When Is National Cat Lady Day 2023

When Is National Cat Lady Day 2023


When Is National Cat Lady Day 2023: National Cat Lady Day is an unofficial holiday held every year on October 29 to honor cat fans all over the world. People who love cats and help take care of stray cats and kittens are being honored at this event. It also stresses how important spaying and neutering are for getting rid of homeless cats.

You can celebrate National Cat Lady Day in other ways, like by giving money to an animal shelter or rescue group in your area. You can make a difference by volunteering at these groups or taking in a homeless cat or kitten as a foster child. People who love cats can also show their love by giving other cat lovers gifts like toys, clothes, or accessories.

On this day, we can also bring attention to how important spaying and neutering are for reducing the number of cats and kittens that end up on the streets. In addition to controlling the number of cats, these ways are good for their health because they stop problems before they happen. National Cat Lady Day pushes people to take action and learn more about how to care for cats in a caring and responsible way.

When Is National Cat Lady Day 2023

History of National Cat Lady Day

April 19 is National Cat Lady Day. In feudal Europe, women who loved cats were seen with mistrust. At present, attitudes towards cat ladies have changed a lot. Over time, the negative view of cat ladies has grown into a widely accepted stereotype that many cat lovers today eagerly embrace.

Cats are carnivorous animals with four legs and wagging tails. They have been kept as pets since ancient times. They were related to the African Wildcat and were valued for their ability to catch mice and rats.

Cats first showed up in Ancient Egypt. Back then, they were worshipped as gods. During the first Dynasty, Mafdet was the first known cat goddess. She stood for defense against snakes, scorpions, and evil, showing that cats were both holy and helpful.

The popular figure known as “cat lady” is usually a middle-aged or older single woman or widow who has several cats. Even though the statement has a bad meaning, it may be accepted with open arms. “Crazy” is sometimes used in jokes, either as a compliment or as a funny way to call someone cute. Some people are happy to call someone a “crazy cat lady” if they love animals or adopt them and take care of multiple cats while also taking care of their mental health.

How Is National Cat Lady Day Celebrated?

You can celebrate National Cat Lady Day in any way that works for you and your needs. If you are looking for ways to enjoy this holiday, here are some ideas:

Take a cat in.

Take advantage of National Cat Lady Day by getting a new cat friend. Kids and cats all over the country wait eagerly for their forever homes in shelters and rescues. When you adopt a cat, you not only give it a second chance at life, but you also get a faithful and loving friend.

Do something nice for your cat.

You should give your cat(s) lots of love, care, and toys today. Please don’t say no to your cat when it asks for something, like a new, more comfortable bed or a scratching post.

Help out at a shelter in your area.

If you can’t adopt, you can help out at a shelter or rescue in your area. People will always need to clean cat boxes, let cats out, and play with them.

Plan an event with a cat theme.

Set up a cat-themed get-together for cat lovers to meet each other. Serve treats in the shape of cats, decorate with cat-themed items, and watch funny cat films. Ask people to give money to a cat shelter or rescue in their area.

Give something away.

In honor of National Cat Lady Day, give money to a cat shelter or rescue. Any donation, no matter how small, helps groups that do important work to help animals in need.

Why We Love National Cat Lady Day

Women celebrate National Cat Lady Day by recognizing the unique and special bond they have with their cat(s) and the love, happiness, and company these furry friends bring into their homes.

This special day also encourages people to adopt cats and raises awareness about rescue animals. Many cat ladies are known for being kind, and they often take in stray or abandoned cats. They use this platform to bring attention to pets in need and encourage people to adopt or give to their local animal shelters.

National Cat Lady Day does more than celebrate the bond between cats and people. It also busts myths and fights for women’s freedom. The goal of the day is to get rid of bad ideas people have about single women and their relationships with cats by highlighting strong, independent women who love their cats deeply and writing a happy, encouraging story.

How National Cat Lady Day Started

National Cat Lady Day was created by Susan Michals, a versatile worker who has worked in news, TV, and movies in the past. She also loves cats very much. Susan started CatCon in 2015 because she loves cats so much and wants to raise their status. It’s only at CatCon that cat lovers from all walks of life can get together and talk about how much they love cats.

As soon as CatCon was over, Susan made up the story of the “crazy cat lady.” She thought of a way to honor women who love cats instead of making them seem like spinsters or dowdy characters. Susan reached her goal in 2017 when she made April 12 National Cat Lady Day. Today is a special day for women who love cats to show how much they care. This breaks down stereotypes and tells a good story about the loving bond that exists between women and their feline friends.

The Importance of Cat Adoption and Support on National Cat Lady Day

Today is National Cat Lady Day, a time to honor and remember the great work that cat fans all over the world do. Today is an important day to help groups that work to make cats’ lives better and spread the word about adopting cats.

A lot of cats get lost, and even more end up in shelters and rescue groups. It’s too bad that a lot of these cats will have to be put down because they can’t find good homes. You can help save the lives of these cute animals by encouraging people to adopt cats on National Cat Lady Day.

There are some extra good things about having a cat as a pet. Cats make life more enjoyable by lowering worry, boosting relaxation, and improving heart health. Cats make great pets because they are friendly and can help you when you need it.

It’s a great idea to give money to groups that help cats have better lives on National Cat Lady Day. Today is a good day to think about giving to your favorite cat charity since many groups depend on donations to run.

We are thankful for all the cat lovers who work hard to make the lives of cats better all over the world. Not only on National Cat Lady Day but also every day after, we honor their unwavering devotion.

When Is National Cat Lady Day 2023

How many cats makes you a cat lady?

Catster’s take on how many cats makes you a crazy cat lady would be a minimum of three. That said, we often dub men and women (or they dub themselves) crazy cat people with just one cat. We’re willing to wager it’s entirely up to you and your cat/s to decide.

The term “crazy cat lady” used to be insulting, meaning that a woman with a lot of cats was weird, old, or lonely. But the phrase has gotten better over the last few years. 

People who really love their pets now call themselves “crazy cat ladies” or “lads.” This change is being noticed by groups that use the phrase to show a good and loving relationship with cats, like pet services and rescues. 

Cheers to all the men and women who are enjoying the happiness that comes with having wonderful cats as pets! Happy birthday to all of our favorite cats!

What is National cat lady day?

April 19 is National Cat Lady Day. A cat lady’s reputation has gone a long way since medieval Europe when a woman’s love of cats was met with suspicion and even disdain.

There is a day set aside every year for cat owners to show their cats how much they value them, but April 19 is National Cat Lady Day. Give your cats lots of love, and to make them even happier put some catnip on them. Not only do these cute animals make people happy, but they also help keep the heart healthy. 

Heart health, cholesterol, and stress levels are all better when you have a pet with you. Read our guide to find the best gifts for cat lovers if you want to throw a great party.

Who is the youngest old cat lady?

Ashley Morrison

On social media, Ashley Morrison, 31, formed a worldwide community to talk about cats and mental health. Her mom wants to keep it going. EVERETT — She was an influencer on social media as the “Youngest Old Cat Lady” and also as Ashley, a relatable person.

In the past two years, I’ve found comfort in a nice young woman from Seattle called Ashley Morrison. Ashley, who is also known as the “Youngest Old Cat Lady,” fosters and rescues cats and babies so that they can find loving homes through adoption. The positive and honest things she writes have helped her get a lot of followers on social media.

Ashley’s feelings come through in her posts, like when she’s happy about finding a forever home for a cat or baby or when she and her foster kids laugh over silly things that happen in the playroom. In addition, everyone feels the same pain when she loses a cat friend to illness or loss. Ashley and I are not friends, but many people, including myself, feel like we have something in common.

Her success has been slowed down by many things, including the tragic death of her father by suicide in 2015 at the age of 23. Ashley gives a very honest look into her life by talking about her battles with depression and anxiety.

Is April 19th National cat lady day?

April 19 is National Cat Lady Day, and it is about showing the appreciation you have for your feline bestie. National Cat Lady Day was created to honor the irreparable bond between cats and their human companions.

National Cat Lady Day is celebrated every year on April 19. Today is a celebration of the unique and important bond between cats and their people friends.

Celebrating National Cat Woman Day is a great way to show how much you love and appreciate your furry friends, whether you are a full-time cat lady or just like cats sometimes.

Who is the most famous cat lady?

Florence Nightingale, often regarded as the founder of modern nursing, took the term “cat lady” to new levels. Nightingale once said that “cats possess more sympathy and feeling than human beings,” and throughout her lifetime she owned over 60 cats—perhaps as many as 17 at once.

People often look up to cats on the Internet and think they are great. People love their cats, whether the person makes the cat look cool, or the cat makes the person look cool. Let’s look at some of the most famous cat women in the world. These women talk about how much they love their cats or how they fight for animals.

Move quickly. We now know a lot more about cats, thanks to Taylor Swift. People all over the world are fascinated by Olivia and Meredith Benson, her Scottish Fold cats because they are often seen sitting on her lap on social media.

Many people know Kesha as a pop singer and PETA supporter. In her book “A Letter to My Cat,” her cats, Mr. Peep and Mr. Fluffy Pants play important roles in showing how much she loves cats.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele found her tortie cat, Sheila, and a few other kittens under a bush at Paramount Studios. Sheila’s brother is seeing Heather Morris, but Lea loves her cat more than anyone else.

Benton, Kristen

Kristen Stewart’s Bengal cat Max, who goes by the name Jella-Man, lives with her, and she treats him like a real housemate. They are very close.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is really into cats, and she has been living with Gipsy Rose Lee since 2006. In 2010, she also saved another cat.

Moore, Mandy

Mandy Moore is an animal lover who regularly raises money for shelters. She is also the proud owner of several cats.

When Is National Cat Lady Day 2023

In the past, cat women were called “crazy,” “aloof,” or “unusual,” but today’s cat women don’t care about those negative names. Cat ladies today are lovely people who love the freedom, ease, intelligence, and charm that their cats give them. They show off with pride how much they love their cats.

In 2015, Susan Michals created National Cat Lady Day to honor the good things about being a cat mum. Millions of cat lovers celebrate this one-of-a-kind day every year, and it’s getting more and more famous. Happy National Cat Lady Day to all the cat women who love their furry friends and can’t imagine life without them!

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