When Is National French Fry Day 2023

When Is National French Fry Day 2023


When Is National French Fry Day 2023: French fries, which are also called “chips,” “finger chips,” or “French-fried potatoes,” are very popular all over the world. It’s fun to celebrate this very popular food on French Fries Day.

Cutting potatoes into different thicknesses and dipping them in hot oil is how French fries are made. In contrast, their American counterpart is made of chunks of potato that have been thinly sliced and fried until crisp.

People love French fries because they have a golden outside that can be crispy or soft. They go well with hamburgers and other popular foods. They are always a hit with foodies all over the world, even though they are usually served with very little salt.

When Is National French Fry Day 2023

National French Fry Day 2023

As Thursday, July 13, gets closer, people are getting more excited about National French Fry Day. Restaurants and fast food chains are getting ready for the holidays by giving sweet deals on everyone’s favorite crispy treat. It’s hard to argue with the appeal of free or very cheap fries, but real happiness goes beyond enjoying these tasty treats.

People who can’t say no to free fries have a lot of options for satisfying their hunger at home. In your kitchen, you can make restaurant-style fries by following one of the many recipes available. There is a recipe for every taste, whether you like traditional French fries, air fryer fries that are better for you, or the comforting warmth of beef fries. Potato wedges with Parmesan cheese or potatoes roasted with herbs are a nice change from the norm for people who want to add a gourmet touch.

Because of this, we should remember that happiness comes in many forms, even though National French Fry Day is all about this favorite food. Happiness is what we make it, no matter if we follow our passions, spend time with our loved ones, or savor a tasty meal.

Learn about National French Fry Day

The point of National French Fry Day is to honor and celebrate this tasty food! There’s no denying the appeal of French fries, whether they’re made with care in your kitchen or served with a McDonald’s meal. This traditional potato dish is great for a day of honor because it makes any meal taste better and be more enjoyable right away. That is why National French Fry Day is a great reason to eat as many crispy fries as we want without feeling bad.

In the past, National French Fry Day was celebrated every July 13. In 2023, the date will change. It is now celebrated every year on the second Friday of July, making sure that this tasty treat is always remembered. This move brings people together and shows respect for a valuable culinary tradition. It also gives fans a set time to enjoy the crispy treat that is French fries. No matter if it’s National French Fry Day alone, with friends, or as part of a party, everyone who celebrates is always happy and content.

How to celebrate National French Fry Day

French fries are loved all over the world, so it’s not a surprise that there are a lot of tasty variations. A great way to celebrate National French Fry Day is to throw a themed party that focuses on the different ways this popular dish is made around the world. People all over the world eat fried potatoes in a lot of different ways. For example, in the Netherlands, people eat fried potatoes with chopped raw onions and ketchup.

As a nod to Dutch cooking, eating French fries with ketchup and sliced raw onions is a simple but great twist. This easy and tasty recipe shows how French fries are eaten in many different ways around the world.

National French Fry Day is a time for everyone to enjoy a simple but beloved French fry together. When food lovers get together to enjoy this delicious treat, it’s clear that French fries are one of the best foods ever. Today is a chance to appreciate and enjoy how simple French fries are, whether they’re eaten by themselves or as part of a happy event.


It is said that the average American eats about thirty pounds of french fries every year. At first glance, this may seem like too much, but it makes sense when you think about how many ways there are to eat fries. Because French fries are so easy to make, you can enjoy them in any way, whether they’re from a fast food container or a well-made recipe at home. The variety of toppings that go with them makes them more appealing, which is why they’re so popular.

“French fries” can mean any deep-fried potato slice or strip, but no one knows where the term came from. Since they were first brought to Europe in the 1600s, potatoes were starting to become popular as a food source when this tasty treat came along in the 1700s.

Like a lot of other well-known foods, french fries have an interesting past. French fries were created by the Belgians, who say they were just being creative. Historical sources say that people who lived in the Meuse Valley in Belgium, especially those who lived near Dinant, came up with a clever way to deal with food shortages in the winter. Because rivers were frozen, it was hard to fish, so they made the snack we know today by cutting potatoes into fish fillet shapes and frying them in hot fat.


With your French fries, try different sauces.

People in the United States still like ketchup with their French fries, but in honor of National French Fry Day, why not try some other ethnic sauces? Malt vinegar, which has a sour taste, is often served with fries in Great Britain. On the other hand, Vietnamese fries taste better when melted butter and sugar are added to them. If you’re open to different condiments, you might find a new favorite way to combine flavors.

Try adding different spices to your fries.

A lot of people sprinkle salt on their French fries, but there are a lot of other flavors you can try. You can make your fries taste better by experimenting with different seasonings. Cajun seasoning is something that some people like to use. It makes the fries spicy. There are so many delicious things you can make with seasoning mixes that you might not even want to use ketchup dip anymore once you find the right one.

Try making your french fries.

It might be hard to make the perfect French fries from your favorite restaurant at home, but National French Fry Day is a chance to see how good you are at cooking. Even though it can get messy, frying gives you the chance to add your style by trying out different methods and spices. You’ll appreciate the great fry cooks at your favorite local restaurants more, even if your home-cooked fries are better than those at restaurants.

Is there a National French Fry Day?

On the second Friday in July, we recognizes an American favorite known as the French fry on National French Fry Day.

Today is National French Fry Day, a time to honor and celebrate this tasty food. There is no doubt that fries are a tasty food that everyone enjoys, whether they are made from scratch at home or bought from a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s. A special day should be set aside to honor it because it can make any meal better. That way, people who love crispy treats can enjoy themselves on National French Fry Day without feeling bad about it.

Age, culture, and food preferences have nothing to do with how appealing French fries are. There are many kinds of fries, from simple shoestring fries to thick-cut steak fries, so there is something for everyone. People all over the world love the gourmet thrill of a crispy outside, giving way to fluffy potato bliss. There are food lovers all over the world who love French fries, whether they’re an appetizer, a side dish, a snack, or the main course.

National French Fry Day is more than just a day to eat a lot of fries. It’s a celebration of culinary skill and the cultural impact of this simple but famous dish. People in the same area get together to celebrate how delicious French fries are and to honor the hard work and skill of those who have mastered the cooking method. Let us honor the simple but wonderful pleasure that is the French fry today by loving every bite with great appreciation.

Is it free French fry day at McDonald’s?

Rewards members can visit any participating location and receive free medium fries while using the app. The offer can be used once every Friday. To be eligible for the freebie, download the McDonald’s mobile app, follow instructions for creating an account and opt into the restaurant’s rewards program.

National French Fry Day was initially observed on July 13 each year. The event will be held on the second Friday of July 2021. This adjustment has a simple explanation: Friday is the best day to celebrate Fry-Day. As a result, National French Fry Day will be celebrated on July 14, 2021. Despite their name, French fries originated in Belgium, not France, and have been around since 1781. It was during this critical year that potatoes were expertly carved into fish shapes and utilized to substitute frozen river fish.

The fact that National French Fry Day is celebrated on a Friday adds to the festive atmosphere around this beloved dish. It gives fans of crispy sweets a reason to celebrate, as well as the perfect way to kick off the weekend celebrations. It is undeniable that French fries have become a global staple despite the fact that they may have originated outside of France. French fries, which began as a low-cost alternative cuisine, have since become a beloved comfort dish with acclaim and adoration from people all over the world.

Beyond its culinary importance, National French Fry Day is observed to highlight the creativity and resourcefulness of cooks and chefs throughout history. Through skill and experimenting, they transformed a simple tuber into a culinary marvel that continues to delight palates centuries later. Let us celebrate this delightful delicacy by appreciating its cultural richness and culinary tradition, as well as relishing its crispy goodness.

When Is National French Fry Day 2023

Is tomorrow French fries day?

New Delhi: National French Fry Day is observed in the United States on the second Friday of July, which this year falls on July 14. This day was previously observed on July 13 each year but it has been shifted to the second Friday in July beginning in 2023.

The origins of the French fry, like those of many other culinary classics, are shrouded in obscurity. Belgians proudly claim to have invented french fries, which they credit to their creative energy. According to Joseph Gerard’s writing, people in the Meuse Valley of Dinant, Belgium, ate a lot of fish because they lived near the river. However, when the rivers froze during the harsh winters, humans devised a clever solution to make fishing difficult. French fries originated when potatoes were sliced into tiny strips like fish fillets and fried in hot oil.

This narrative highlights how communities can respond to environmental challenges via resourcefulness and adaptation. Potatoes are a widely available and versatile crop that Meuse Valley residents relied on for nutrition during the winter months when traditional food supplies were scarce. Cutting potatoes into fish-like shapes was a novel way to feed people while also launching a global food fad.

This story also underlines the relationship between geographical locations and culinary traditions. A region’s culinary legacy frequently reflects the historical and biological context of the location. The abundance of potatoes in the Meuse Valley, along with the need to adapt to changing weather patterns, prompted the creation of a dish that has since become an international culinary emblem. As a result, the history of the French fry is a testament to human innovation and the long-lasting impact of simple yet innovative culinary inventions.

What is McDonald’s doing for National French Fry Day?

McDonald’s is giving away free fries of any size on Thursday through the McDonald’s App, with no purchase necessary at participating locations. By the way, when you join MyMcDonald’s Rewards in the app, you also get a free large order of fries with $1 minimum purchase.

July 13 was National French Fry Day. However, two well-known fast-food corporations, Checkers and Rally, recently launched an online petition requesting that the National Day Calendar—which selects “fun, unusual, and unique” national holidays—move National French Fry Day. They proposed that the event be held on the second Friday in July rather than the first.

This petition was started with the goal of improving National French Fry Day remembrance by shifting it to a more convenient and enjoyable time. The second Friday of July was chosen so that devotees could rejoice without being limited by work during the week. This adjustment would not only enhance participation but also aid in elevating the event’s relevance.

The Checkers & Rally ad promotes people’s and businesses’ passion for recalling famous cultural events. Many people have a special place in their hearts for National French Fry Day, and attempts to make the most of the celebration demonstrate a commitment to ensuring that these traditions are honored to the greatest extent possible, pleasing admirers all across the world.

Is French fries from France?

Despite its name, the French fry is not French. The origins of the French fry have been traced back to Belgium, where historians claim potatoes were being fried in the late-1600s. According to local Belgian lore, poor villagers living in Meuse Valley often ate small fried fish they caught in the river.

France has made numerous inventions and cultural contributions to the world, including the hot air balloon, sewing machine, and bikini. Most notably, they donated the famed Statue of Liberty to the United States. The French fry is one culinary creation that the French cannot claim credit for.

Though it goes by the name French fry, its origins are in Belgium, not France. In the Meuse Valley region, potatoes were thinly sliced and deep-fried in hot oil to make this delicious crispy treat. Over time, French fries became a global favorite and a staple in many other cuisines, capturing the hearts of foodies all over the world.

The French fry’s cultural importance and global popularity cannot be denied, even if it did not originate in France. French fries are a delicacy that transcends borders and culinary traditions, satisfying palates and bringing people together whether consumed as a comfort food, a side dish, or a snack. As a result, despite France’s many triumphs, the French fry remains a beloved culinary innovation with worldwide appeal.

When Is National French Fry Day 2023

The moniker “French fry” is somewhat deceptive because, despite their name, they are from Belgium. This well-known fried dish has its beginnings in a family book from 1781, which relates how potatoes were first chopped into fish shapes and utilized in small Belgian settlements as a fish substitute when fish could not be caught due to a frozen river. These potato chunks are fried, a process that has become profoundly engrained in Belgian cuisine.

The weirdly titled “French” fries are primarily related to World War I; American soldiers stationed in Belgium are said to have discovered and appreciated this fried delicacy. The soldiers mistook the fries for France rather than Belgium because French was the Belgian army’s official language at the time. The moniker “French” fries arose from this linguistic error. Another issue in its designation is that they are still referred to as “Flemish fries” across Belgium, particularly in Flemish-speaking provinces.

Despite its origins in Belgium, French fries have become popular all across the world. They are widely acclaimed all over the world and have even been declared as the “national snack” of the Netherlands, proving its widespread availability and adaptability in food culture.

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