When Is International Housekeeping Week 2023

When Is International Housekeeping Week 2023


When Is International Housekeeping Week 2023: International Housekeeping Week, which takes place every year from September 10 to 16, brings people from all over the world together. This event lasts for a week and lets us recognize and honor the important work that housekeepers do. These dedicated people are very important for keeping our homes, offices, and public areas safe, clean, and healthy.

Today is International Housekeeping Week, a good time to remember to appreciate the selfless work of these unseen heroes who do so much behind the scenes. Their work keeps our surroundings healthy, productive, and good for people’s well-being. Cleaning rooms and public places is a big part of housekeeping professionals’ job, which makes our lives better.

This event happens once a year and is a great way to show respect for the important work that cleaning staff around the world do. Their steadfast commitment and careful attention to detail go a long way toward making places clean, friendly, and open to everyone.

When Is International Housekeeping Week 2023


Women have always done housework, and wealthy families were expected to hire maids and housekeepers. People paid maidens, also called maids, to help them with housework. Most of the time, these were single women. Families with a lot of money hired cooks, drivers, gardeners, and housekeepers, among other people. In this system, the housekeeper was in charge of keeping an eye on women’s maids, room maids, and laundry maids, among others.

Cleaning the house took a lot of work a hundred years ago, and it still takes a lot of time and effort to do things that seem easy today. Back in the day, even small tasks that we now take for granted took days to finish. In addition, Housekeeping was in charge of making simple things like candles and soap. As the Industrial Revolution grew, though, it became easier to hire someone else to do these kinds of tasks, and as more women went to work, home management started to change.

In spite of these changes, people still want professional cleaning services a lot. Because of how busy life is these days, people rarely do their housework. This means that people are relying more and more on cleaning services to get their jobs done quickly and well.


During the 1500s and 1700s, wealthy families hired apprentices and enslaved people to help with housework and work.

From 1760 to 1840, when companies started to grow, housework changed so that cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children were given more attention.

Back in the 1800s, housework was seen as less important than paid jobs that men mostly held because it was linked with femininity.

Integrated Environment and Health Assessment started Housekeepers Week in 1981 as a way to honor people who clean homes.

During the 2000s, advances in technology led to the creation of home gadgets that saved time and made cleaning easier.

Housekeeping Week Activities

Sharing nice things about the cleaning staff on your personal and business social media pages will show that you appreciate their hard work. A personal thank-you note can make them feel better and appreciate all the work they’ve done.

Think about giving your maid a thoughtful gift this week. Pick a thing that is meaningful to them or shows what they’re interested in. This action shows that you appreciate their hard work and care about their well-being when they’re not at work.

Your maid should take a mental health day to take care of themselves and avoid getting burned out. They will be much healthier and happier generally if you give them a day off to rest and recharge. This act of kindness shows that you care about their well-being and know how important mental health is.

Why We Love Housekeeping Week

During Housekeeping Week, we can recognize and promote a business that needs more attention. It shows how important cleaning is and how often people need to remember to keep their homes and workplaces clean and organized.

This festival brings attention to the unequal distribution of housework jobs and encourages people to talk about it. Getting people to think about and fix these problems promotes fairness and shared responsibility in family jobs.

Also, Housekeepers Week pushes us to show appreciation and kindness to the people who keep us comfortable behind the scenes. It’s a chance to thank housekeepers for all the hard work they put in and the important things they do for us every day. These are the unsung stars whose hard work and persistence should be recognized and praised.

How to celebrate Housekeepers Week

Start your celebration of Housekeepers Week by thanking the people who clean your office. For all of their hard work, saying “thank you” is a great way to show your gratitude. You could show them extra care by taking them to dinner or giving them a small gift. Also, you can meet new people and find out about their lives.

When you talk about #housekeepersweek on social media, use the term #housekeepersweek to get more people to know about it. Let your fans and friends know how important this day is, and start a conversation about how important Housekeeping is.

Online, you can talk about housekeeping topics with friends and acquaintances to start interesting chats and learn about other points of view. Lastly, Housekeepers Week is a time to show appreciation and respect for those who work in the field and let them know how much their efforts to keep spaces clean and organized are appreciated.

When Is International Housekeeping Week 2023

What is the theme for housekeeping International Week 2023?

Our exclusive housekeepers appreciation theme for 2023: Houskeeeping: Everything We Touch Turns to AWESOME!

The week of September 3 to September 9, 2023, is International Housekeepers Week. Could you celebrate with us? Care Promotions can help you thank, reward, and recognize the hardworking cleaning and front desk staff at your resort, hotel, or motel. Please take a moment to thank these important team members who do everything they can to keep everyone safe and clean. We really appreciate how well they keep their workplaces safe and nice. They work hard to make your property look its best, and Care Promotions is a great place to thank them for their hard work!

Check out our wide range of gifts at reasonable prices to thank your housekeeping staff. A lot of our items can be made unique by adding your message or one of our special logos for Housekeeping. Thanks. One common theme is “Thank you, Housekeeping…You are The Neatest People To Work With!” Another is “Housekeeping: We’re a Mess Without You!” Numerous standard designs are available, such as “Housekeeping: Through & Through We Can Always Depend On You” and “Housekeeping: You Make Every Moment a Chance to Shine!” Show your respect for housekeepers this Housekeepers Week by customizing your gifts with one of our unique designs and a logo or message of your choice. “Housekeeping: Everything We Touch Turns to AWESOME!” is the theme in 2023.

What is International housekeepers Week?

Environmental Services Week / International Housekeepers Week. Where: When: September 8th – 14th, 2024. Held every year during the second full week of September, Environmental Services Week (EVSW)/International Housekeepers Week (IHW) is a week dedicated to recognizing the efforts of hard-working custodial staff …

A lot of important groups are honored every year on certain days, weeks, or months, so it makes sense that hardworking cleaners should also be acknowledged. The second week of September is International Housekeepers and Environmental Services Week every year. The event is scheduled for September 10–16 this year.

It was started by the International Executive Housekeeping Association (IHEA) in 1981 and is known as Housekeeper’s/EVS Week. It shows how environmental services (EVS) or skilled cleaners can help patients, building residents, and people in general. It’s also clear from the event that these experts’ clients and bosses regularly give them new tasks to do. Also, it’s appropriate to thank and respect the cleaning, janitorial, and EVS staff for their important work.

What month is housekeeping month?


When is National Housekeeping Appreciation Week? It is just around the corner! September 12th-18th is the time of year when we honor and appreciate the dedicated workers who keep our offices, hotel rooms, and lobbies clean and tidy.

In 1981, IEHA, a branch of ISSA, became the official organizer of International Housekeepers Week (IHW). A great way to honor the hard work of housekeepers, environmental services (EVS) teams, and other staff who keep hospitals, hotels, and other places clean for patients, visitors, and the public is to celebrate International Housekeepers Week (IHW), which happens every year in the second full week of September. IEHA encourages building managers and supervisors of contract cleaners to thank their teams in their unique ways.

The IEHA’s Executive Director, Michael Patterson, said, “The professional achievements of our industry are too often taken for granted. That’s why celebrating this week is so important.” “We’re happy to honor our members, who speak for all employees who work in environmental services and housekeeping.” Thanks for making sure people are safe and healthy.

When did International housekeeping Week start?


International Housekeeper’s/Environmental Services Week takes place the second week of September every year. This year it takes place Sept. 10-16. Housekeeper’s/EVS Week was started in 1981 by the International Executive Housekeeping Association, more commonly referred to in the cleaning industry as IHEA.

It’s International Housekeepers Week (IHW) 35 years this year. An IEHA president started Housekeepers Week in the early 1980s to honor the hardworking people who work in the business. “Our Profession Is Clean,” the theme song from the first year, set the tone for the years that followed.

As we got ready for this year’s IHW, which takes place from September 11–17, 2016, we went on a trip down memory lane and found old photos from a logo and phrase contest in 1990. This competition shows how creative and committed IEHA members are to the business, which is very inspiring.

If you haven’t already, please grab our 2016 IHW Marketing Kit. It has the official logo, a poster file, graphics for social media, and templates for press releases. That’s right, this package has everything you need to raise awareness and enjoy IHW in style!

We can make this 35th-anniversary party special by recognizing the important work that housekeepers do all over the world. Celebrate their unwavering dedication to keeping the world safe and clean for everyone. We should honor the unsung heroes of the housekeeping business this week, which is a time to show thanks and appreciation.

When was housekeeping week?

Take time to thank your housekeeping and environmental services (EVS) staff during International Housekeepers and Environmental Services Week (IHW), September 12-18, 2021.

Home Cleaning Week always happens in the second full week of September. The festival will take place this year from September 8 to September 14. The main goal of this week-long event is to bring attention to the often-unnoticed work that people who do cleaning do. Businesses in many fields can use it to reward and recognize workers who work hard to keep their workplaces clean and organized.

Thousands of businesses come together during Housekeeping Week to thank their hardworking employees for their loyalty and the important things they do to keep the business running smoothly. Employers should take this chance to thank, recognize, and respect their cleaning staff.

Companies usually celebrate the end of Housekeeping Week by giving their employees thoughtful gifts or throwing parties or luncheons. The goal of these actions is to show appreciation for the housekeepers’ hard work and commitment all year long.

During Housekeeping Week, we recognize the important work that housekeepers do and bring attention to the difficulties and duties that come with the job. Companies want to encourage people to respect the important work that cleaning workers do by drawing attention to the things that they do that are often overlooked.

When Is International Housekeeping Week 2023

International Housekeeping Week is held every year in the second week of September to honor the hard work and commitment of people who clean homes. The Department of Hotel Management put together a guest session to celebrate the anniversary. Ms. Payal, Executive Housekeeper at the Crowne Plaza Okhla Hotel, and Ms. Anjali Dahiya, Training Manager at the same hotel, were the two well-known speakers.

The meeting started with a bunch of flowers from the Director of the Department and the Head of the Department to each person who was there. Then, the speakers were introduced to the crowd. In a short introduction to the lecture, Ms. Payal talked about her experience and the hotel’s operations in India and other countries. That’s why many of her students were inspired by the stories she told about people who didn’t give up and worked hard to succeed. In the Crowne Plaza Okhla Hotel’s housekeeping area, she also talked about the newest trends since COVID-19.

After, Ms. Anjali spoke to the kids and encouraged them to set high goals and go after their dreams. She talked with the students to find out what they thought about hotels and to show them what the business was really like. The lively question-and-answer session that came after the Head of Department’s vote of thanks ended the meeting.

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