When Is Valentines Day In Brazil

When Is Valentines Day In Brazil


When Is Valentines Day In Brazil: Valentine’s Day in Brazil, called locally as ‘Dia dos Namorados,’ is a unique event marked on June 12 each year. Translating to Sweetheart’s Day or Boyfriends’/Girlfriends’ Day in Portuguese, this celebration shares a similar mood with the nationally known Valentine’s Day on February 14. 

However, the selection of the June date is credited to the clash with Brazil’s biggest outdoor party, The Carnaval, making it harder to give attention to Saint Valentine in February. 

Instead of having to decide between love and exciting events, Brazilians opt to celebrate their version of Valentine’s Day on June 12, purposefully adjacent to another day dedicated to love – Saint Anthony’s Day. Explore these great 50-date ideas to make the most of this lovely Day.

When Is Valentines Day In Brazil

History of Valentine’s Day in Brazil

Although the celebrations of ‘Dia dos Namorados’ have been tightly linked with Saint Anthony’s Day observances, the occasion has a fascinating genesis narrative. The birth of a specific Valentine’s Day in Brazil emerged in 1948 from the imaginative mind of João Doria, a marketer seeking techniques to enhance sales for a clothes firm.

Inspired by the Mother’s Day events in Brazil, Doria created the idea of a special day for lovers to share gifts and acts of loyalty. The chosen Day, as you may have expected, was June 12, and this newly formed holiday was called ‘Dia dos Namorados.’

Over time, the heart of Brazilian Valentine’s Day parties grew to combine with the religious commemorations of Saint Anthony’s Day, celebrated on the following Day, June 13.

Saint Anthony, usually known locally as Saint Anthony of Padua, carries huge value in Brazilian history. Revered for his skills in helping people find proper relationships, he earned the nickname “The Matchmaker Saint.”

Doria’s strategy to build a new holiday for sales improvement not only achieved success but also gave birth to a party that has become an essential aspect of relationships in Brazil.

Valentine’s Day in Brazil Activities

Celebrate with your partner.

On Valentine’s Day, it is normal in many countries to share gifts with friends as well. However, on Brazilian Valentine’s Day, the attention is often focused on celebrating with our significant others. There are many gift options for this special event, ranging from love-themed treats and flowers to jewelry.

Plan a lovely evening.

During Brazil’s Valentine’s Day, it has been a habit to share a special meal with your partner and swap gifts like candies, love notes, and flowers. It’s also usual to make gifts and send emotional goodies throughout the Day. For those who like more private settings, consider a love lunch on the beach or start on a much-desired road trip.

Experience Brazil

Consider visiting Rio de Janeiro to absorb yourself in the lively décor and enjoy traditional Brazilian foods on ‘Dia dos Namorados.’ Attend musical events, take relaxed strolls through lovely grounds, and develop lifetime memories at this unique festival.

The background of Brazilian Valentine’s Day

While the customs of ‘Dia dos Namorados’ have been strongly linked with those of Saint Anthony’s Day, the beginning of the event is particularly interesting. In 1948, a marketer named João Doria, in his effort to push sales for a clothing company, became the main force behind the formation of a particular Valentine’s Day in Brazil.

Drawing inspiration from Brazilian Mother’s Day practices, Doria envisioned a dedicated day for couples to share gifts and actions of love. The chosen Day was — as you may have guessed — June 12, and the party was named the “Day of Lovers.”

As time passed, the spirit of Brazilian Valentine’s Day events finally fused with the religious commemorations of Saint Anthony’s Day, held on June 13.

Saint Anthony, widely known to locals as Saint Anthony of Padua, has great historical value in Brazil. Renowned for his skills to help people in picking proper mates, he earned the title “The Matchmaker Saint.”

Doria’s plan to build a new holiday for sales growth not only achieved achievement but also gave birth to a party that has become an essential aspect of relationships in Brazil.

Observing Brazilian Valentine’s Day

Brazilian Valentine’s Day copies the events performed in Europe and the United States. Couples show their loyalty by giving flowers and candies, having romantic meals or movies, and participating in other activities to spend quality time together. The core of the Day focuses on the shared moments and acts of love between partners.

To improve knowledge about this particular Day, folks may apply popular terms such as #DiaDosNamorados or #BrazilianValentinesDay on their social media accounts. This digital effort works as a tool to connect and share the joy of love and friendship, creating a sense of unity among people enjoying Brazilian Valentine’s Day.

Whether via meaningful gifts, shared experiences, or online expressions, the party shows the global ideals of love and togetherness, bringing people together in the spirit of this valued Day. Brazilian Valentine’s Day, like its peers worldwide, becomes a lively celebration of love, respect, and the joy of being with someone special.

How Brazilians celebrate Valentine’s Day

In Brazil, Dia dos Namorados is exclusively a party between love partners; it’s not normal to share gifts or cards with coworkers, friends, or family. The focus is on showing affection and respecting love within committed pairs, whether married or single.

Couples mark the Day by giving presents, ranging from flowers and candy to more pricey goods like brand-name clothing and jewelry. A romantic meal is a popular method to mark the Day, yet it’s vital to check for appointments due to the strong demand at places on Dia dos Namorados.

If your significant other is Brazilian, it’s important to chat about standards for the Day. To avoid any confusion, consider buying a meaningful gift and having a nice evening together. While tastes vary, making your loved one feel special on Dia dos Namorados is a safe choice.

Interestingly, Dia dos Namorados may also be a wonderful night for singles. Numerous bars and clubs hold special singles’ nights with activities and games, giving a chance to meet and make a new connection. It’s a day that encourages.

When Is Valentines Day In Brazil

What do single people do in Brazil on Valentine’s day?

Simpatias: Unique to Brazilian Valentine’s Day

On Dia dos Namorados, single women may seek the guidance of St. Anthony so that they can find a suitable husband. One such custom involves dipping an image of St. Anthony in water until the right partner walks into the woman’s life to propose.

On Dia dos Namorados in Brazil, single ladies frequently seek the help of St. Anthony in an effort to find a good mate. A common custom involves the symbolic act of dipping a picture of St. Anthony in water until the time when the right partner comes into the woman’s life to propose, suggesting a connection to the saint’s reputation as a matchmaker.

Various further examples of Brazilian sympathies or traditions include putting a rose in a glass of water with a pinch of salt and then swimming in the water two days later, which is supposed to bring love and good energy. Another strategy involves putting a love note in a pot of basil and then giving it to someone you adore, with the idea that it creates affection and a romantic connection. These traditional traditions add a particular and interesting layer to the celebration of love on Dia dos Namorados in Brazil.

How do you say Happy Valentines in Brazil?

If you want to say Happy Valentine’s in Portuguese, we’ll teach you: Feliz dia dos namorados. Namorados in Portuguese mean lovers, but this word is the masculine form. So, if you want to say it in the feminine you should say: Feliz dia das namoradas!

If you wish to say “Happy Valentine’s” in Portuguese, you may express it as “Feliz dia dos namorados.” The word “Namorados” in Portuguese translates to friends, and it signifies the male form. If you desire to address the feminine form, you should say, “Feliz dia das namoradas!”

It’s crucial to note that in Portuguese, the plural form is judged feminine only when it heavily includes feminine items or words. To assure correctness, you should turn to resources like our Dica (Tip) on Portuguese plurals if you’re unsure about the laws governing pluralization in the language.

What is Valentine’s day for single people?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of February, and the next day on the 15th of February, Singles Awareness Day is celebrated. It is said that Single Awareness Day was born because of social isolation.

Valentine’s Day, marked yearly on February 14, is followed by Singles Awareness Day on February 15. The idea of Singles Awareness Day, or S.A.D., developed in 2001 thanks to the proposal of a high school student named Dustin Barns. Faced with the popular focus on couples around Valentine’s Day, Dustin and his buddies decided to turn the tale around and enjoy singleness.

On February 15, as a counterpoint to Valentine’s Day, they began selling sweets and candies at great prices, trying to upset the romantic-focused atmosphere and raise knowledge about the joys of being single. The idea gained support, especially when Dustin brought it to Mississippi State University, where it became incredibly popular.

Recognizing the amazing success of Singles Awareness Day, February 15 was officially marked as a day in 2015. Since then, this Day has gained worldwide importance, giving a lighter and more positive take on the single life, changing it into a day of joy rather than stressing the social standards linked with couples on Valentine’s Day.

Do Brazilians celebrate Valentine’s day?

But in Brazil, things are a little different. You see, unlike in the United States or other European countries, Valentine’s Day isn’t celebrated in Brazil.

Unlike in the United States or other European countries, Valentine’s Day isn’t honored in Brazil. The reason for this isn’t based on a lack of respect for love or a desire to enjoy; rather, it’s a matter of time. Valentine’s Day, the widely famous Day of love and desire on February 14, often overlaps closely with the Brazilian Carnival.

The Carnival is a famous party that happens four days before Ash Wednesday, between February 4 and March 10, depending on the year. For instance, in a certain year, Carnival may take place from February 17 to February 25. Given the excitement and grandeur of this huge event being so near Valentine’s Day, the latter tends to be ignored, resulting in its little celebration in Brazil. Understanding this societal background is important for building an effective eCommerce plan in the Brazilian market.

Why June 12 is Valentine’s day in Brazil?

So instead of having to choose between love and wild partying, Brazilians celebrate their version of Valentine’s Day on June 12; a date chosen because of its proximity to another day of love — Saint Anthony’s Day. Check out these amazing 50 date ideas for this romantic day.

While many countries usually celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 to honor Saint Valentine, Brazil has a special schedule. February marks the start of Carnival season in the country, a time when thoughts turn to samba, costume choices, and the chase of the biggest parties. The happy setting, however, doesn’t match with the loving mood of Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s common for couples to part ways during Carnival season to fully enjoy the lively events.

In Brazil, the celebration of Valentine’s Day has a special past, according to the creative vision of journalist João Doria in 1948. Tasked by a clothes store owner to handle slow sales in June, Doria drew inspiration from Mother’s Day in May and made a new holiday to boost sales. His idea involves pushing couples to give important gifts, producing a sense of love and connection.

When Is Valentines Day In Brazil

June 12 developed as the accepted date for Dia dos Namorados in Brazil. This choice was smart, as it comes one Day before the celebration of Saint Anthony’s Day, a much-known Catholic saint among Brazilians. Saint Anthony of Padua is known for blessing couples with happy and successful marriages, earning him the beloved title “The Matchmaker Saint” in Brazil.

In Brazil, Dia dos Namorados is marked on June 12, the eve of Saint Anthony’s Day. Saint Anthony is known for his participation in blessing young couples with happy and productive weddings. The celebrations for ‘Dia dos Namorados’ in Brazil closely mimic those of Valentine’s Day in many other countries. Couples engage in the habit of giving loving gifts, ranging from candy to flowers, and often plan a special “date night” to mark their love.

Various firms, including shopping centers, malls, and hotels, take the chance to improve sales and attract consumers with tempting deals on this romantic Day. The bright setting of Dia dos Namorados is marked by the sharing of emotional gifts and the development of cherished memories, adding to the general celebration of love and friendship on this specific Day.

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