Where Is Lonnie Quinn This Week

Where Is Lonnie Quinn This Week


Where Is Lonnie Quinn This Week: Weather expert Lonnie Quinn has also tried his hand at playing in addition to his work on TV and films. Fans are trying to find the experienced weather anchor Lonnie Quinn these days. Many are asking, “Where Is Lonnie Quinn This Week?” and “What Happened To Lonnie Quinn?”

This page looks at what Lonnie Quinn is doing now and any important events that have happened in his life. For viewers, Quinn is a complicated figure whose wide range of jobs makes them want to know more about what he did this week. Also, we look into the interesting idea that Lonnie Quinn may have made some smart investments that have doubled his earnings and raised his net worth.

Please find out the latest on Lonnie Quinn’s whereabouts, the events that shaped his week, and his possible investment opportunities as we give you a full picture of this famous weather anchor’s work and personal life.

Where Is Lonnie Quinn This Week

Who Is Lonnie Quinn?

Lonnie Quinn is a well-known weather anchor for WCBS-TV in New York City. He was born on August 9, 1963, and is currently the lead weather anchor. His fame goes beyond his job as the host of CBS This Morning Saturday. Quinn’s work has been heard more on sister radio station WCBS-AM, which adds to his already impressive amount of work.

Lonnie Quinn started his long and successful job at CBS in April 2007. He was known for being very good at reporting the weather. Because he works hard and has a lot of knowledge, he has won many awards, including 14 Emmys for Best Weather Anchor from 2010 to 2015. He also got an Emmy for “Best On-Air Talent,” which shows how versatile he is.

In addition to his great job as a radio host, Lonnie Quinn has also tried his hand at acting. When he was younger, he played Will Cooney on the ABC comedy “All My Children” from 1988 to 1990. In 2009, he showed how versatile he was outside of the forecast desk in two episodes of “As the World Turns.” In 1992, he played Rich Landers on the NBC soap series “Santa Barbara.”

Where Is Lonnie Quinn This Week?

Lonnie Quinn recently changed jobs. He used to be the host of CBS This Morning Saturday. At the moment, he writes for WCBS-AM, the sister radio station. That’s during the week when Quinn works for CBS as a weather reporter and shows off his weather skills. He has been a journalist since 2007 and has given people important weather information since then.

Quinn is known for wanting to teach people about the weather, and his regular appearances as a CBS weather host show how dedicated he is to this goal. His presence as a CBS reporter is constant, even though no one knows where he is. 

As a media worker, Quinn shows how flexible she is by easily switching between radio and TV. The fact that Lonnie Quinn works at CBS shows how dedicated he is to giving quick and accurate weather reports as he continues to share his meteorological knowledge with the public.

Lonnie Quinn Net Worth

Several trustworthy sites say that Lonnie Quinn’s net worth is $3 million as of 2022. Among the things that this review looks at are his long-term pay and any other skills he may have. It is important to keep in mind that figures of net worth are fluid and can change over time due to different financial situations.

Within the next few years, Quinn’s financial position might change, and his net worth might go up or down. This prediction is only a snapshot, then, because it is based on information that was available in 2022. Any big changes to the calculated amount, whether they are up or down, will be posted here right away.

Due to Quinn’s professional background and financial knowledge, he may have made smart investment choices that have helped his net worth grow and could have increased his returns. People often look into investment choices as a way to improve their portfolios in today’s constantly changing financial world. Lonnie Quinn may have used these strategies to improve his overall financial situation.

What Happened To Lonnie Quinn?

Lonnie Quinn, who is usually on the CBS Weather forecast, has been noticeably missing from the weekday schedule for a long time. Lonnie Quinn was last seen a while ago, and fans are asking where he is. Luckily, people are looking forward to his return as a CBS reporter, which will put his skills back in the spotlight.

On-screen appearances by Lonnie Quinn have been briefly put on hold, but he stays in touch with his fans through a number of social media sites. He has a Facebook group called Lonnie Quinn TV, and 16,000 people follow it. 

In the same way, 15,000 people follow him on Twitter (@LonnieQuinnTV). By using these sites, he can talk to fans, share his thoughts, and give people information about his return to CBS.

Lonnie Quinn’s online presence keeps his fans linked and up to date on his work activities and contributions to the network’s weather forecasting team as he gets ready to start working again as a CBS anchor.

Lonnie Quinn Age

Age is a measure that captures the spirit of both being young and old. A lot of people are interested in Lonnie Quinn’s age, which makes people wonder how much time has passed. Even though many people have seen different times in Lonnie Quinn’s life, there may be disagreements about how old he really is. In 2022, Lonnie Quinn will be 59 years old. He has learned and gained a lot of knowledge over the years.

As time goes on, people think about the road of humanity, and Lonnie Quinn’s age becomes an important part of his own story. People may have guessed his age, but the fact is that he is 59 years old as of this year. 

Lonnie Quinn’s life path keeps getting bigger as the years go by because he knows how important age is in shaping one’s thoughts and views. As more correct information about Lonnie Quinn comes to light, it will be easier to see the mature person behind the age, which will make the story of his life more interesting.

Where Is Lonnie Quinn This Week

Is Lonnie Quinn Married?

Sharon Quinn

Lonnie Quinn / Spouse (m. 2007)

He lives in Westport, Connecticut with his wife, Sharon, and Nate, a son from a previous relationship, as well as daughters Lily and Savannah.

During his short acting career, Lonnie Quinn made an impact. He is best known for playing Will Cooney on ABC’s “All My Children” from 1988 to 1990. For two years, from 1992 to 1993, he played Rich Landers on the now-defunct NBC soap series “Santa Barbara.” Quinn showed how flexible he was in the entertainment business when he played himself in two episodes of “As the World Turns” in November 2009.

As one of six children, Lonnie Quinn has a big family. He now lives in Westport, Connecticut, with his wife Sharon and their three children: Nate from a previous relationship, Lily, and Savannah. 

After finishing at The Bronx High School of Science, Lonnie’s son Nate goes to Cornell University. The Quinn family dynamic is a mix of personal and professional successes. For example, Lonnie went from being an actor to having a successful job as a TV reporter.

Is Lonnie Quinn gone for good?

It’s not clear if Lonnie Quinn is gone for good or not.Lonnie Quinn is an American actor and the lead weather anchor on WCBS-TV. Furthermore, he has also been a weather anchor for CBS This Morning Saturday. Additionally, he portrayed the role of Will Cooney on ABC’s ‘All My Children’. Home Study Guides Science

Lonnie Quinn is a famous TV star in the United States who is known for playing a wide range of roles. Aside from being the top weather anchor on WCBS-TV, he is also a weather anchor on CBS This Morning Saturday. He is very good at giving weather reports and has shared his skills with other shows.

Lonnie Quinn has shown that he is flexible outside of the weather by trying his hand at acting. Quinn’s most important work is as Will Cooney on “All My Children,” the famous soap series on ABC. Quinn’s job has become more complicated with his move into acting, which shows that he can work in many areas of the entertainment business.

As a weather anchor and actress, Lonnie Quinn has made important contributions to news reporting and dramatic TV. His parts in “All My Children” and appearances on WCBS-TV and CBS This Morning Saturday show how versatile he is as an actor and how he can engage viewers in a range of roles. Lonnie Quinn is a great example of how weather and the performing arts can work together. He is skilled and versatile in every way.

What nationality is Lonnie Quinn?


Lonnie Quinn / Nationality

She was born in Cheshire, Connecticut, on August 9, 1962. He is an American TV host and actor who is best known for being the lead weather anchor on WCBS-TV and a weather reporter on CBS This Morning Saturday. Quinn has made a name for himself in American media by giving weather reports and keeping people interested with his lively on-screen personality.

Lonnie Quinn’s roots are in the United States, even though most of his work has been done in other countries. In his career, he has both given accurate weather forecasts and shown how versatile he is as an actor, most notably in his part as Will Cooney on ABC’s “All My Children.” Lonnie Quinn is a well-known figure in the United States, having worked as both a meteorologist and an actor. He has made contributions to both the news and the entertainment industries.

Who is the meteorologist on CBS New York?

Tony Sadiku joined CBS New York’s First Alert Weather Team in December 2023. Prior to joining WCBS, Tony worked at the FOX affiliate in Tampa and Fort Myers, Florida and the ABC affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In December 2023, Tony Sadiku became a part of CBS New York’s First Alert Weather Team. Before coming to work for WCBS, he worked at the ABC station in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the FOX affiliates in Tampa and Fort Myers, Florida.

Tony has successfully led viewers through a wide range of weather events throughout his career, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, winter weather, and even an earthquake. Notably, he flew with Hurricane Hunters right into the middle of Hurricane Dorian, which was a nearly Category 5 storm that was causing havoc in the Bahamas. He was nominated for an Emmy for his documentary about how the storm affected the places that were hit the hardest.

Tony likes watching how extreme weather changes, but what he really loves doing is keeping people safe, making hard science ideas easy to understand, and telling inspiring stories. Tony graduated from the University of Florida and has a master’s degree in meteorology from Mississippi State University. He also has the AMS and NWA Seals of Approval, which show that he is dedicated to providing high-quality weather information and communication.

Who is the weatherman on Channel 2 NYC?

Lonnie Quinn. Lonnie Quinn is the chief weathercaster of CBS2 News at 5, 6 and 11 p.m. weekdays. He also serves as the national weather anchor for “CBS Saturday Morning.”

After a successful five years at WTVJ in Miami, Florida, Quinn started his job with WCBS-TV in 2007. Quinn, on the other hand, didn’t normally start on television. He worked as an actress for five years on ABC’s “All My Children,” which made him comfortable in front of the camera and gave him the skills that made him great in both local and national broadcasting.

Quinn’s first job after switching from acting to TV was as a cameraman at WVIR in Charlottesville, Virginia. But a lucky chance to report on camera quickly changed the course of his career. He was now responsible for full-time reporting and presenting weekend weathercasts, where he talked about big events like the Thomas Jefferson/Sally Hemings debate and the famous baby switch at the University of Virginia hospital.

Quinn’s work grew until he was a full-time weather anchor in Miami, where he developed his unique way of broadcasting. During his time in Miami, Quinn became a well-liked and renowned radio host. He expertly guided his viewers through the busiest hurricane season in history.

Where Is Lonnie Quinn This Week

Quinn has been telling stories for a long time and knows how to make them stand out. He got an Emmy for Best On-Air Talent, which shows how good he is at telling stories. Boston College magna cum laude B.A. Quinn’s love of sports, especially swimming, comes through in his speeches from when he was a successful college swimmer. Working as a weather and host at WCBS-TV is fun for Quinn, who lives in Manhattan with his wife Sharon and son Nate.

Many people watch Lonnie Quinn and are curious about where he is right now. He is famous for being a major weather anchor and for acting in the past. “Where is Lonnie Quinn this week?” is the question everyone has. “What Happened To Lonnie Quinn?” is the question that keeps coming up because of his worry about what’s going on around him. This page answers these questions and gives you more information about what Lonnie Quinn is doing now.

People have different ideas about Lonnie Quinn’s financial goals besides his job as a radio host. He might be looking for ways to invest his money to increase his general wealth. The details of what he did with his money are still unknown, but the claim adds another layer of mystery to Lonnie Quinn’s story. People who want to solve the mystery and keep up with Lonnie Quinn’s work are encouraged to read this piece.

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