What Year Is Craftsman Model 917

What Year Is Craftsman Model 917


What Year Is Craftsman Model 917: You can find out about the history of the Craftsman Model 917 by using its serial number as a key to unlock the secrets of its production schedule. A Craftsman Model 917’s serial number is like a quiet historian; it tells the story of how the model was built and gives fans information about its past.

With its wide range of lawn and yard tractors, the Craftsman Model 917 has been a mainstay in many homes for a long time. Look at the first six numbers of the serial number to figure out the year it was made. Each pair of these numbers stands for a chapter. The first two numbers show the month, the next two show the day, and the last two show the year of birth.

People who like and collect Craftsman Model 917 tractors go down memory lane as they discover their timeless appeal, valuing the engineering advances and craftsmanship that have marked each era. The serial number is like a key that opens doors between the past and the present. It lets Craftsman Model 917 fans find the secret mysteries of time inside the heart of their beloved machine.

What Year Is Craftsman Model 917

Craftsman lawn tractors by year

With the release of the David Bradley Suburban line in 1959, Sears got into the lawn tractor business. As a sign of Sears’ move into the lawn and yard equipment business, these tractors became famous. When the David Bradley name was taken out in 1964, the Craftsman name took its place. Around the start of the 1970s, Craftsman became Sears’ most famous brand of lawn and garden tractors.

Many companies have made craftsman trucks over the years, so there are now more types to choose from. As a brand name, Craftsman has come to mean high-quality and long-lasting outdoor power tools.

Stanley Black & Decker bought Sears’ Craftsman brand in 2017, which was a turning point. With this deal, Craftsman entered a new era in the market and made sure it would stay in business under Stanley Black & Decker’s ownership and management. All of Sears’ lawn and garden machines are sold under the Craftsman or Craftsman Professional brand, which is a continuation of a brand that has been a mainstay in the outdoor equipment business for decades.

Free Craftsman Lawn Mower Date Of Manufacture With Creative Ideas

The fact that 1.5 million Craftsman rotary mowers have been sold shows that the brand will remain popular for a long time. The Sears/Craftsman brand of lawnmowers has stood the test of time for over sixty years, which is an amazing history.

The Craftsman mower line has been made by a number of original equipment makers (OEMs) over the years. This information may be useful for people who want to find out when their Craftsman lawn mower was made. You can find out when a Craftsman garden tractor was made by looking at the first six numbers of its serial number, which in this case is 917.2559101. The process is easier when the machine’s serial number tag is found. This tag also tells mower owners how old their mower is.

The website for Sears Parts Direct is searspartsdirect.com, where people can find out more. By putting the model number into the box, users can get important information about their Craftsman riding mowers. At the moment, MTD makes these mowers while following the strict rules that come with the Craftsman brand.

The name changed from David Bradley in 1964 to the well-known Craftsman in the 1970s. This was an important part of the past of the Craftsman brand. Over the years, many companies have been able to make Craftsman lawnmowers. All of Sears’ lawn and garden tractors now happily bear the Craftsman or Craftsman Professional brand, which shows that the company is always committed to quality and durability. Stanley Black & Decker bought the Craftsman brand in 2017, which means it will be around for a long time in the market for outdoor power tools.

What year was your craftsman lawn tractor model 917.255920 serial number 0291S03407 built?

Fans of Craftsman lawn tractors can figure out when their equipment was made by reading the first six numbers of its serial number. This set of numbers gives an important timestamp by showing the month, day, and year that the tractor was put together.

Take the serial number 1599SO6258 as an example. The first two numbers, “15,” show that January is the manufacturing month in this case. The next two numbers, “99,” stand for the date, January 5. Lastly, the last two numbers, “62,” show the year the tractor was made. In this case, they show that it was made in 1999.

This method of reading lets owners of Craftsman tractors find out the exact date that the tractor was made, which gives them important historical information. The method is easy: owners can get to this important data by looking at the sticker with the serial number on their tractors.

Craftsman lawn tractor owners can learn about their machines’ past by figuring out what each set of numbers in the serial number means. Taking a hands-on approach to date makes the experience of owning a Craftsman more personal and builds respect for the brand’s longevity and quality.

How do you read a Craftsman date code?

Please pay close attention to the first six numbers of your mower’s license number to find out when it was made. In this order, you can find out when your machine was carefully built and put together.

There is a story in the order of these six numbers when they are broken down. The first two numbers show the month of production. For example, if these numbers are “04,” it means that your mower first worked in April. The next two numbers show the next production day. If they are, say, “15,” that means that your mower left the plant on the 15th of that month. The year it was made is finally stored in the third set of numbers. For instance, if they said “21,” it meant that your mower came out in 2021.

When you concentrate on these six numbers, you can remember the first time your mower came out. This method makes your ownership experience more unique by linking you to the equipment’s history. Get your mower’s serial number and read the first six numbers to learn about its interesting past and how it came to be an important tool for outdoor maintenance.

What Year Craftsman GT is this?

Even if the ‘S’ code is hard to figure out, the year of a Craftsman tractor can be found by its serial number. To solve this puzzle, look at the first six numbers of the serial number. The first two show the month the item was made, the next two show the day, and the last two show the year. If the serial number is “S04D15,” for instance, it means that it was made on April 15, which is the same date.

The well-known Peerless brand made the 3-speed hi/lo transaxle with type 122319x, which was used in a lot of Craftsman II GTs in the 1980s and 1990s. The 6-pinion differential in this transaxle makes it both fast and durable. In the lawn and yard machinery business, Peerless is known for making parts that last and work with a lot of different machines.

Now that you have this knowledge, you can safely find out the tractor’s serial number and when it was made, all while admiring the amazing engineering that went into the Craftsman II GT’s transaxle.

What Year Is Craftsman Model 917

What model Craftsman do I have?

The model number is printed on the left side of the Product Identification Label, attached to the underside of the seat, and starts with the letters, “CM”.

The serial number method on Craftsman lawn mowers can be used to find out when your mower was made. To find out how old the mower is, look for the tag with the serial number.

You could also look for the date in the owner’s instructions for the mower, which should have been released about a year after the mower was made. But make sure you check the serial number to get the correct date your mower was sent from the plant. This unique number is the key to finding out the exact date your mower was made.

How old is Craftsman?

Craftsman was born in 1927 when Sears decided to create a superior brand of tools; the tools would have to meet the most rigorous set of standards to earn a place in the Craftsman line. The brand first appeared on a line of saws. In 1927, Sears hired Arthur Barrows to head the company’s hardware department.

A lot of the time, older devices need help with the newest version of an app. System mismatch can be a problem when it comes to compatibility. In this case, it might be best to use an older version of the software until the creator fixes the problem.

You can look through Craftsman’s version history on Uptodown if you need an older version. The portal gives people access to all the file versions that can be downloaded. Most importantly, every version of Craftsman on Uptodown has been checked for viruses and can be downloaded for free.

Which country made Craftsman?

the USA

Select CRAFTSMAN power tools, hand tools, lawn and garden equipment, and storage are being made with pride in the USA with global materials–and it’s here to stay.

Unfortunately, most Craftsman tools are not made in the United States. This is because the company depends on other companies to make a wide range of products. Since 2010, a lot of Apex Tool Group’s hand tools have been put together in Taiwan and China for Craftsman. It can be hard to tell the difference between screwdrivers, pliers, bigger mechanic tool sets, and flexible wrenches made in the United States. The company Western Forge is one of these.

Craftsman works with a number of different companies that make different types of tools. For example, Techtronic Industries makes portable power tools, Dewalt makes hand power tools, Emerson Electric Company makes bench and stationary tools, DeVilbiss Air Power makes air compressors, Waterloo Industries makes storage for tools, and The Chamberlain Brand makes garage door openers.

Craftsman’s website might need to be made clear where each product comes from. To get accurate information, you should either call the company directly or do your research. Products made in the United States are shown on the website, but some parts may still be bought from other countries.

Who makes new Craftsman mowers?

Craftsman is one of the market leaders in mower and tractor sales. All Craftsman mowers are made by MTD.

Craftsman, which was started by the huge store chain Sears, needs to make its trucks. Instead, every three years, the brand holds a bidding process where several companies fight for the chance to build Craftsman’s new line of tractors. Craftsman trucks are made by a number of different companies right now.

MTD makes the Craftsman LT Series, which includes the gray lawn tractors that are at the starting level. The big plastic hood scoops on these tractors make them easy to spot.

Another type of Craftsman tractor that MTD makes is the Craftsman Professional Tractor. This type has a plastic hood scoop, like those on yard tractors.

Husqvarna makes a lot of the red Craftsman YT Series yard trucks. One thing that makes these tractors stand out is that their metal hoods are different from MTD models.

Where is the serial number on a Craftsman?

The model and serial number of a Craftsman riding mower is located on the frame under the seat, or on the underside of the seat.

Do you need help finding the model and standard numbers for your Craftsman rider or tractor? We can help. You can find this important information in the following well-known places.

We want to let you know that we are currently unable to perform Craftsman Parts Lookup. We do, however, sell genuine OEM Sears Craftsman parts for tools made by American Yard Products.

Engine parts for Craftsman riding lawnmowers and tractors come from well-known names like Briggs and Stratton, Kohler, Kawasaki, Tecumseh, and more. We sell both OEM and aftermarket parts for these brands. Visit our page on small engine parts for more details.

This is a picture of a regular Craftsman bike with a Briggs & Stratton engine. The model number and serial number are easily found on a sticker right behind the seat. The model number usually starts with “917.”

While the Craftsman Model 917 is a piece of outdoor gear, it is also a rich tapestry of history, creation, and craftsmanship. To figure out the year of a Craftsman Model 917, you have to find the chronological codes in its serial number. These codes tell you the exact year that the model was carefully made.

What Year Is Craftsman Model 917

The serial number is a link to the past for collectors, fans, and owners who are interested in the background of these old lawn and garden tractors. It turns each tractor into a time capsule that keeps the date it was made and connects its story to the history of how outdoor power equipment has changed over time.

The Craftsman Model 917’s lasting popularity comes from the fact that it is reliable, flexible, and stylish. The Craftsman Model 917 is still a reliable tractor for homes and landscapers, whether it’s an old tractor from decades ago or a newer model.

To honor the Craftsman Model 917’s long history, let the serial numbers guide us through the complicated details of its production history and help us feel more connected to these amazing machines. Each Craftsman Model 917 is more than just a tool; it’s a part of the past of American craftsmanship and outdoor usefulness.

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