When Is Janitor Appreciation Day

When Is Janitor Appreciation Day


When Is Janitor Appreciation Day: This event takes place every year on October 2, and businesses and groups all over the country join together to enjoy it. Custodians need to keep the places where they work clean and well-organized.

Through their hard work, they protect people from harmful microorganisms and viruses that live on surfaces and keep these places clean. Sometimes, custodians work hard behind the scenes to make sure that everyone is safe and healthy in the places they are in charge of.

Show your appreciation and thanks to the people who clean up after you at work or other places you visit often. Tell them how much you appreciate their work and how important it is that they keep the area clean and safe. Recognize how important their work is to protect public health so that you can help and encourage them.

When Is Janitor Appreciation Day

Celebrate National Custodian Appreciation Day October 2, 2023

The people who clean our schools are very important to keeping them safe and useful. Their work is sometimes overlooked, even though it is the foundation of a good learning setting. A lot of studies have shown that clean rooms are important for both academic success and physical health. There is proof that the work of the cleaning team is useful because clean classrooms are linked to lower absence rates and higher test scores.

More than 180 hardworking people in the Provo City School District make sure that classrooms are safe, clean, comfy, and healthy for both teachers and students. As National Custodian Day comes, we need to thank them for all their hard work and dedication.

If you see a cleaner while you’re visiting or working at a building, thank them for their hard work and let them know how important their job is. Saturday, October 2, is National Custodian Day, a time to remember the hard work and efforts that dedicated custodians make to keep our places of work and environments clean.

With almost 300 employees, custodians are the biggest service department on campus and are part of Building Services. Their constant presence in every building, along with their careful attention to detail and work that never stops, keeps our campus looking nice and running smoothly.

National Custodian Recognition Day

I learned that there’s a holiday for guardians. Every year, it’s on October 2. This year, on October 3, Facilities Management gave our CUIMC cleaning team an award. Today is National Janitor Day, National Custodian Appreciation Day, Custodial Workers Recognition Day, and Custodial Staff Appreciation Day. It’s a time to honor the hard work of people who clean and maintain buildings.

No matter what we call them—cleaning professionals, janitors, caretakers, or something else—they are essential to keeping CUIMC clean and running smoothly. Because they often work behind the scenes or during slow times, their hard work may not be seen or appreciated.

Their help is very important, and they should be praised for all their hard work. All teachers know how important it is for schools to have cleaning workers on hand every day. They make sure that schools keep running, even when bad things happen, like when big glitter spills from art projects so that students can learn and grow in a safe and clean atmosphere. National Custodian Day is a set day on the calendar to recognize their hard work, even though they should be recognized every day.


You could do something special for the people who take care of you, like bake a cake, give them a gift card, or send them a meaningful thank you message. Everyone likes to thank someone for their hard work, and giving them a nice gift can make the moment even more special. It’s even more important to recognize the hard work of cleaners because many of them put in long hours for little pay.

If you’re happy with the work your janitor is doing, you should thank their boss by text, email, or phone call. Another option is to get coworkers to sign a thank-you note and put it somewhere that the custodian’s boss is likely to see it. The cleaners will be happy, and there’s a better chance that they’ll be noticed, which could lead to a raise at their next performance review.

A food party is being planned for National Custodian Day. Please send an email to your coworkers inviting them. Make sure to meet the caregivers’ supervisor personally and send beautiful invitations. Encourage people to bring food, and for extra fun, you could surprise the people in charge of the party with a party as they arrive.


It’s easy to forget about and undervalue the job of a caregiver. That’s why National Custodian Day is so important: it gives us a chance to thank the people who take care of us. Every day, their work helps us, even if we don’t always realize it. On this day, we need to remember to respect and value their work.

As we go about our daily lives, we might not notice when we forget to throw away a water bottle the right way or leave a paper towel on the floor. But on the other hand, National Custodian Day makes us more aware of what our deeds mean. When we think someone else should clean up after us, we do a better job of it ourselves.

Most of the time, we don’t think twice about simple comforts like clean bathrooms. Today is National Custodian Day, which reminds us to be thankful for these small things. When you walk by your office, think about how hard the person who cleaned it worked to keep it free of broken pieces of paper and lost nails.

National Custodian Day

October 2, 2023, will be National Custodian Day. We honor the commitment and hard work that goes into keeping our public spaces, businesses, and schools clean and germ-free on this special day. During the school day, custodians work quietly in the background, but their value in making sure everyone is safe and healthy cannot be overstated.

The director of Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS), Dr. Melanie Kay-Wyatt, thanked custodians for making the school a good place to learn. She talked about all the different ways cleaners help kids and how important they are to make the school a nice place to be.

The ACPS custodial services crew’s unwavering devotion to their job makes them an important part of the school community. Amanda Ou, who is in charge of maintenance and cleaning services, liked how careful people were to keep school buildings safe, clean, and well-organized.

We should thank the ACPS custodians for their hard work cleaning our offices and classes and being an important part of our school community on National Custodian Day.

When Is Janitor Appreciation Day

How do you show appreciation to janitors?

Consider these Custodian Appreciation Day Activities:

Staff-provided potluck or luncheon. We like to buy them takeout lunch from a local gourmet sandwich shop.

Signed Thank You cards.

Share staff stories of appreciation. 

Relieve them of a duty. 

Staff Pool of Funds.

While October 2 has been officially named National Custodian Appreciation Day for a long time, most people agree that every day is a good day to thank these important team members. As a principal, I’ve told my coworkers over and over that cleaners are the real heart and soul of our school and that they have a big effect on both student progress and school culture. You can’t say enough good things about how important they are for keeping our school safe and clean, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic going on.

Custodian Appreciation Day is a special time to thank them for their unwavering dedication, hard work, and important addition to our school. We should respect and thank them more than just one day a year, though. Here are some ideas to help people remember their achievements and understand how important they are:

To begin, becoming a professional cleaner is a great choice for a job. Many schools need head custodians to have degrees or experience as administrators because the job requires a lot of knowledge, determination, and toughness.

Second, both workers and students often have a soft spot in their hearts for custodians. Everyone at school likes them because they are always there, helpful, and ready for emergencies. The importance of recognizing and thanking them for their work should not only happen in times of gratitude.

Is there a janitor Appreciation Day?

Celebrate National Custodian Day on Oct. 2 with a special thank you to all of the hardworking custodians out there! This day was created in 1985 as a way to recognize and appreciate the countless hours custodians put in every day to ensure that schools, offices, and other public places are clean and safe for everyone.

They work while we sleep. Sometimes, when we walk through the hallways, we don’t notice them or understand what they’re doing. This is why we value National Custodian Day, which is held every year on October 2. On this day, we honor and thank the people who work hard, often for little pay, to keep our public spaces clean. We also thank those who take on this important duty.

As the first line of defense against pathogens, custodians play an important role that should be remembered and appreciated. Let’s take a moment to thank the people who keep our schools and offices clean and safe on National Custodian Day. Custodians are the unsung stars of their company!

What do you say to a custodian for Appreciation Day?

So to all of our school custodians out there:

Thank you for being fearless. 

Thank you for your dedication. 

Thank you for being caring. 

Thank you for putting our students first. 

Thank you for being a role model. 

Thank you for all of the hard work that you do for our schools.

Working together is important for running a school, especially now when things are so tough. It’s no secret that teachers work hard both inside and outside of the classroom. But other people do important things to keep the school setting positive that are only sometimes noticed. The people who clean schools are some of the unsung stars.

They have a lot more to do than turn off the lights and sweep the floors. The main job of custodians is to keep the main protections up against dangerous microorganisms, diseases, and viruses like COVID-19. They improve each student’s health right away by making sure the school is safe and clean.

How do you say thank you to a janitor?

Dear [Janitor’s Name], I wanted to let you know that your work is truly appreciated. Your dedication to keeping our facility open, healthy and looking great is a very essential part of our business. Without your hard work we could not operate as we do.

I learned from Mr. Mihir, my master of organizational behavior, about something that happened to me at SPJIMR that had a big effect on me. During his time at the Taj Group, he told a story about a meeting where Shri J.R.D. Tata left to go to the bathroom. Everyone was surprised when Shri J.R.D. Tata took the time to fold the towels the right way when he got back instead of just going back to the meeting.

I saw the janitor coming when I was leaving an office bathroom in Bangalore not long ago. When I thanked the cleaner for keeping everything clean, she smiled. I was interested, so I asked him how he chose his job. “You’re doing a great job,” I told them. Your work makes me happy and helps me get things done here. He smiled and said, “Thank you, my friend.” I could see happiness in his eyes.

What are the 5 ways of showing appreciation?

Top 10 Ways to Show Appreciation

Give a Gift.

Write An Appreciation Note.

Compliment Them.

Create Something Homemade.

Take Her Out for Coffee.

Lend a Listening Ear.

Do Something They Enjoy.

Make a Photo Album.

Expressing gratitude extends beyond mere words of thanks. It holds a deeper significance beyond the immediate positive feelings it evokes in those we appreciate. Gratitude serves as a potent tool for personal well-being. Research shows that cultivating gratitude not only enhances one’s happiness but also fosters stronger relationships and encourages continued positive behavior in others. It’s about giving credit where it’s due, acknowledging the contributions of others.

In the midst of navigating the complexities of the world around us, we often overlook our own efforts and achievements. Instead, we tend to be overly critical of ourselves, fixating on perceived shortcomings until they overshadow our countless strengths. We neglect to show ourselves the same compassion and understanding we readily offer to others. It’s crucial to recognize that despite the challenges we face, we are actively striving to care for ourselves—mind, body, and soul.

While self-care often involves introspection and personal growth, it’s equally important to pause and appreciate our progress. Here are some ways to cultivate gratitude for ourselves.

Were you aware of National Custodian Day? It falls on October 2nd annually, and this year, Facilities Management took the opportunity to honor our CUIMC custodial staff on Monday, October 3rd. Known by various names such as National Custodial Workers Recognition Day, Custodial Worker Day, National Janitor Day, National Custodian Appreciation Day, and Custodial Staff Appreciation Day, this occasion highlights the invaluable contributions of custodial staff. 

Whether we refer to them as custodians, janitors, or housekeeping staff, they play a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of CUIMC. Often working diligently behind the scenes or during off-hours, custodial staff ensure that CUIMC remains clean and operational. Despite the essential nature of their work, custodial contributions can sometimes go unnoticed or unappreciated. 

Therefore, events like National Custodial Worker’s Recognition Day on October 2nd provide an opportunity to express gratitude and recognition for the dedication and hard work of custodial staff across our schools and workplaces nationwide.

When Is Janitor Appreciation Day

There’s more to being grateful than just saying “thank you.” It has a greater meaning than just making the people we care about happy right now. Being thankful is a powerful way to improve your health and happiness. Studies show that practicing gratitude not only makes people happy but also makes relationships better and motivates them to keep doing good things. It’s important to give thanks where credit is due and value what other people have contributed.

We often lose sight of what we’ve done and how hard we’ve worked as we try to make sense of the complicated world around us. Instead, we often criticize ourselves too much and worry about our supposed flaws so much that they make it hard to see all of our many good qualities. We don’t treat ourselves with the same compassion and understanding that we show to others. It’s important to remember that we work to care for our mind, body, and spirit, even when things go wrong.

Self-care often means thinking about things and growing as a person, but it’s also important to remember to enjoy the little things in life. Here are some ways to help us become more grateful for ourselves.

Do you know about the day for custodians? Facilities Management thanks the cleaning crew at CUIMC every year on October 2. This year, on Monday, October 3, they did it again. National Custodial Workers Recognition Day, Custodial Worker Day, National Janitor Day, National Custodian Appreciation Day, and Custodial Workers Appreciation Day all honor the important work that custodial staff does.

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