When Is Opening Day For The Brewers

When Is Opening Day For The Brewers


When Is Opening Day For The Brewers: From May 17 to 26, the Milwaukee Brewers will play nine games spread out over ten days. This is their first trip to a faraway place. Right now, they have games against the Boston Red Sox, the Miami Marlins, and the Houston Astros. The Brewers will have their biggest homestand later in the season, from August 9 to August 18. They will play ten games in a row against the Cincinnati Reds, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Cleveland Guardians.

As of 1976, Milwaukee has had Opening Day experts. On Monday, April 3, 2023, at Saz’s State House Restaurant on 55th and State, you can join them to enjoy the start of another Brewers baseball season and welcome spring! Beginning at 11:40 a.m., our free bus service to and from American Family Field will start.

We will also be open at 10 a.m. At 1:10 p.m., it is set to pitch first against the Mets. Our Opening Day Menu has the famous Combo Platter, Saz’s Signature Burgers, State Street Wings, and more! Saz’s famous BBQ Bloody Mary with a baby back rib on top will quench your thirst. You can also try one of our Grab & Go Specials below.

List of Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day starting pitchers

The Milwaukee Brewers used 33 different starters on Opening Day. They have made 55 Opening Day starts and have a record of 17 wins, 17 losses, and 21 no-decisions. In a strange twist, they won only one game on Opening Day, and it was in Seattle.

There have been 54 Opening Day starts for the Milwaukee Brewers, and they have won 16, lost 17, and tied 21 times. They played seven Opening Day games at Milwaukee County Stadium and won three, lost two, and tied five. Since coming to American Family Field, the Brewers have made 12 Opening Day starts and have won 3, lost 4, and tied five times.

The Brewers have had 21 starts in home openers and have a record of 6 wins, six losses, and nine no-decisions. Since Opening Day, Milwaukee starts have played 34 games on the road and have won 11, lost 11 and tied 12 times. Ben Sheets, the best pitcher for the Brewers, has made six Opening Day starts. Yovani Gallardo has also made five starts. Teddy Higuera and Jim Slaton have made three Opening Day starts. Two starts have been made by Ricky Bones, Corbin Burnes, Mike Caldwell, Jim Colborn, Cal Eldred, Marty Pattin, Don Sutton, Bill Wegman, and Brandon Woodruff.

When Is Opening Day For The Brewers

Brewers 2023 schedule released, traveling to Chicago for Opening Day

The Milwaukee Brewers, who are also known as the “Brew Crew,” want to finish the season strong so they can make the playoffs. Major League Baseball (MLB) has released the schedules for all 30 teams for the 2023 season. On March 30, 2023, the Brewers will play their first game of the 2023 season at Wrigley Field. They will play their foes, the Chicago Cubs. In the last four years, Milwaukee has opened in Chicago three times. This is the second year in a row that they have done so.

Afterward, the Brewers will go back to American Family Park, which is their home field. The team will play its first home games of the season from April 3–7 against the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Mets.

The MLB’s new balanced schedule means that every team will play all 29 teams every other year. For interleague play, each team’s home field will change every other year. In 2023, the Brewers will play 46 interleague games, which is 26 more than they did in 2022.

These teams will visit Milwaukee on the road in April: the Boston Red Sox (April 21–23), the Detroit Tigers (April 24-26), the Los Angeles Angels (April 28–30), the Kansas City Royals (May 12–14), the Houston Astros (May 22–24), the Baltimore Orioles (June 6–8), the Oakland Athletics (June 9–11), and the San Francisco Giants (Aug. 22–23).

Replay: Brewers 10, New York Mets 0; it’s a blowout in home-opening victory

On Monday, the Milwaukee Brewers (2-1) will play their first home game against the New York Mets (3-1). This comes after a three-game series against the Chicago Cubs to start the 2023 season. Bryce Turang had a great first home game as a professional baseball player. He got on base three times and hit a grand slam. The Brewers had a great game and won easily. They scored ten runs on ten hits. The Milwaukee Brewers beat the New York Mets and held them to just three hits, improving their record to 3-1 on the season.

Freddy Peralta showed off his skills by pitching six great innings, and Bryse Wilson saved the game in the last three innings. The whole show by Milwaukee was great, and the crowd had a good time. If the Milwaukee Bucks make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, there might be more shows, like Wisconsin Badgers football games.

On the first pitch of the season, Jeff McNeil was struck out because he was late, which was called by home plate umpire Alan Porter. The live blog talked a lot about this strange event. To mark the event, William Contreras threw a “phantom ball” all the way to third base.

Brewers vs. Cubs: TV channel, Opening Day live stream, time, watch online, pitchers, odds

The Cubs and Brewers have played three Opening Day games together before. In 2008, the Brewers won. In 2020 and the year before, the Cubs won. The first three games of the season all took place at Wrigley Field. The next game also did. Here are some more facts about the game between the Brewers and the Cubs, including how to watch it live. You can also see the whole Opening Day ticket list.

Right now, the Brewers are having their best season ever. Before 2018, they had only been to the playoffs four times. In the last five seasons, they have now been to four in a row. After making the playoffs every year for five straight years, the Brewers missed them this year, even though they had won at least 86 games each year.

They have very high hopes for the coming season because they last went to the World Series in 1982. After a bad start to last year’s season, when they were only one game away from missing the playoffs, the Milwaukee Brewers are excited to get off to a good start this year.

Burnes had a rough Opening Day the previous season, but he dominated the Cubs in the games that followed, with an ERA of 2.37, a WHIP of 0.84, and 24 strikeouts in 19 innings. Even though Burnes pitched very well, the Brewers lost all three of his starts against the Cubs last season (0–3).

Brewers Home Opener details released, including free Chick-fil-A sandwiches for fans

On Monday, April 3, at 1:10 p.m., the Milwaukee Brewers will host their first game of the season against the New York Mets. in the field of American family. Before the game starts at 11 a.m., fans in Brewers gear may be able to get a free chicken sandwich at some Chick-fil-A sites in Southeast Wisconsin. Next Monday. And at 7 p.m. The cities of Brookfield Square, Pewaukee, Menomonee Falls, Greendale, Glendale, West Allis, 124th and Capitol, and Pleasant Prairie will all be there. One burger per person is all that the deal covers.

The Milwaukee Hittaz and Rufus King High School drumlines will be at the Brewers’ Opening Day party, which will make the mood even more lively.

Before the game, the famous B-1 Bomber from the 28th Bomb Wing, which is based at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, will fly over the crowd. Grace Stanke, Miss America 2023 from Wisconsin, will throw out the ceremonial first pitch, which will make the event feel more important. She was born in Wausau and is the third Miss Wisconsin to win the national title.

What day is Brewers opening day 2023?

March 30

Brewers open 2023 season at Wrigley Field March 30, host Mets in home opener April 3.

The new adjusted schedule for Major League Baseball says that each team will play all 29 other teams once a year. The interleague game will have a new home site every other year. Milwaukee will play 46 interleague games in 2023, which is a lot more than the 20 games they played in 2018. There are now only 52 games against teams from the National League Central, down from 76 games in the past. The Brewers will play 64 games against teams from the National League East and West, down from 66 games in the past.

It will be April 21–23 for the Boston Red Sox, April 24–26 for the Detroit Tigers, April 28–30 for the Los Angeles Angels, May 12–14 for the Kansas City Royals, May 22–24 for the Houston Astros, June 6–8 for the Baltimore Orioles, June 9–11 for the Oakland Athletics, and August 22–23 for the Minnesota Twins.

The Brewers will play the Seattle Mariners on April 17–19, the Toronto Blue Jays from May 19–21, the Minnesota Twins from May 30–June 1, the Cleveland Guardians from June 23–25, the Chicago White Sox from June 23–25, the Texas Rangers from August 11–13, and the New York Yankees from September 8–10. All of these games will be away from home.

How are the Brewers doing 2023?

The 2023 Milwaukee Brewers finished 92-70, won their third National League Central Division title in the last six seasons and earned their fifth playoff appearance over that same span. Then, they were promptly swept in two games in the wild-card round by the Arizona Diamondbacks – and at American Family Field, at that.

Even though the Brewers play in a small market and have 573 wins since 2017, which ranks them sixth in the major leagues, should they be praised for always being competitive and making it to the playoffs? Or, since the company puts a lot of emphasis on high standards and perfection, should they be scolded for only winning one of their last ten playoff games after missing out on a second trip to the World Series?

General manager Matt Arnold was asked this question on Tuesday, the last day of his first season as team captain. The season was called “pretty terrific” by Brewers major owner Mark Attanasio before the team’s shocking elimination from the playoffs.

When Is Opening Day For The Brewers

How many Brewers games in 2023?


The Brewers will play 46 Interleague games in 2023, increased from 20. They are set to play 52 games against the National League Central, which is down from 76, and 64 games against the National League East and National League West, down from 66.

On Wednesday, the Milwaukee Brewers released their roster for the 2023 regular season. On Thursday, March 30, the first game of the season will be played at Wrigley Field. It will be against the Chicago Cubs. Monday, April 3, at 1:10 p.m., is the date of the home opener against the New York Mets at American Family Field.

The first game of the season will be played at Wrigley Field for the third time in four years and the second year in a row. For the fourth time in the last twelve years, the Brewers will start a season away from home. From April 3–5, the Brewers will host the New York Mets, and from April 7–9, they will host the St. Louis Cardinals. This is their first homestand of the season.

Major League Baseball’s new balanced schedule means that each team has to play all 29 opponents at least once a year. This has caused some changes to the plan. Every other year, the Interleague will play its games in a different city.

Have the Brewers ever won?

The club has won one AL pennant, six division titles, and has qualified for the postseason as a wild card three times. From 1969 through 2023, the Brewers’ overall regular-season win–loss record is 4,215–4,461–4 (.486).

The American Major League Baseball team called the Milwaukee Brewers is based in the city of Milwaukee. They play in Major League Baseball (MLB) and are in the Central Division of the National League (NL). The team is named after several baseball teams that have played in Milwaukee in the past, as well as the city’s history in the beer business. The Brewers’ home field has been American Family Field since 2001. Before the end of the 2020 season, it was Miller Park. There are 41,900 seats in the stadium, all setup.

They were an extra team in the American League (AL), and their first game was in Seattle, Washington, in 1969. They used to be called the Seattle Pilots. That’s where the Pilots played their home games. The team moved to Milwaukee after only one season and changed its name to the Brewers. It played its home games at Milwaukee County Stadium. In 1998, the Brewers made it to the National League. They are the only team in Major League Baseball history to have played in all four divisions since division play began in 1969.

Are the Brewers good 2023?

On September 22, 2023, the Brewers clinched a playoff spot for the fifth time in six seasons following a 16–1 win over the Miami Marlins. Despite losing on September 26 to the Cardinals, the Brewers clinched the National League Central due to the Chicago Cubs losing 7–6 to the Atlanta Braves.

Most predictions from the previous season said that the Milwaukee Brewers would win the National League Central. Thought leaders are less hopeful this year, though. This is a warning that not everything that a lot of people expect will happen will actually happen. The same thing happened in Chicago.

Most people thought the White Sox would win the AL Central, but they ended up with an 81–81 record and didn’t make the playoffs. On the other hand, the Brewers won 86 games but just missed making the playoffs. Some experts think that disappointment will happen again, but there are also signs of hope.

There are a lot of national reporters who think the Brewers will fail to win the Central. These reporters include Gabe Lacques, Steve Gardner, Jesse Yomtov, Stephen Borelli, Scott Boeck, Bob Nightengale, and Steve Gardner. Notably, Yomtov and Bobby Nightengale had a unique point of view when they talked about Garrett Mitchell, who will play center field for Milwaukee and could win the NL Rookie of the Year award.

When Is Opening Day For The Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers have released the official schedule for the 2024 season. The season starts on Thursday, March 28, at Citi Field against the New York Mets. Their first game at home will be on April 2 against the Minnesota Twins at American Family Field. For the third year in a row, the Brewers will start the season away from home. This will be their longest stretch of away starts since the ten years from 1996 to 2005. Interestingly, the Brewers and Mets have never played each other on Opening Day.

The Brewers will start the season at home against the Minnesota Twins (April 2-3) and the Seattle Mariners (April 5-7). This comes after their first series in New York against the Mets (March 28–30). On April 26–28, 2024, the Brewers will face the New York Yankees, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Chicago White Sox, the Cleveland Guardians, the Texas Rangers, the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Chicago White Sox. These teams will play in interleague games. The last time the Mariners and Rangers played in Milwaukee was in 2019. The series against the Guardians will be their first visit to American Family Field since 2018.

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