When Is Negroni Week

When Is Negroni Week


When Is Negroni Week: Negroni Week will happen from September 18–24, 2023. Around the world, bars and restaurants will once again work together to honor the famous Negroni drink and raise money for good causes.

Slow Food will be the official gift partner for Negroni Week 2023. Slow Food wants to make the world’s Food and drink business fairer and longer-lasting. Donations made during Negroni Week will go to Slow Food’s current projects around the world, including the Slow Food Negroni Week Fund, which was just created. The goal of this fund is to help neighborhood-based projects that aim to change the way Food and drinks are made around the world.

The Negroni was created in Italy, which is where Slow Food started. It has since spread to many other countries and towns around the world. The main idea behind Negroni Week is that the company wants to make the world a better place by being friendly. We are proud to help Slow Food’s important work as we continue to build on Negroni Week’s history of raising more than $4 million for good causes.

When Is Negroni Week

Raise a Glass to Negroni Week: A History and Fascinating Facts About the Iconic Cocktail

From September 18 to September 24, all over the world, Negroni Week brings together people who like cocktails to honor the original Negroni. This event is held every year to honor the famous cocktail’s long history and interesting present. Learn about Negroni’s past and the interesting facts that make it a must-have for people who love mixed drinks.

In the early 1900s, the Negroni family lived in Florence, Italy. A story goes that Count Camillo Negroni, who often went to Caffè Casoni, asked that his favorite drink, the Americano, be made stronger by adding gin to the soda water. So the Negroni was created, a wonderful drink with sharp orange, floral notes, and sweet vermouth. It is made by mixing gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth.

The Negroni isn’t just a drink; it’s a taste of what’s to come, a sensory experience that makes the tongue want more. Count Negroni’s unique take on the Americano became famous all over the world, and now, people all over the world celebrate Negroni Week in a big way.

While the original Negroni is still the best, mixologists all over the world are always coming up with new ways to make this famous drink and push the limits of what it means to be traditional. They try new things with methods like adding botanicals and storing the wine in barrels.

About Negroni Week

Campari is proud to be a part of Negroni Week. Since 1919, it has been an important part of the Negroni cocktail. A news release from Campari says that the Negroni is the most famous drink in the world. This is largely because bartenders around the world have come up with new ways to serve drinks. By combining the strong support of the bartending community with the cocktail’s global popularity, our project has raised nearly $4 million for different charities over the last ten years.

Karen Foley, Publisher of Imbibe, was thrilled that the company had decided to grow its partnership with Campari. This will help the company reach Slow Food’s goal of making the food and drink industry fairer and longer-lasting. It’s Negroni Week, and she wants bars, restaurants, and Negroni fans all over the world to join her in celebrating.

Ten thousand businesses in eighty markets took part in the deal last year. By 2023, Campari wants to make it even bigger to help Slow Food’s Negroni Week Fund. Campari will give $100,000 to start the effort to raise money.

Slow Food is in charge of the Negroni Week Fund, which wants to help the hospitality industry after 2023 by spreading education about Food and drinks, protecting biological and cultural diversity, and fighting for fairness and justice. The grant from the previous year helped fund 33 community-led projects in 23 countries and made Slow Food programs stronger all over the world.

How to Participate in Negroni Week 2023

People who like to drink can enjoy cocktail culture and bartender skills during Negroni Week by ordering classic or unique Negroni cocktails at local businesses that are taking part.

People who like drinks can also be a part of Campari’s new video series, “The Timeless Bond Series,” which will start on YouTube. This show, which airs before Negroni Week, explores the connection between mixology and the classic Negroni. It features famous bartenders like Christian “Suzu” Suzuki from San Francisco and Kate Gerwin from New Mexico; you may recognize both of them from Netflix’s “Drink Masters.”

Campari will also have its yearly Campari Day of Service on September 19. Activities will happen in over 50 places, both in person and online. Campari says that there were 840 volunteers in 47 cities last year. The number has already hit 900 this year and is still going up.

Where to booze it up for Negroni Week

Some drinks will always be favorites. The classic Negroni is still a popular drink. It has the perfect amount of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. This drink was created in a bar in Florence, Italy, more than one hundred years ago. It is still famous today and will be around again in 2021. It stays popular because the mix is both complicated and easy, letting the strong tastes of the spirits shine through. Additionally, the “Negroni Sbagliato” with prosecco became more famous after Emma D’Arcy, who plays House of the Dragon, said in a TikTok interview that her favorite drink was this one.

Taking advantage of Negroni’s stir-crazy attraction, Imbibe Magazine started Negroni Week in 2013 and has since raised more than $3 million for good causes. From September 18 to September 24, many bars and restaurants in the Triangle will serve both classic and new versions of the Negroni. There’s something for everyone, whether they like the original or a fun take on an old favorite. Let’s raise a glass!

The Significance of Negroni Week

Negroni Week isn’t just a time to enjoy tasty drinks; it’s also a chance to push for change around the world. Bartenders and customers work together to raise money for a number of good causes during the week-long event. Negroni Week has grown a lot over the years. Now, thousands of pubs and restaurants take part to raise millions of dollars for causes like healthcare, education, social justice, and the environment.

This well-known custom mixes the happiness of giving with the fun of having too much. Negroni Week celebrates kindness, community, and friendship, which makes everyone feel like they are part of something bigger and better.

When Is Negroni Week

What is National Negroni Week?

For one week in September

bar and restaurants will mix classic negronis and negroni variations for a great cause. Thousands. of venues worldwide.

Hello, it’s Negroni Week! The Negroni is one of the most famous drinks in the world, and this event honors it every year. Campari and Imbibe Magazine created Negroni Week to honor the well-known drink and raise money for good causes.

There will be too many Negronis on the menus of places all over the world during Negroni Week. Bars and restaurants from all over the world take part by mixing gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth in their special ways to make the Negroni. Many of these places promise to give a part of their Negroni sales to different charities. This is a great way to enjoy a drink and help good causes at the same time.

This year, bars are making a lot of Negronis to raise money for Slow Food, a global group that wants to change the food and drink industry. Negroni Week’s dedication to making the world a better place is a wonderful example of kindness and community.

What month is Negroni month?


This September we have teamed up with Campari to give you all the best versions of a Negroni. With it’s jealously guarded secret recipe, the intense aroma and inspiring flavour of Campari creates a captivating and unique drinking experience.

Negroni Week will happen for the 10th time from September 12 to September 18. This event honors the famous Negroni, which is made with Campari and brings attention to the charitable opportunities in the hospitality business. The money that bars and restaurants around the world get from selling Negronis (or their ingredients) goes to a number of good causes every year. Slow Food is an international movement that wants to make sure that everyone can get healthy Food and drinks that are grown in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Negroni Week 2021 is in support of Slow Foods. You can find out more about Negroni Week and how to join at www.negroniweek.com.

As of this year, Drinks International says the Negroni has surpassed the Old Fashioned as the world’s best-selling classic drink. It’s an amazing accomplishment for a drink that was made almost 100 years ago! Most people know how to make the basic Negroni, but some might still need to learn that it has grown into a huge family of drinks, including the famous red aperitivo from Italy. I looked into how the different versions of the Negroni Family Tree changed over the last year. The Negroni is one of a kind because it can be easily and beautifully changed to fit current tastes. In honor of Negroni Week’s tenth anniversary, let’s take a look at the newest versions of this classic drink made with equal parts of gin and vodka.

How do I participate in Negroni Week?

You will be required to make a donation upon signing up your venue to participate in Negroni Week. Once you complete the registration process, you will be published on the Negroni Week website as a participating bar.

Negroni Week has been going on for ten years, which is a long time.

In the past ten years, Imbibe and Campari have grown and been very successful. Negroni Week has grown incredibly quickly. In its first year, just over 100 places took part, but in its second year alone, 1,300 venues did.

Each year, thousands of places all over the world eagerly work together to raise money for the good causes they care about. So far, Negroni Week has raised about $4 million for good causes.

It’s easy to join:

Sign up.

Put Negronis and variations on them on your menu.

Gift the money you make from your Negroni Week Limited Time Offer (LTO) menu.

Give at least $25.

The Negroni Week website will let people look for your venue by state and city after you’ve registered and made a small donation. Premium Donors will be recognized as venues that give $250 or more.

Negroni Week has a recipe library with ideas and tips for people who want to host charity LTO dinners.

Who started Negroni Week?

magazine Imbibe

Week was founded in 2013 by Portland-based “liquid culture” magazine Imbibe and spirits giant Campari America. It has since expanded to more than 6,000 participating bars and restaurants throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

There are only three things you need to make the famous Italian drink Negroni: sweet vermouth, Campari, and gin. In the early 1900s, it began. This bittersweet drink has a strong orange peel taste that lets creative mixologists make a lot of different drinks.

Karen Foley, chief editor of Imbibe, says, “The Negroni has always held a special place in our hearts here at Imbibe.” “When we introduced Negroni Week in 2013, the cocktail was beginning to enjoy a resurgence, so we saw it as an exciting opportunity to further that momentum. Witnessing enthusiasts and bartenders worldwide unite around this cocktail to support causes close to their hearts has been truly inspiring.”

Negroni Week has a unique way of getting people to contribute that makes its work more effective. Participating schools from all over the world choose benefits from a list of powerful groups. Some of them are based in Portland, like Outside In and the Oregon Food Bank. This creative method makes sure that thousands of pubs and restaurants around the world give a lot of money to good NGOs. In addition to selling Negronis, participants are also urged to give money upfront. All you have to do to help our good cause is come up and have a drink.

What gin is best for Negroni?

London dry gin

While London dry gin is the classic choice for a Negroni due to its juniper-forward profile, your gin selection should hinge on your personal taste preferences. Plymouth Gin, for instance, offers a well-balanced, smooth taste with herbal and citrus notes.

Along with the Manhattan and the Martini, the Negroni is one of the classics. This simple but beautiful drink is made with equal parts gin, bitters, and sweet vermouth. It is served over ice with an orange slice on top. This mix is liked by tasters all over the world because it strikes a balance between dry and fresh, sweet and bitter.

Like the Martini, there is some disagreement about where the Negroni came from. But all of the stories point to 1919 in Florence, Italy, and the famous Café Casoni. In the past, Count Camillo Negroni is said to have tried to make his standard Americano, which is Campari, sweet vermouth, and soda water, stronger. His bartender agreed, so he switched out the soda water for gin and added an orange slice instead of a lemon to the drink to make it stand out.

In the same year, the Negroni family opened the Negroni Distillery in Treviso, Italy, and came out with the Antico Negroni, a ready-made version of the classic drink that added to the story’s credibility. This was the start of the traditional Italian drink.

When Is Negroni Week

We are excited to say that Aviation American Gin will be an official American gin partner for Negroni Week. The company has generously given $50,000 to Slow Food, which helps us reach our goal of making the Food and drink business fairer and more eco-friendly. Ricky Collett, Global & US Brand Director of Aviation American Gin, praises the Negroni drink and talks about how happy he is that the trade community is working together to achieve an important goal.

On the Negroni Week website, you can now sign up for venues for Negroni Week 2023. Visit negroniweek.com to sign up as a business or bar that wants to take part.

The official 2023 Negroni Week T-shirt and a new bar spoon for stirring a Negroni in style can both be bought at the Negroni Week Shop, which is open right now. Dot & Army has brought back Negroni cocktail napkins, Hedley & Bennett has brought back cocktail aprons, and Negroni Week coats are back in stock. Remember them. Also, remember that Slow Food, our Negroni Week Giving Partner, gets a cut of all sales.

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