When Is Dowerin Field Day 2023

When Is Dowerin Field Day 2023


When Is Dowerin Field Day 2023: The two-day Dowerin Machinery Field Day, which happens every year at the end of August, drew a big crowd. About 17,000 people showed up to the 2023 event, which had an amazing showing and almost 550 exhibitors.

This event is still a big deal in the agricultural community calendar of Western Australia. It gives businesses a chance to show off goods and services that help primary producers and farmers work more efficiently. Field day has an immediate effect, but it also helps promote Western Australian agriculture to more people.

Abbey Animal Health’s WA Business Manager, Josh Sweeny, had the honor of speaking for the company at this event. Josh’s work at the Delta Ag WA stand with farmers, livestock professionals, and veterinarians was very important in helping farmers learn about Abbey Animal Health’s cost-effective animal health choices. During a tough time for both the sheep and cattle businesses, when both local and national markets went down a lot, this worked to lower the costs of doing business.

Rural towns in the Wheatbelt need to have events like this, and Abbey Animal Health is looking forward to sponsoring the event again in 2024!

When Is Dowerin Field Day 2023

What time does Dowerin Field Day start?

The following is the plan for the event’s bump-out processes: Thursday, August 25, at 5 pm, the gates will open so that vendors can start taking down their displays. They will stay open until 6 pm. Every day at the set time, all vendors have to leave the building and be somewhere else by the designated time.

Thursday, August 25, at 5:00 pm, exhibitors can start taking down their displays. The last day to do so is at 6:00 pm. They could also choose to “bump out” on Friday, August 26, starting at 6:00 am. This set time frame makes sure that the event ends smoothly and in a controlled way, allowing exhibitors to quickly take down their displays while staying within the time limits.

Following these rules is important for making sure that the event ends quickly and smoothly, making the bump-out phase go smoothly for both exhibitors and event managers.

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Putting Dowerin on the map – the Dowerin Machinery Field Days

The Dowerin Machinery Field Days have made Dowerin a well-known place. This event happens every year on the last Wednesday and Thursday of August and turns Dowerin into a hub for farmers, locals, guests, and tourists. The Dowerin Machinery Field Days are truly amazing; they include machinery performances, livestock shows, equipment displays, fashion shows, wine tastings, entertainment for kids, and a lot of information about the area. You have to go to see them for yourself to appreciate their beauty fully.

During the two-day event, the number of people in our small town of 700 grew as nearly 20,000 people came to the area. For a town our size, putting together the biggest and best farming event in the country is a challenging task. But there’s no doubt that this event helps the local economy, and the fact that the money raised is generously given to groups all over the region really shows the spirit of community.

The origins and impact of iconic Dowerin Field Days explained

This story tells how the scraped knees of some Wheatbelt football players and their desire to stop it led to the creation of one of Western Australia’s most famed agricultural events.

In 1964, the Dowerin Progress Association held a meeting to come up with ideas for how to improve the grassing and watering of its gravelly football field. These ideas grew into the big event that is now known as the Dowerin Field Days.

Thelma Hatwell, 92, is a key member of the Field Days catering team and proud Dowerin. “It brought all the people together, and it was the making of Dowerin, it really was,” she said.

One of “The Originators,” Arthur Munyard, had just returned from the Orange Field Days in New South Wales and told people in Dowerin to “give it a go.” The famous event began in September 1965.

A farmer from Dowerin named John Metcalf, who had been president of Field Days before, called the football field a “good knee-skinner.” His dad, John Sr., held the president during the inauguration and told him that they were getting ready for the first Field Day to show off machines.

Dowerin Machinery Field Day ’23

Over 24,000 people visit the Dowerin Machinery Field Day Show every year, where 700 exhibitors show off goods and services linked to farming and other topics of interest.

The Dowerin Machinery Field Days are returning for their 59th year on August 30th and 31st. They are an important place for farmers, primary producers, agricultural workers, and their families to get information and do business. The event gives people a unique chance to meet with businesses and industries in a community setting.

The Dowerin Fields Days use the SuperShow Show Management System to keep track of competitions, exhibits, and website details. Using SuperShow’s online trade application module, the event has streamlined its operations, making the experience better for both participants and spectators.

When Is Dowerin Field Day 2023

How many people attend Dowerin Field Days?

around 20,000 people

Each year the community of Dowerin delivers WA’s largest agricultural event on the last Wednesday and Thursday of August. Our small Wheatbelt town swells to a population of around 20,000 people over the two days, including usually a sold-out contingent of exhibitors.

When it comes to farming events in Western Australia, the Dowerin Field Days are the best and most well-known. The Committee has worked hard to build a strong image over its 54-year history, making the brand more well-known not only in Australia but also around the world. The event always has over 25,000 visitors, and more than 70% of them come from rural and regional areas, many of them working in agricultural businesses. Its main goal is to get people from agricultural areas involved. 

About 7,000 broadacre farmers take part in the event, which is a hub for people who are really interested in agricultural goods and services. The Committee actively supports the Field Days as a cornerstone of rural tourism. The event has received numerous state and national tourism awards, including induction into the Sir David Brand Tourism Awards Hall of Fame in 1998.

What date is Newdegate Field Day?

On the first Wednesday and Thursday of September each year, the town of Newdegate hosts one of the states premier agricultural events, the Newdegate Machinery Field Days.

The highly awaited Newdegate Machinery Field Days happen every year on the first Wednesday and Thursday of September, making Newdegate the center of Western Australia’s farming community. This important agricultural festival has a lot of different displays, such as cutting-edge technology, study, and Machinery, as well as a lively show of animals and cattle. 

The event turns into a hub of activity with camping and outdoor exhibits, exciting art and photography shows, the newest clothes, a choice of show bags, and a delicious selection of food and drink. People who go can learn about local foods and enjoy live entertainment, making the event an immersive one that celebrates and supports the rich tapestry of agriculture. 

Among the many events that happen, the Newdegate Machinery Field Days are the most important. They are a two-day celebration that captures the spirit of living in the country.

What time is Dowerin Field Day?


Thursday 29 August 2024 – 8am to 4pm.

Dowerin is right in the middle of the Wheatbelt, so it has a mild climate with rainy winters and hot, dry summers. A lot of community and sports facilities are conveniently located at this cute rural site so that it can meet the needs of both locals and tourists.

Seven hundred and one people live in the Shire of Dowerin, and an amazing four thousand five hundred tourists visit every year.

Dates and times that matter:

Dover’s Downtown Lunch

Tuesday, August 27, 2024, at Crown Perth

Time for Dowerin Machinery Field Days

Wednesday, August 28, 2024

From 8 am to 6 pm

Thursday, August 29, 2024, from 8 am to 4 pm.

When did field day start?


Field Day has been an annual event since 1933, and remains the most popular event in ham radio.

Vassar hosted the first field day for women at a college in the United States on November 9, 1895, even though it was cold and wet. Five track events were run by about seventeen girls, with help from Classics professor L. J. Moore. These were the 100-yard dash, the running wide jump, the running high jump, and the 200-yard race.

As soon as the student judges were set up, the events began at 10 o’clock with a gunshot in the sports circle. Even though it was lightly raining, the day went really well. Even the starter’s pistol rounds were wet, but the track events ended on time at noon, with a win for the junior class, whether the gun dried out or a different plan was made. The kids got a flag, and everyone had a delicious lunch. By 2:00, there were again a lot of people in the circle watching a basketball game. The kids won again, getting a second banner, and the night was filled with joyful celebrations.

What is the biggest field day in Australia?

Aon AgQuip

Aon AgQuip is Australia’s largest and premier primary industry field day. In 2024 AgQuip celebrates its 51st anniversary (1973 – 2024). The nation’s biggest agricultural event showcases over 3,000 companies and attracts over 90,000 visitors over three days from across the nation and overseas.

This is Australia’s biggest and best main industry field day, put on by Aon.

AgQuip will have been around for 51 years, from 1973 to 2024, which is its 51st anniversary.

Over 3,000 businesses show off their goods at this important farming event in the country. Over 90,000 people from all over the country and other countries come to see it over three days.

Many people think that AgQuip is one of the most important agriculture events in the world. It is also known as Australia’s best field day.

ACM Rural Events, which puts on Australia’s biggest regional and rural events, will plan and market this one-of-a-kind show of the agricultural business.

When Is Dowerin Field Day 2023

Dowerin Field Day 2023 will be a great event where farmers, vendors, and people from the community can enjoy new ideas in farming and community spirit. With a long history that goes back to its small start in 1965, Field Day has grown into a major event that showcases agricultural goods and services, drawing thousands of people every year. The event not only gives companies a chance to promote their goods and services, but it also gets people in the community involved. 

The 59th version will happen on August 30 and 31. People who go can expect a busy atmosphere with lots of mechanical demonstrations, livestock shows, entertainment, and lots of useful information. Dowerin Field Day is still a big part of pushing agricultural progress and helping the local economy. If you’re interested in farming or living in the country, you should definitely go.

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