When Is National Kazoo Day

When Is National Kazoo Day


When Is National Kazoo Day: As a way to honor more than 200 years of Kazoo singing in the US, January 28 is National Kazoo Day. Today is a chance to encourage kazoos to jump around and play. Even though the instrument is easy to learn, it takes a lot of skill to become good at making easily recognizable music. Many children’s songs sound funny because of how simple they are. Koosh! Anyone who can hum can play it!

You can join in the fun on National Kazoo Day, whether you remember playing this instrument from grade school or are trying it for the first time.

Chaplin Willard Rahn of the Joyful Noise Kazoo Band started this day in 1983 to bring more attention to how much fun it is for people of all ages to play and listen to the Kazoo. Put January 28 on your calendar and play some of your favorite songs on a kazoo or go to a show about them.

How to Celebrate National Kazoo Day

Spend time with your family and friends at a kazoo show! Get everyone to bring their kazoos so that you can play famous songs together. You can give your kazoos a unique look by decorating them with paint, glitter, stickers, and other things. This is a great project that kids and adults will both enjoy.

Check to see if there are any Kazoo events in your area planned for National Kazoo Day. If there aren’t any, you can make your kazoo parade and march with your friends around the neighborhood.

When Is National Kazoo Day

Please make a list of songs that sound great played on the Kazoo and use it as the main instrument at a fun singing party. You can have a great time with your friends by playing funny kazoo-themed games like Kazoo Pictionary or Charades.

Why We Love National Kazoo Day

Kazoos are beautiful instruments that have been around for more than one hundred years. They are easy to play and fun for people of all ages, and they come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Kazoos are fun to play and add a playful touch to any song. Both kids and adults like them.

Kazoos make it easy for people to work together and make music, whether they’re in a band or just hanging out with friends. They’re great for events and get-togethers because anyone can play, even if they need to improve at singing.

National Kazoo Day encourages people to be creative while also honoring the instrument and its past. Some fans make their kazoos out of common household things, which gives their musical endeavors a unique twist. Let your creativity run wild, and have a fun singing party!

5 Musical Facts About Kazoos

Kazoos are a type of instrument called a Membranophone. Their sound comes from the shaking of a stretched surface or membrane. In the 1800s, Alabama Vest, an African-American from Macon, Georgia, made the first modern Kazoo. It has a unique way of playing that is well known.

The Kazoo is played by humming instead of blowing like most other instruments. A characteristic buzzing tone is made when the artist speaks into the instrument. One of the best things about the Kazoo is that it can sound like a lot of different things, like trumpets, string instruments, and even human voices.

This is why jazz artists like it so much. It is a simple and inexpensive tool that can be used effectively in music therapy to improve breathing and voice production and achieve healing goals. People honor the Kazoo every year on January 28. The holiday falls on a Sunday in 2024.


The kids will love making this easy and cheap project. Get some wax paper, scissors, rubber bands, and a cardboard box. Get a kazoo and hum along to your favorite songs on National Kazoo Day.

If you bring kazoos to work, other people will be more likely to join in, and everyone will enjoy playing. Give your friends kazoos, a stage, a microphone, and maybe even a bottle of wine to make the night a lot of fun. You should get ready to play a kazoo today if you haven’t yet done so since grade school or have never used one before.

Since 1983, Chaplin Willard Rahn of the Joyful Noise Kazoo Band has made this day to honor the fun of playing and listening to the Kazoo for people of all ages. Make sure you remember January 28 and enjoy the day by making music or listening to kazoo bands.

National Kazoo Day

Hey everyone, Happy National Kazoo Day! Every year, National Kazoo Day is held on or around January 28. However, it can also be celebrated on January’s fourth Thursday or whenever kazoo fans want! In the 1980s, a dedicated group of people started this unofficial event to push for the Kazoo to be named the national instrument of the United States. Even though it’s very simple, the Kazoo has a fascinating past.

In the 1840s, clockmaker Thaddeus Von Clegg and Alabama Vest worked together in Macon, Georgia, to come up with the idea. The idea for the Kazoo comes from African instruments like horns or devices wrapped in hide that could move to change the sound of the player. Also, when someone plays the Kazoo and hums or makes other noises through the mouthpiece, the instrument’s wax membrane moves because the air pressure changes.

One end of the tube is smaller and round, and the other end is bigger and flat. People who really like the Kazoo often think wrongly that the only way to play it is to blow into it like a whistle.

When in national kazoo day in 2023?

January 28th

National Kazoo Day on January 28th recognizes nearly 200 years of kazoo music in the United States.

Today is a good day to enjoy and learn about kazoos. Making sounds on this simple but charming instrument takes little work, but writing tunes takes a lot of skill. It often adds a funny twist to well-known children’s songs. It’s really fun to play the Kazoo because it’s so easy—all you have to do is hum! The Original American Kazoo Company was started by Michael McIntyre and Harry Richardson in 1915. They started making metal kazoos.

They are still making things in Eden, New York. In 1983, Chaplin Willard Rahn of the Joyful Noise Kazoo Band created National Kazoo Day to honor the simple Kazoo and the endless happiness it brings to people of all ages. Another person who died was Kate Warne, who was the country’s first female agent.

For twelve years, Warne worked as a detective for Pinkerton. In 1861, he helped stop an attempt to kill President-elect Abraham Lincoln. Finally, Lego, the famous Danish toy business, made a big step forward in the history of popular play when it applied for a patent for its plastic building blocks that fit together.

Who invented the kazoo?

Alabama Vest

The kazoo was invented by an American named Alabama Vest and made to his specifications by a German clock master named Thaddeus Von Clegg in Macon, Georgia back in the 1840’s. A traveling salesman by the name of Emil Sorg brought the idea of manufacturing metal kazoos to Western New York in about 1912.

In 1916, the Original American Kazoo Company became the first company in North America to make metal kazoos. As an added bonus, the museum has interesting facts about Kazoos’ past as well as a step-by-step guide to how they are made. With pride, this working museum keeps up the practice of making a lot of different kinds of kazoos. It’s amazing how little the process has changed since it was first used in 1915.

They are still using the same die presses that were built in 1907 when the building was a sheet metal workshop to make kazoos today. As the need for kazoos grew, other metal businesses were slowly shut down. The factory has over 20 machines that are all powered by a single ten-horsepower engine and are linked by leather belts and overhead jack shafts. This shows how historically accurate the building is.

The mill is one of the few museums that can still be used. In 1915, McIntyre and Richardson made the first metal kazoos. In 1923, McIntyre even got a patent for the instrument. In 1939, after marrying the boss’s daughter, Samuel Whetzle, a well-known worker, took over. After being in charge of the business for a long time, Whetzle gave it to a group of investors from Buffalo.

Is a kazoo a real instrument?

The kazoo is played professionally in jug bands and comedy music, and by amateurs everywhere. It is among the acoustic instruments developed in the United States, and one of the easiest melodic instruments to play, requiring only the ability to vocalize in tune.

The Kazoo is a musical instrument that makes a clear “buzzing” sound when played. It is a type of membranophone in the mirliton group. To change the player’s voice, mirlitons shake a membrane that is usually made of goldbeater’s skin or a similar material.

At least as far back as the 1600s, people used onion flutes and other devices with simple membranes to make sounds. Alabama Vest, an African American from Macon, Georgia, is said to have invented the Kazoo in the early 1840s, but there isn’t enough evidence to back this claim. It needs to be clarified how true this story is because it comes from the humorous Kaminsky International Kazoo Quartet.

The name “Alabama Vest” is also not clear where it came from. From 1916 to 1919, the Original American Kazoo Company in Eden, New York, made a lot of kazoos. They used different kinds of jack presses to cut, bend, and crimp metal sheets in their two-room shop and workshop.

What is the paper in a kazoo?

Humming into a kazoo creates vibration. This vibration creates the sound that you hear. The wax paper membrane on the opposite end of the tube also creates additional audible vibrations which amplify the sound.

For this project, students make their kazoos to show how sound waves can be seen, heard, felt and spread. When you hum into the Kazoo, the vibrations from your voice cords move down the tube and make the air molecules inside move. At the opposite end of the tube, a waxed paper membrane boosts the sound and movements.

Your voice has a basic pitch, but its unique sound comes from harmonics, which are softer vibrations at higher levels. By amplifying these frequencies to different levels, the Kazoo makes a strange buzzing sound. When the air hole is open, air can flow easily, and the sound is louder than when a finger is over it.

The Kazoo is a fun instrument made from a thin pipe with small holes in the shape of circles. When air is pushed into the pipe, it frequently goes through a small opening. This makes the buzzing sound that is associated with the Kazoo.

When Is National Kazoo Day

Who made Kazoo Kid?

Brett Ambler

The viral “Kazoo Kid” video came from a 1989 sing-along movie called You on Kazoo! The video gained popularity when it was uploaded on YouTube in 2014 and developed into memes. The original Kazoo Kid, Brett Ambler, is now living in Colorado and can be hired on Cameo for video messages.

If you liked the “Kazoo Kid” video, you might be thinking where the character came from and “Where is the Kazoo Kid now?” There are a lot of different ways that memes got started. Take the time Kendall Jenner tried to cut a cucumber. Her apparent cooking mistake caught the attention of people online, who posted a video of it. It can be challenging to explain how a meme is popular.

Take the example of “Blorbo from my shows,” which makes meme fans laugh even though it’s weird and seems to have appeared on the internet by itself. It’s hard to plan or create a meme on purpose, and the most remembered ones usually come from funny mistakes. There is a popular subreddit where people post out-of-context movie clips from the Star Wars prequels. This is an example of how jokes often start with these kinds of scenes.

This group has grown so big that it’s changing how people think about reviews that were negative in the past. Though they may come from minor TV shows, cult favorites, blockbuster hits, or old movies, memes can come from anywhere if the timing and humor are right.

National Kazoo Day celebrates the unique buzzing sound of the beloved zither, which has a long past! People of all ages can easily recognize this instrument, and it makes a unique sound. The buzzing sound of the Kazoo is very interesting, and today is National Kazoo Day to celebrate it! After a few enjoyable sessions of buzzing, spend some time reading on the web about the interesting history of this amazing musical invention.

When Is National Kazoo Day

You can also go to one of the many national events that honor the heritage and importance of this cute little buzz box. On National Kazoo Day, you can make everyone happy and talk about the best instrument ever made with your family and friends. Remember to give these enjoyable tools to your friends who have young children; the parents will appreciate it.

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