When Is Vietnamese New Year 2022

When Is Vietnamese New Year 2022


When Is Vietnamese New Year 2022: Even though they share historical roots, Chinese and Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebrations are different and have their traditions. Archaeological finds in the Red River Delta show that the Vietnamese holiday Tet has its roots in the 18th century B.C. and was affected by the Chinese New Year. Over time, each country has come up with its special way to celebrate this important event. The Lunar New Year is celebrated in many Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea. Each country has its traditions.

In Vietnam, the Lunar New Year is the most important public holiday, and many people enjoy it. There are parties for three days, but many people choose to keep them going for up to a week. This holiday season is about the same level of importance as Christmas and New Year’s in the U.K. It’s a time when people go back to their hometowns to see family and friends.

Historian Dongfang Shuo from the Han Dynasty says that the eight-day Tet holiday celebrates the birth of eight important animals: chickens on the first day, dogs on the second, pigs on the third, goats on the fourth, buffaloes, horses, people on the seventh, and cereal on the eighth.

When Is Vietnamese New Year 2022

Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tet holiday)

Tet Nguyên Đán, which is also called the Spring Festival, the Lunar New Year, or the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, is the most important holiday in Vietnamese society. “Tet” comes from the phrase “Festival of the First Morning of the First Day.” In the Vietnamese calendar, Tet is the first holiday of spring. On the Gregorian calendar, it falls in January or February. The solar calendar says that New Year’s Eve is at noon and noon on either December 30 (the full month) or December 29 (the missing month). In Vietnam, people usually clean their homes and make special foods for the holiday season before Tet.

If you don’t know how to celebrate the Vietnamese New Year, here are some ideas:

Take part in the Countdown Party to see the fireworks show.

Check out Ba Na Hill.

Phu Quoc has beautiful beaches that you should see.

Have a great time at VinPearl, Asian Park – Sun Group, and other theme parks.

Traditions for the New Year in Vietnam

They all try to follow the traditions and beliefs that Vietnamese people have about the Tet holiday. On the first day, the attention is on family. Kids get money in red envelopes from their parents, and the younger generation wishes their older relatives well. Kids often wear brand-new, clean clothes on this day.

According to another custom, the person who enters a house first on this day will decide how lucky they will be for the next year. Vietnamese people only invite successful and healthy people to their homes, and it isn’t nice to visit without an offer.

On New Year’s Day, you are not allowed to sweep the floor at home because it is thought to bring family trouble. People who have recently lost a family member shouldn’t go out with other people because it could make them sick in the coming year.

The best musicians in the city put on amazing street shows on the second day of the festival. People can enjoy music, carnivals, national games, water puppet theater shows, and fireworks shows. People from all over the country can show off their skills at poetry contests and cockfighting events.

People in better-off areas hold dragon dances to celebrate the New Year. When the dance is over, the homeowner usually gives a lot of money, which is seen as a kind act. This habit is meant to help you advance in your job and make more money.

Chinese & Vietnamese Lunar New Year are totally Different

The lunar schedule is used in many Asian countries, including China and Vietnam. But every country has its habits and customs that make it stand out from others. The story of “Banh Chung Banh Giay,” which is about the traditional Vietnamese dessert Chung cake, shows how important Tet has been to the country for a long time.

Vietnamese people have been celebrating Tet since the 1300s. They eat Chung cake, betel nuts, and sticky rice wine. During the reign of King Le Thanh Tong in the 1400s, it was common for mandarins to join the royal families at the palace to enjoy Tet. In the long run, Tet became the most important holiday in Vietnam.

When Is Vietnamese Lunar New Year 2022

The Vietnamese New Year, Tet, will take place from January 31 to February 4, 2022. Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam approved the holiday time. It will fall on the same day as the Tet Festival on February 1, 2022.

People often act in strange ways during Tet. They become more daring, willing to take risks, and eager to break the rules. Most people who celebrate Tet have these traits.

Here are some ideas for people who want to enjoy the Lunar New Year in Seattle. People who come by rowboat to Phu Quoc Island, which is off the coast of Kien Giang Province in Vietnam, may notice how busy it is.

The Ministry says that January 31 will be the start of the Year of the Tiger. The Catholic Encyclopedia lists at least three different Saint Valentines, all of whom were martyrs, so it’s still not clear where St. Valentine came from or who he was.

The Features on Tet Holiday – Vietnamese New Year

The Lunar New Year in Vietnam is called Tet Nguyen Dan. It is important to know the difference between the Lunar New Year customs in China and Vietnam. Each country has its holidays, traditions, and customs that have to do with the moon.

Vietnam’s Tet has a rich cultural history, as shown by the historical background and specific traditions you stated, like getting tattoos, drinking traditional glutinous rice liquor, greeting guests with betel nuts, and eating Chung cakes. Tet is an important holiday in Vietnamese history because it has been celebrated for many dynasties.

Also, the focus on food during Tet—a proverb says you can go a whole year without eating except for the three days of the celebration—shows how important it is to eat and share meals with family and elders during this important time in culture.

Recognizing and embracing these cultural aspects can help you enjoy the variety and depth of the traditions that people celebrate in different places during the Lunar New Year.

When Is Vietnamese New Year 2022

Is Vietnamese New Year same as Chinese?

Vietnamese Lunar New Year today still retains a degree of the original chinese customs such as giving of lucky money in red envelopes and use of the lunar calender, but has also over time, evolved their own separate and unique traditions that reflect Vietnam’s distinct culture and identity, which includes the .

From the Lunar New Year on, each month of the calendar is based on a different phase of the moon. Many countries celebrate the Lunar New Year on the same day, but each has its customs and ways of doing things. There is a lot of history and meaning behind this happy day, which is also called the Chinese New Year or Tet in Vietnam.

Everywhere in the world, people make big plans, like buying special foods, cleaning their homes well, and decorating them with symbols of good luck. Lunar New Year’s Eve activities usually include getting together with family, eating a lot, and watching dragon and lion dances in the street. The unique clothes, habits, and traditions that make up each culture make festivals even more colorful.

Culturally and emotionally, the Lunar New Year is important, and it’s also a time to have fun and celebrate. What does it mean? It means the worth of family, ancestors and the hope for luck and fortune in the coming year. A lot of different cultures and traditions are celebrated around the world during the Lunar New Year. People get together to welcome the new lunar cycle.

What is the Vietnamese New Year called?


The Vietnamese New Year is also known as Tet, short for Tet Nguyen Dan, the Spring Festival, Lunar New Year, or the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. Tet marks the arrival of the new year and spring based on the lunar calendar.

Most Vietnamese people enjoy the Lunar New Year for three days. It is the most important public holiday in their country. Many people, though, keep the parties going for up to a week. The size of this holiday, which is similar to the time between Christmas and New Year in the U.K., makes family, parties, and fun get-togethers even more important.

A famous Han scholar named Dongfang Shuo talked about eight important animals that God made: people, horses, dogs, pigs, goats, buffaloes, pigs, chickens, and grains. These animals are also linked to the eight-day Tet holiday. A complex web of cultural meanings is made up of different things that happen every day.

Tet, which takes place from the middle of January to the end of February, marks the start of the new year and the coming of spring. Based on the Vietnamese lunar calendar and when the first new moon is, the date changes every year. People believe that the things that happen on the first day of the new year foretell what will happen throughout the whole year, which is why the holiday is important. As people go home, get back together with family, and meet new people, Tet brings them a sense of excitement, hope, and cultural history.

What is lucky money in Vietnam?

Lucky Money is called “Li Xi” in Vietnamese and originated from the Chinese words “lì shì” which means “lucky”. Traditionally, the Lucky Money is a small amount of money put in a red envelop then is given to children as a wish of luck, health and good things will come to them in the Lunar New Year.

In Vietnamese, “Li Xi,” which means “Lucky Money,” comes from the Chinese word “l̬ shì,” which means “lucky.” As part of this beloved custom, a small amount of money is put inside a red envelope to stand for wealth, health, and good luck. The sealed “Lucky Money” is new and doesn’t have much value on its own, but it has a deeper meaning that stands for success and growth. It is traditionally given to children on the last night of the Lunar New Year.

It’s not clear where the “Li Xi” habit came from exactly, but most people think it started in China. According to the story, blessing other people with good luck has been done for a very long time. The story says that evil spirits that lived in tree hollows tried to get out and hurt children. They tried, but the gods stopped them. The devils used the chance to walk around at night, stroking kids’ heads until they screamed and got sick, on New Year’s Eve, when the gods went back to heaven to get new jobs from the Chief God.

In response, parents stayed awake all night to keep their kids safe. During this time, an old couple who had been waiting a long time for their son to come home became important figures.

What does Tet mean in Vietnam?

Vietnamese New Year celebration

Tết is the Vietnamese New Year celebration, which happens every year between January and February. This Lunar New Year holiday celebrates the coming of spring and is an important time for people to spend with family and friends.

Tet comes from “Tet Nguyen Dan,” which means “The Feast of the First Morning of the First Day.” Three important events happen at this time:

The official birthday of every Vietnamese person

The start of the New Lunar Year

The arrival of spring 

Many people think that Tet is Vietnam’s most important holiday, and people all over the world enjoy it. A lot of Vietnamese people who live outside of Vietnam come to this event every year. This year, though, Vietnam is very different from the rest of the world. Instead of the usual animal sign, the rabbit, they are welcoming the year of the cat. 

Do they celebrate Christmas in Vietnam?

Even though Christmas is no longer a national holiday, it remains one of the four main religious festivals celebrated in Vietnam. Aqua Mekong sails between Phnom Penh (in Cambodia) and Ho Chi Minh during the holiday season. Plan your trip today for a first-hand glance at Christmas in Vietnam!

Many people think that Vietnam only marks the Lunar New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival, but the country has the fifth-largest Christian community in Asia. Because of this, Christmas has become a big holiday in Vietnam that many people celebrate. 

Missionaries from Portugal, Spain, and France brought Christianity to Vietnam in the 1600s. Since Christians and Catholics in Vietnam have kept celebrating Christmas despite many problems over the years, it has become a famous national holiday with lots of fun things to do. 

Saying “Chuc mung Giang sinh” is the best way to wish someone who is visiting Vietnam in December a Merry Christmas. 

When Is Vietnamese New Year 2022

You are giving information about Tet Nguyen Dan, which is the Vietnamese New Year, as well as the times of the celebrations in 2021 and 2022. You want to know about the Tet party on Saturday, January 22, 2022, at 8:59 a.m. MYT, as well as how to get tickets. 

It’s too bad that tickets and real-time event details can’t be given out. Visit community websites, local event platforms, local Vietnamese cultural groups, or community centers to find out about and buy tickets to the Vietnamese New Year celebration on the given date. These outlets give you useful details about events, tickets, and schedules. They often plan parties and celebrations for Tet. 

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