s spread out all over the city. At the moment, the Panamanian Consulate is in the Midtown area of Manhattan.

Many Panamanian styles of music can be found in New York City, such as salsa, cumbia, Latin jazz, and tamborito. The music style reggaeton was brought to New York City by Jamaicans who lived in Panama.

Salsa and Latin Jazz star Rubén Blades is well-known among Panamanians living in New York City. People know him for being realistic, and he usually takes the train and is friendly to everyone he meets.

The most important event in New York City is the Panamanian Parade and Festival, which takes place on the first or second Saturday of October. People from all over the East Coast who are from Panama come to the parade, which is known as the biggest of its kind outside of Panama. They join in the celebration of customs and culture.

What is the route of the NYC parade?

The parade steps off from West 77th Street & Central Park West, travels down Central Park West to Columbus Circle, turns onto Central Park South toward Sixth Avenue, then heads down Sixth Avenue to Macy’s Herald Square.

The most famous and oldest show in the world, the Saint Patrick’s Day show in New York City, is looked forward to by many. Since its start in 1762, this famous event has been a beloved part of New York City. It is full of history and Irish pride.

Midtown Manhattan comes to life with the sounds of pipe and drum bands, colored dancers, and performers in costumes as the parade goes by. On this happy occasion, there is a sea of green people in all shades of color, and the whole neighborhood turns into one big party.

More than 150,000 people march in the parade every year, and over 2 million people line the streets to cheer them on. There has been a Saint Patrick’s Day parade in New York City for a long time. It is a wonderful tradition that gets people together to celebrate.

Where is the Panama festival?

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary musical odyssey. Enter the ballot for Panama Festival 2024 tickets, and join for a long weekend of unforgettable moments from March 8 to 10, 2024 in Lone Star Valley Lutruwita / Tasmania.

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Where does the Panama Carnival take place?

Las Tablas – Biggest Celebration

The small town of Las Tablas on the Azureo Pennisula is the is famed for its Carnival. If you want the most extreme carnival experience in Panama, you must go to Las Tablas.

Carnivals and Thanksgiving are both times when families get together to celebrate. During the holiday, many people left Panama City for family parties and carnivals in other cities, leaving the streets quiet and creepy.

There is no peace in the area around the Cinta Costera, where the streets are closed off. After this part, the park will grow to become the biggest fair in Central America.

This four-day event is a full-on celebration of freedom and hedonism. It makes the city lively during the vacation, but it might not be as good as Rio de Janeiro.

Panamanian Day Parade 2022

After the grand marshals’ ceremony, members of the Panamanian military led the way at the beginning of the parade. There were 14 marching bands and dancers in traditional Panamanian clothes in the parade. The Pollera was a beautiful dress for women. It had a long skirt with bright embroidery and patterns and a white top. Men wore the Formal Montuno, which had long black pants, a straw hat, and a small handbag. The shoes could be brown, black, or white. Live bands played upbeat music that the lively street dancers, who often performed in pairs, moved to.

People stood behind barricades along the parade path and cheered, danced, and waved flags with great enthusiasm. Even though it rained, Giovanna Howard went to the event with her mother, siblings, sisters, and teenage children. She said, “My family and I look forward to this one event every year.”

Many floats that were about Panama were set up along the route of the show. Some had Panamanian flags of different sizes, and others had flags in red, white, and blue. It said “Yo soy tu gente Panama” very clearly on the back of one buoy. Along with guards who represented the country, the floats had sponsors, such as Miss Panama 2017, who used to be Miss Panama.

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