Why Is Jim Nantz Not Broadcasting This Week

Why Is Jim Nantz Not Broadcasting This Week


Why Is Jim Nantz Not Broadcasting This Week: He works mostly for CBS Sports and is a famous sports commentator. The sports media business has been lucky to have him for a long time. Someone who likes sports has come to follow him because of his strange behavior and smart comments. Several things are likely to happen if he doesn’t show up on TV for a week.

There may be times when announcers need to take a break to handle other work or family issues. A lot of different events are planned into broadcast plans, which can take time to understand. Announcing staff members may also be unavailable due to unplanned events like health problems or family issues.

You can get the most exact and up-to-date information on why Jim Nantz might not be able to host a show this week by reading official CBS Sports comments, Jim Nantz’s social media accounts, or reliable sports news sources. Details about his short absence and any plans he may have to return to the broadcast booth will likely be shown on these platforms.

Why Is Jim Nantz Not Broadcasting This Week

CBS’ NFL A-team will get Week 13 off after pulling double duty on Thanksgiving weekend

Notably missing from CBS’ Week 13 broadcast plan, which was made public on Monday, were Tony Romo, Jim Nantz, and Tracy Wolfson.

Because they were covering two games over the Thanksgiving weekend—the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Washington Commanders on Thursday—these three people were not included. The NFL A-team on CBS is now taking a well-earned break because of this.

Romo, Nantz, and Wolfson would normally not work the next Sunday after covering a Thanksgiving game. Over the last two seasons, this trend stayed the same. However, CBS decided to use its best broadcast team for the Eagles-Bills game because it was one of the best in the NFL this season. They then took a break for a boring Week 13 schedule.

Is the Week 13 schedule really that dull? For the Houston Texans vs. Denver Broncos game, Romo, Nantz, and Wolfson will not be there, so Ian Eagles, Charles Davis, and Evan Washburn will start for CBS’s backup team.

Why Jim Nantz and Tony Romo aren’t calling an NFL game for CBS in Week 13

There might be something missing from any of the NFL Week 13 games on CBS this Sunday. Tony Romo or Jim Nantz won’t host the show.

Exactly why is this taking place?

Nantz and Romo were commentating on the Thanksgiving game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Commanders. After a few days, they helped call the exciting game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Buffalo Bills.

The top CBS broadcast team is taking a week off because of this, as shown by the airing plan for this Sunday.

‘Thank you for being my friend’: Jim Nantz signs off on college basketball broadcasting career

This week, Connecticut beat San Diego State 76–59 to win the national title, and the CBS commentator in charge of the men’s Final Four finished his job with a unique twist on his famous catchphrase.

That’s what I mean. He also said, “We’ll try to riff on ‘Hello Friends,'” which is what he says at the beginning of shows like The Masters and the Super Bowl. “Yet, to all of you in the college game, the CBS clan, my family, the audience: thanks for being my buddy.”

Nantz says goodbye to college football comments for good during the 2023 season. He will still be able to do his job in the NFL and coach golf. It was the 32nd and final Final Four for Jim Nantz, who was born and raised in Houston.

Nantz said a few interesting things before saying goodbye.

“One thing I’ve learned from all of this is that everyone has dreams,” remarked Nantz, 63. We all have a story to tell. Help yourself find that story. Kindness is important.

Jim Nantz Preparing for Last Final Four Broadcast After 32-Year Run

reporting, this will be the last event he will host.

A famous announcer said in October that he would be leaving this year’s NCAA men’s basketball competition. There was a reason behind his choice: he wanted to spend more quality time with his kids.

Nantz gave another reason this week for leaving the Final Four after thirty years: he wants to focus on covering the Masters. Most of the time, Nantz would cover the Final Four and title game on Saturday and Monday. Then, on Tuesday, he would go to Augusta National to cover the Masters for the whole week.

Some people would ask about his coverage of the Masters during the Final Four, but the 63-year-old said that people would ask about his golf coverage the following weekend.

It’s always been a bit of a puzzle for me,” Nantz told GOLF. Friends and family only want to talk about the Masters when I’m at the Final Four. “Who’s gonna win the Masters next week?’ It makes me think of it every time I walk through a restaurant, down the street, or the lobby.” The best players always want to talk about hoops when I try to catch up with them.

Jim Nantz will step away from Final Four after 2023, to be replaced by Ian Eagle

The famous Jim Nantz will call the NCAA men’s basketball tournament for the last time. With the national title game and the Final Four airing on his last March Madness show in 2023, Nantz will be the tournament’s host.

After 2024, the job will be given to Ian Eagle, who is the loud and energetic spokesman for the Brooklyn Nets and also calls college and NFL basketball games. Following up on what the New York Post first said, CBS Sports confirmed the story. Furthermore, Nantz told the Post what he thought about the situation.

While his eight- and six-year-old girls picked him up from school, Nantz talked on the phone, “Now is the right time to spend more time at home with my two younger children and my older daughter.” The dad needs to be home.

Nantz has been covering the men’s event since 1986 when he made the studio presentation. When it came time for his first Final Four five years later, he was picked to replace Brent Musburger. Since then, his voice has been linked to many beloved Final Four and title moments.

Is announcer Jim Nantz retiring?

Nantz said that although he is calling his last Final Four, he is not retiring from broadcasting. “I’m not retiring in any capacity,” Nantz said. “It’s just I want to be home a little more often. My kids need daddy at home, and daddy needs to be with them more, too.

Nantz made it clear that he will not be leaving the field of reporting, even after he named his final four coaches.

Nantz stated, “I’m not riding in the background in any way.” “I just wish I could be home a little bit more often.” We had to find a middle ground because my kids needed their dad to be home, and I needed to spend more time with them. I didn’t rue my choice, even though it was hard.

As a way to remember the start of his work as a broadcaster, Nantz will be commentating on the Final Four next weekend in Houston. At the University of Houston, Nantz got his bachelor’s degree.

“I’m extremely appreciative that the city presented me with that opportunity,” he mentioned.

“I have a great deal of sincere appreciation for having held this role for so long, telling many stories and documenting so many incredible moments,” Nantz said, without any regrets. One more college basketball party is all I need to do. “Not involving me.”

How much does Jim Nantz make as a commentator?

Jim Nantz salary

Nantz’s previous contract was worth $6.5 million per year, but terms of his latest contract signed in 2021 have not been revealed. The New York Post reported in 2022 that CBS had gone as high as $10.5 million per year in negotiations with Nantz, so one can figure his salary is somewhere in that range.

When the 2023 Final Four comes around, Jim Nantz’s amazing college basketball career will be over.

CBS has shown the national title game and the Final Four with the famous play-by-play announcer since 1991. It was in the fall that Nantz said this would be his last game as an announcer. Ian Eagle will now replace him.

Although he is no longer covering March Madness, Nantz has a long-term deal with CBS that allows him to continue to cover golf and the NFL.

Here are some of Jim Nantz’s best March Madness calls that you should watch before the latest Final Four. See also: “Goodbye, friends”

Check out how much money Nantz has in 2023.

Getting rich with Jim Nantz

An estimate from Celebrity Net Worth puts Nantz’s net worth at around $15 million. However, the longtime host’s exact pay has yet to be made public.

Due to a lack of specific information about his contract renewal with CBS in 2021, it is not possible to give an accurate amount of his pay.

Why Is Jim Nantz Not Broadcasting This Week

Who is taking over the Final Four for Jim Nantz?

Ian Eagle

He’s called the Final Four every season since 1991, six years after the tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985. , which is why he’s adamant about the “not retiring” line. Ian Eagle, a longtime voice of the tournament’s earlier rounds, will take over play-by-play duties for the Final Four starting in 2024.

This season of March Madness, Jim Nantz has made it clear that he will not be leaving television altogether, but he will no longer be hosting the games.

Since 1991, six years after the tournament made it possible for 64 teams, Nantz has been the voice of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The October event was his last, he said.

It’s time for the senior play-by-play announcer to leave, but he didn’t say why. It’s important to note that Nantz will still have a busy schedule after March Madness ends. He will cover the NFL and golf for CBS, which makes his claim that he is “not retiring” really strong.

As of 2024, the Final four will be called by Ian Eagle, a famous announcer who worked on earlier rounds of the game.

Because it will be held in Houston, Nantz’s hometown, it will likely be an even more important last chance to play in the Final Four. He also went to college at the University of Houston, which is ranked highly this year and is expected to be the No. 1 seed in the upcoming tournament.

Who will replace Jim Nance?

Ian Eagle

Ian Eagle, who calls NFL, NBA and college basketball games, will replace Jim Nantz following the 2023 NCAA Tournament.

Immediately after the 2023 NCAA Tournament, Ian Eagle will take over for Jim Nantz as an analyst for NFL, NBA, and college basketball games.

It will be his last game in this area when UConn plays San Diego State in the college basketball championship game. He will still go to NFL games and play golf for CBS, even though.

Over the summer, Nantz told the New York Post, “With two active kids and an older daughter, it’s time for me to spend more time at home.” We need Papa to be here.

There have been NCAA Tournament games on Nantz since 1986.

Nantz has a special connection to Houston because that’s where he went to college. In 2023, the Final Four will be held in the city.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Ian Eagle. Eagle has worked for CBS since 1998.

Being on the network’s backup NFL team with Charles Davis right now, he also helps cover the NBA for Turner Sports. For the Brooklyn Nets since 1995, he has also been calling games.

Our expert lives in the Garden State.

BeMGM has today’s college basketball odds.

To really feel the holiday spirit, playing college basketball chances is the best thing you can do.

People who bet on sports and know a lot about college basketball can find a lot of different ways to bet with the updated spreads, over/under totals, and money lines for thousands of games from November to April.

How long have Tony Romo and Jim Nantz been together?

Nantz and Romo have been working together since 2017, but apparently that hasn’t been long enough for them to figure out how to hug each other naturally.

Before they started working together in 2017, Jim Nantz and Tony Romo were a great pair in the NFL radio booth. Romo’s insightful and prescient commentary and Nantz’s well-honed play-by-play reporting quickly became famous for how well they worked together on radio.

Romo got together with them after his great season as quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in 2017. Verizon quickly hired Romo to work for CBS Sports as an NFL reporter. He teamed up with veteran host Jim Nantz. The shows were interesting and new because Romo could call plays and give strategic analysis.

This pair has become one of the most famous and well-liked in the sports reporting business since they first appeared together. Fans enjoy watching them even when they’re not in the television booth because of how well they get along and laugh together.

Why Is Jim Nantz Not Broadcasting This Week

Why Is Jim Nantz Not Broadcasting This Week: A lot of the time, personal responsibilities, contractual obligations, or unplanned events like illness or family problems can change the broadcast schedules of sports commentators like Jim Nantz. To keep news interesting and keep viewers from getting bored, networks and broadcasters may change the people with whom they work.

Commentators may also pause or leave out important events when they are talking about sports because of how the plan is set up. It is common for people in the field to take breaks for holidays, during busy competitions, or for personal reasons.

Official statements from the network or talking to Jim Nantz himself are the best ways to find out the exact reasons why he isn’t on show any given week. You can find out about changes to the plan and why they are happening through press releases, social media posts, and updates from the broadcasting company.

Last but not least, if you want accurate and up-to-date information about Jim Nantz’s broadcast plan and the reasons for any short absences, it is best to get it from reliable sources since we don’t have any specific information about what is happening right now.

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