Where To Stay In Greece For A Week

Where To Stay In Greece For A Week


Where To Stay In Greece For A Week: Newcomers often oversimplify their trip to “the Greek islands,” seeing them as a single, easy-to-navigate object like a shopping mall. After spending a lot of time in the country, they understand how big and different the archipelagos are. As the story goes on, more than 200 Greek islands with a population of about 6,000 people are shown. The Dodecanese islands have a line of castles, the Ionian islands are beautiful, and the Cyclades islands are famous for their white-and-blue architecture. Each inhabited island has its own unique character.

Greece has six main groups of islands, with Crete being the only one that doesn’t fit in any of them. It’s usually easier to move from one island to another within a group than between archipelagos. Here is a list of the best Greek island vacations. We’ll talk about what makes each island chain special and give you tips on how to get around these interesting archipelagos.

Where To Stay In Greece For A Week

The Best Hotels for One Week in Greece

Are you looking for a place to stay in Greece for a week-long trip? There’s nothing else to do! We carefully looked into all of Greece’s hotels based on important factors to help you choose the best place to stay during your trip. There are many choices that are great for families, couples, and people who just want to relax and have fun, whether they want more expensive or less expensive amenities. 

You have a lot of great choices, whether you want to stay in a hotel room or a vacation apartment. The places we suggest the most are those that are quiet and cozy, in great spots for touring and exploring, and close to food and entertainment. Now is the time to book your hotel for a weeklong trip to Greece. Pick one of these great options, and get ready for an amazing trip!

Itinerary: One week in Greece

Want to know the best way to get to Greece for a week-long trip? You’re in the right place!

To help you plan your trip, I’ve put together a list of some of the best things to see and do in Greece for a week.

This plan takes you to both the capital city of Athens and the famous island of Santorini in the Cyclades group.

I will not only point out the most important things to see and do on your schedule, but will also give you tips and a list of the best hotels in your price range.

One Week In Greece: How To Make The Most Out Of This Guide

As a rule, if you fly from another country to Greece, you will land in Athens. The main airport in Greece is Athens International Airport (AIA). In the past, guests would land at the airport, leave the next day for the islands, and not pay much attention to Athens. During Greece’s long economic crisis, a common misunderstanding was that Athens was a dangerous city that shouldn’t be investigated. This idea was never completely true, though.

Athens is one of the most famous ancient towns. It is also known as the birthplace of democracy and a key city in the growth of Western civilization. Aside from its historical importance, Athens is now a cosmopolitan city at the meeting point of East and West, full of different subcultures and styles. Athens is getting back to normal after ten years of social unrest. It is now a place that you should visit. Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

Different routes are shown in the next guide, and they all start in Athens. Even though they are different, all of the plans make Athens sound like a must-see place. You won’t be sorry that you chose to stay in Athens for at least three days.


As was already said, you will spend the first three days of your trip in Athens. You made your own plan, so you can change it whenever you want. The plan we’re going to give you includes a list of possible Greek islands. Three to four days will give you a taste of the natural beauty of the Greek islands, but not enough to go from island to island. For a more in-depth look, I’ll mostly talk about how to add a few fun days on the islands to your seven-day Greek trip here.

Anafi, my beloved island, might not be possible to reach in this short time because it is far away and there aren’t many boat services there. They’ll get most of our attention, but there are some other great places to see as well. If you only have three or four days to visit an island, pick one that has an airport. By boat, you can get to an island in five to eight hours. Since it will take you another five to eight hours to get back on the sixth day, you can’t stay there for too long.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t go on the last day of your holiday when you’re going back to Athens. This is because strong winds often hit the islands, cancelling or delaying ferries. But don’t go to Athens until the very end of your trip, or you’ll have to pay a lot to get back.

Where to Stay in Greece: Complete Guide for 2024

There are many people who would love to visit the sun-kissed Greek Islands or the famous Acropolis. People who like history, beautiful beaches, and stunning scenery often choose to take a holiday in Greece.

Picking which places to see in Greece and finding good places to stay is the hardest part of the whole trip. It might be hard to find your way around the world of hotels in Greece because there are so many great options. In any case, I’m here to help you find a place to stay in Greece and show you the best places to live there!

If you want to see the beautiful cliff monasteries of Meteora or the usual white and blue atmosphere of Santorini’s mountain towns.

Where To Stay In Greece For A Week

Is it worth going to Greece for a week?

One week is enough. If you’re planning on Island hopping or exploring some of the bigger cities combined with some island life, you would need more time. My advice is to focus on one island and take it from there. Greece is easy to fall in love.

Greece is a fascinating place to visit because of its sun-drenched Mediterranean climate, famous archaeological sites, and long and interesting past that goes back thousands of years. Because of its delicious food and friendly people, Greece has become a popular holiday spot for many people.

Even though the famous Greek philosopher Socrates said, we at Plum Guide are experts at suggesting the best places to go, things to do, and places to stay for a good night’s sleep. Our in-depth house critics carefully chose only the best rental homes around the world, so no matter where you stay, you’ll be comfortable.

We have planned a week of activities that you won’t want to miss, even if your home is calling you to stay in. Here are some ideas for what to do in Greece during your seven days there.

What part of Greece is the best to stay in?

Here are eight of our favorites.

Athens: where to stay in Greece for first-timers & foodies. 

Crete: the best Greek island for variety & culture junkies.

Mykonos: the best place to stay in Greece for luxe nightlife. 

Santorini: wineries, iconic architecture & gorgeous views.

Greece has a national marine park, the Acropolis, beautiful beaches, olive trees, magical blue caves, ancient history, and delicious food that will make your trip one you’ll never forget.

Some of the most famous cultural places in the world can be found in Athens, which is the capital of Greece. Many islands are easy to get to from Athens by plane or boat, making it a great place to go island-hopping. Anyone who is interested in Greek history and culture has to go to Athens.

The Ionian Islands, the Cycladic Islands, the Sporades, the Dodecanese Islands, the Saronic Gulf Islands, and the Aegean Islands off the north coast are Greece’s six main island groups. Each has its own beauty. This blog post about where to stay in Greece will help you narrow down your choices to the best places to visit, such as Athens and the six best Greek islands.

Where is the best place to go in Greece first time?

If it’s your first time in the area, you’ll certainly want to start by visiting either Mykonos or Santorini. In Santorini, you’ll find great wineries, like Venetsanos and Santo, while on Mykonos, it’s the nightlife that will keep you coming back, with iconic clubs like Scorpios and Super Paradise.

This is a great place to start your trip if this is your first time in the area. Venetsanos and Santo are two great wines from Santorini. Mykonos has a lively nightlife with famous clubs like Scorpios and Super Paradise. 

People who go to smaller islands like Ios, Folegandros, and Milos can swim, snorkel, and walk around the towns that look like fortresses. Around the main town of each island, which is called “Chora” in most cases and “Plaka” on Milos, there are cute shops, restaurants, pubs, and tavernas set out on cobblestone streets. If you want to get the most out of your trip, don’t miss out on boat tours of the Cycladic islands. Sunset Oia Cruises in Santorini and Polco boat in Milos are both good options.

How many days is enough for Greece?

Spend at least seven days in Greece, and you’ll be able to comfortably explore Athens plus one or two Greek islands—pair Mykonos and Santorini, for example, or stick to the culture and cuisine of Crete.

You should plan to stay in Greece for at least seven days so that you have enough time to see Athens and one or two Greek islands. You could even combine Mykonos and Santorini, or just enjoy the rich culture and delicious food of Crete. If you have more time, you could go to islands that aren’t as popular or the mainland, which goes from the rough Peloponnese to the historically wealthy Macedonia. If you want to get away quickly, stay in Athens and visit the city during the day. If you have time, spend the night on the island of Naxos.

There are many things to do in Greece, from the tall churches that dot the peninsula to the Minoan ruins on Crete, from the sunny beaches of Corfu to the lively nightlife of Thessaloniki. There is something for everyone in this country, whether you like the noise and activity of towns or the peace and quiet of mountain slopes covered in wildflowers. Plan your trip based on what you want to do, from a quick four-day trip to a thorough three-week study project, and let Greece show you all of its many treasures.

Is 7 days enough for Greece?

Seven days in Greece is enough time to cover a few of the country’s highlights, whether you’re looking for a relaxing island escape, to explore ancient ruins, or for a taste of the Greek culture and way of life.

Seven days in Greece is enough time to see many of the country’s best attractions, whether you want to relax on an island or explore ancient ruins, or you want to learn more about Greek culture and way of life. You can choose to take it easier and enjoy Crete’s natural beauty, or you can choose a traditional route that includes well-known spots like Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini. 

You can boat or hike in the Dodecanese, or for an exciting and off-the-beaten-path trip, go to the Peloponnese. History buffs can plan a trip that combines the beauty of ancient times with the peace and quiet of an island, or they can go to the mainland to see ruins and temples.

Where To Stay In Greece For A Week

Over the next few days, you should visit the natural beauty of Messinian Mani and go on challenging hikes through the beautiful Viros Gorge and along the Lousios River. From the base of Profitis Ilias, this gorge goes all the way down to the sea near Kardamyli. To get to the beautiful Kardamyli beach, follow the well-marked roads lined with cypress trees. You’ll pass small stone houses and old churches along the way. After the hike, take a well-earned break at your hotel before having a traditional lunch at a taverna with a view of the sunset.

Take a half-day kayak trip on the fifth day to really enjoy the blue seas. Explore the Mani Peninsula’s beautiful beachfront, kayak to secret caves, and unwind in hot springs that are good for you. Your last full day in Greece starts with a beautiful drive. In the interesting Diros Cave, you can take a 30-minute boat ride along an underground lake. Continue to Vathia, an ethereal, abandoned ghost town, and end the day at Cape Tenaro, which is Europe’s southernmost point and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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