When Will Last Week Tonight Return 2017

When Will Last Week Tonight Return 2017


When Will Last Week Tonight Return 2017: Fans were thrilled when “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” came back to T.V.T.V. in 2017 with its unique mix of comedy, satire, and sharp political analysis. People were even more excited for the show to return this year because of the unstable political situation and serious global worries. There is already a lot of buzz about John Oliver’s late-night talk show because of its unique and funny take on current events.

When “Last Week Tonight” came back in 2017, it was more than just the return of a famous show. Fans were looking forward to it because they knew it would have smart and funny commentary on the week’s events in politics and pop culture. Fans were looking forward to another season full of laughs, lessons, and lots of snark thanks to John Oliver’s razor-sharp wit and the show’s promise to go deep into tough topics. 

When the show started up again in 2017, it became a cultural reference for people who wanted to think critically and laugh out loud during a time of rapid political and social change. Not only did it entertain me, but it also made me think and made me laugh.

When Will Last Week Tonight Return 2017

List of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver episodes

On HBO, only “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” airs at midnight. It is an American talk show. John Oliver, who is very funny, hosts and makes the show. This satirical show looks at the news, politics, and current events of the week in a new and funny way.

It’s wild that the show will have 290 episodes by December 17, 2023. The tenth season is set to begin on February 19, 2023. The 2023 Writers Guild of America strike, on the other hand, stopped production for a short time in May 2023, which messed up the show’s flow. Luckily, the strike finished on September 27, 2023, so work on the show could begin again. During Season 10, there were only 21 episodes instead of the normal 30 because of the strike.

The series overview covers all ten seasons, with thirty episodes in each season except for Season 10. It shows the show’s long and complicated past. Since its premiere on April 27, 2014, the show has always had its unique mix of fun and observations. “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” is a classic late-night show that does something different every week by exploring a wide range of topics and events. It makes people laugh and think.

HBO’s Last Week Tonight returns in February, even though we all need it now

After the most recent show of the third season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, fans couldn’t wait for the British comedian’s satirical take on current events to start up again. HBO announced that the fourth season will start on February 12, 2017, a little more than three weeks into Trump’s new term. In the season finale, Oliver blew up a huge building that looked like a football stadium as a way to symbolize the end of a year he called “the fucking worst.”

The third season of Last Week Tonight it kept up the show’s signature style of mixing serious looks at a wide range of topics with funny comments on current events like school segregation, Brexit, President Trump’s plans for a border wall, doping in sports, and police accountability. The show, which is known for its unique style, has given us both fun and useful information.

The new season airs every Sunday at 11 a.m. until 1 in the morning. The sixth and last season of Girls will start that same day at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Also, on February 19 at 10:30 p.m., HBO will broadcast a brand-new comedy called Crashing. Pete Holmes plays a stand-up comedian adjusting to life in New York City after his wife left him for an Italian boxer. Artie Lange and T.J.T.J., as important cast players, have a new take on comedy and are produced by Holmes and Judd Apatow. M. Miller.


Many “Last Week Tonight” fans are excited for Season 4, which will continue John Oliver’s history of exploring politics and power funnily and deeply. 

The new season of the show, which starts on February 12, will continue to go into great detail about the latest scandals and issues in the news. Oliver went out in public after the third season finished on November 19. He sang at the Scleroderma Research Foundation’s yearly gala in New York on December 12 with Michael Che, Bob Saget, and Jeff Ross.

Oliver and Billy Eichner went door-to-door in the new year to find out what people thought of him. The responses were fun to watch. But “Last Week Tonight,” with Oliver’s British charm and sharp mind working together, is what people watch the most. 

Donald Trump is likely to be talked about in Season 4, but Oliver will probably take a different method than in previous seasons because the president has been talked about so much. The French election in April is likely to come up, especially since far-right candidate Marine Le Pen is becoming more popular, and Oliver’s unique view on problems that don’t affect the U.SU.S. If you look at events through the lens of America, they may help you understand how right-wing politics works around the world. Fans expect a season full of smarts, laughs, and Oliver’s usual in-depth looks into controversial issues.

Last Week Tonight schedule: When is John Oliver coming back in Sept. 2017?

People who watched HBO last weekend may have noticed that John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight wasn’t on there. They may have been watching the much-anticipated season finale of Game of Thrones or other Sunday shows like Ballers and Insecure. The network decided to show a Vice News special about the recent Charlottesville rally instead of Oliver’s funny take on current events.

John Oliver didn’t do the show last Sunday because of the Labour Day break. The show won’t be here for another week. So, on September 10, Last Week Tonight will go back to its normal Sunday time spot. The Deuce, a new thriller by David Simon, and the last episode of Insecure’s second season will also air that night.

This week, Vice Principals will start its second and final season. That night, though, Last Week Tonight will go back to its normal schedule. New shows will come out at least the first three weeks of October.

Hurricane Harvey and the huge floods in Houston were the main stories during the break. The latest episode of Last Week Tonight talked about Steve Bannon’s leaving, Trump’s answer to Charlottesville, and the risks of nuclear waste. The show is back, and Oliver will talk about the latest events in September in a way that is both funny and informative.

When Will Last Week Tonight Return 2017

When Does Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Return?

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” HBO’s political comedy that has won a lot of praise, will return on February 18. Get ready for another year of funny, smart stuff. After starting as a reporter on “The Daily Show,” John Oliver became an overnight sensation when he took over as host while Jon Stewart was away making a movie. Criticism and praise for Oliver’s great job as host came from both reviewers and fans.

Oliver was thought by many to be a good replacement for Stewart on “The Daily Show,” but fate had other ideas. HBO’s chase of Oliver led to the launch of “Last Week Tonight” in 2014. The move worked out well for everyone involved, as Trevor Noah went on to host “The Daily Show” and gain a lot of new fans.

HBO doesn’t have any language barriers or commercial breaks, so John Oliver has done very well as the host of “Last Week Tonight.” He is known for going into great detail about problems that might seem dull and adding humor to his educational pieces. As the show’s fifth season starts, Oliver’s unique style wins him praise and makes him a big figure in late-night comedy. Fans can’t wait for another season of clever and funny comments when “Last Week Tonight” comes back on February 18.

Does last week tonight have a live audience?

Unlike The Daily Show, which followed recent news, Oliver tends to explore one concept in depth. The show is taped in front of a studio audience, and HBO offers a limited number of free tickets to attend each week’s Last Week Tonight taping.

The people who watched “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” were not in the studio. The structure of the HBO show is different from most late-night talk shows. 

The host, John Oliver, takes a satirical and in-depth look at a wide range of current events and social problems in a format that has already been filmed. Since there isn’t a live audience, the production environment is more controlled. This means that the show can include complex analysis, well-researched comedy segments, and a lot of study.

This break from the live audience model doesn’t lessen the impact of the show; in fact, it makes it possible to deliver the material more directly. There are no laugh or applause tracks, which emphasizes how serious the themes are and shows that the show is dedicated to giving informed, well-researched criticism. 

“Last Week Tonight” has made a name for itself by using the show’s strong content, sharp wit, and Oliver’s charismatic delivery to keep viewers interested without needing immediate audience reactions. However, many talk shows are set apart by the enthusiastic participation of a live audience.

Is last week tonight coming back in 2023?

As of December 17, 2023, 290 episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver have aired. The tenth season of the show premiered on February 19, 2023. In May 2023, production was temporarily halted due to the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike. The strike ended on September 27, 2023 and production of the show resumed.

After 290 successful shows by December 17, 2023, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will return for a tenth season on February 19, 2023. But in May 2023, the Writers Guild of America went on strike, which stopped production and caused an unexpected break in the show. It was only possible to make something after the strike on September 27, 2023, when the wage dispute was settled and work could resume.

Because of the effects of the strike, the season’s episode count was different from the normal 30 episodes. Because of the short break, Season 10 only had 21 shows. 

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver had some problems during the Writers Guild of America strike, but it got through them, went back on the air, and kept doing what it was supposed to do: offer smart and funny comments on current events. It was unfortunate that the tenth season had to end early, but it showed how determined the show was and how it could adapt to new problems in the T.V.T.V. business.

How much does John Oliver get paid?

Late night star John Oliver has a net worth of $35 million and collects a salary of $8 million from HBO.

Oliver’s pay is less widely known and available than that of any other celebrity; a T.V. host’s pay can be negotiated or covered by a deal between the host and the network to keep things secret.

Hosting popular T.V.T.V. shows often comes with big pay, which depends on a lot of things, like how popular the show is and how many people watch it, as well as the network and the host’s skills. A British actor, writer, and T.V.T.V. host named John Oliver is best known for being the host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”

Some people have said that John Oliver’s work on “Last Week Tonight” is great because it looks into a lot of different social and political problems in depth. Oliver’s wealth may go up because he is famous and well-liked, but the exact amount is rarely shared.

Did last week tonight get cancelled?

HBO has renewed Last Week Tonight for a further three seasons, taking the weekly show through 2026. The new deal, which runs through Season 13, comes as the tenth season of the late-night show is coming to a close later this month.

The run of “Last Week Tonight” on HBO will now go on for three more seasons, finishing in 2026. Since the tenth season ends this month, seasons 11, 12, and 13 have been picked up. 

Even though the season was cut short because of the writers’ strike, with only about two-thirds of the episodes that were supposed to air, host John Oliver talked about a lot of different themes. 

Timeshares, psychedelic therapy, homeowner associations, abortion rights, the war between Israel and Hamas, dollar stores, and the Tennessee Adult Entertainment Act were some of the things that were talked about. Organ donation, another very important topic, has also been talked about in recent episodes. With this multi-season renewal, “Last Week Tonight” has made sure it will remain a big and long-lasting fixture on late-night T.V.

Why is last week tonight on hiatus?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returned to HBO and YouTube on Sunday night after a five-month hiatus due to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” came back to HBO and YouTube after a five-month break because of the SAG-AFTRA strike. The talk, which you can watch on the show’s YouTube page, dealt with the tough topic of prisoner health care and was full of John Oliver’s trademark wit and insightful analysis.

Oliver jokingly brought attention to the bigger problem of the flawed American healthcare system by quickly pointing out the hypocrisy of people who find it offensive that prisoners get free medical care from the government. Even though the strike stopped the show, it still planned to talk about important social problems.

In his opening monologue, Oliver joked that he would be back with a story about prisoner health care, which showed that the show was serious about talking about important problems. Oliver then talked about the privatization of jail health care, pointing out how badly it worked compared to projects that were paid for by the government. The talk was mostly about how important monitoring is and how people are worried about companies cutting corners to make more money.

After the Writers Guild of America decided unanimously to let its members end the five-month strike that had stopped the production of many shows, including Oliver’s highly regarded show, “Last Week Tonight,” came back.

When Will Last Week Tonight Return 2017

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” came back for a fourth season in 2017 and lived up to its reputation for harsh criticism, entertainment, and in-depth looks at current events. Since its premiere on HBO, the show has taken a satirical look at politics, social problems, and current events every week in a way that is both funny and educational.

When “Last Week Tonight” started up again in 2017, John Oliver’s famous and interesting way of breaking the news stayed the same. The show’s ability to deal with tough topics through humor and in-depth research won it praise from critics and a loyal fan group. Oliver talked about a lot of different things this season, from social justice problems to current events, which made the show more well-known in the media.

Lastly, the 2017 season of “Last Week Tonight” confirmed the show’s promise to give viewers both serious analysis and funny moments, solidifying its position as a unique and important voice in the late-night T.V.T.V. market. People were glad the show was back for another season of interesting and fun episodes, and they couldn’t wait for each one.

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