What To Do In Portland On A Rainy Day

What To Do In Portland On A Rainy Day


What To Do In Portland On A Rainy Day: Portland’s rainy days are marked by a drizzle, which makes the atmosphere even more relaxing. Rain is more of a gentle friend in this busy city than a downpour. There is no reason to stay inside because it’s raining. When it rains, bring wet gear and rubber boots to enjoy Portland’s unique charm while also taking in the city’s lively energy.

Oregon has a lot of fun indoor activities that are perfect for rainy days. You can make the most of your time at these sites while staying dry, and they’re within easy reach of many hotels. Nobody is bored in Portland. You can explore interesting museums, enjoy the city’s thriving arts scene, or eat wonderful food at famous restaurants.

While walking through the rainy streets of downtown Portland, the city’s interior sights might make you want to stay a little longer. You might find a whole new universe that lives even when it’s raining if you explore Portland’s hidden gems.

What To Do In Portland On A Rainy Day

What To Do On A Rainy Day In Portland

You could spend one of Portland’s many rainy days exploring the city’s independent and classic movie theaters. Additionally, to show a variety of movies, such as foreign, independent, classic, and mainstream ones, many of these theaters also offer a unique beer-brewing experience.

Southwest’s Cinema 21 is a famous spot known for showing a wide range of movies. When it’s raining, Cinema 21 is a nice place to go, whether you like independent, foreign, classic, or popular movies. A locally-made beer is a nice addition to the movie-going experience.

As the wet season lasts longer, Portland offers a wide range of indoor activities to keep people from getting bored. Exciting things to do include axe throwing, escape rooms, and mini-golf at Glowing Greens, which has a blacklight course perfect for big parties or date nights.

Budweiser fans can spend a rainy day trying beers from Portland’s 58 brewers and the 84 more in the metro area. Visitors to Portland, which is a beer lover’s paradise, can enjoy a wide selection of beers.

When it rains a lot, welcome Portland’s lively indoor scene, where craft beer tastings and movie nights are waiting to make a bad day better.

10 Things to do in Portland in the Rain


Watching an exciting action movie while it’s pouring rain outside is the best thing that can happen. For people who want to avoid seeing the newest hit, Portlanders suggest going to a second-run theater. Enjoy your movie while eating delicious pizza, craft beer, or wine for a fair price.


Enjoying a relaxing swim in one of Portland’s hot pools is another great thing to do on a wet day. Many hot springs form spontaneously in Oregon. These include some in Portland that offer peace for a fee.

Travel along the historic highway that goes along the Columbia River.

Highway 30, or the Historic Columbia River Highway, goes through the Columbia River Gorge for 75 miles. The National Register of Historic Places and the National Historic Landmark system both recognize it as the first planned scenic street in the United States.

Give in to the urge to have a quick brunch.

Locals in Portland often spend rainy weekend mornings drinking mimosas at the city’s most popular brunch places. Choose one of these three less trendy restaurants for a fun and relaxing lunch. Large amounts are available at reasonable prices.


Southeast Portland’s Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI) is a fun and educational place to spend a wet afternoon. With its goal of promoting informed action and sparking curiosity, OMSI is one of the best scientific organizations in the United States.

Amazing Arcade Games

Your love of arcade games will be reignited by Ground Kontrol’s more than 100 popular games from the 1970s to the 2000s. A bar offers beer, cider, and cocktails, and the pinball room is the biggest public one in the Pacific Northwest.


You can get some exercise inside when it’s raining or snowing at an indoor roller skating rink like Oaks Amusement Park. Fun things for people of all ages to do include roller skating, games, rides, and mini-golf.

Bring out your inner star for Karaoke.

Not being good at singing isn’t a problem—Karaoke in Portland is a great way to have fun. While drinking mai tais at the tiki-themed Alibi, singing along to live bands on Monday nights at Dante’s, or yelling songs while watching funny antics at Devil’s Point, everyone can find their perfect karaoke spot.

The Best Rainy Day Activities in Portland, Maine

It’s fun to explore Portland, Maine, when it’s raining because there are lots of fun things to do inside. These suggestions will help you make an everyday day, even if it’s pouring rain, into something special.

Many people in Portland like to go to the Portland Museum of Art when it’s raining. You can relax when you walk into this cultural sanctuary. An amazing collection of art looks stunning against the museum’s huge white walls. Lots of magical and creative elements are hidden in the layout, making you want to look deeper. Get out of the rain and enjoy the beauty captured by their carefully chosen group of painters at the Portland Museum of Art. Additionally, it’s not just a museum; it’s an experience that goes beyond the usual, offering a peaceful break from everyday life.

Supporting local landmarks like the Portland Museum of Art, especially through a brewery, makes the community feel better, whether you live here or are just visiting. Going into the museum on a rainy day in Portland and letting the perfectly chosen art hug you will make memories that will last long after the rain stops.

The Definitive Guide to a Rainy Day in Portland

It’s raining in downtown Portland, and you want to do something. You can stop looking now! Some of the best things to do in the city on rainy days are listed below.

Just saying that Portland’s weather is uncertain wouldn’t do it justice. All four seasons can come at the same time or within a few minutes. Regardless, we’ve put together a useful guide on where to go and what to do in Oregon when it starts to drizzle.

If you want to stay inside or explore the lush beauty of Portland’s rain, we’re sure you’ll find something interesting here!

Memorable Rainy Day Activities in Portland

It’s okay to look further for answers to your questions about how to enjoy a rainy day in Portland or what to do in this lively city when it snows.

Some of the things that make Portland unique are its tendency to rain. We have a climate that is characterized by rain, which also makes the Pacific Northwest’s stunning nature sights possible. Our temperate jungle climate gives us access to spectacular natural beauty.

Staying busy inside during the rainy season in Portland requires some creativity and responsibility. People are looking for creative things to do inside as February comes to keep them from getting bored. People from all over the world, including tourists and locals, enjoy Portland’s rainy days because they let them do creative and unique things.

What To Do In Portland On A Rainy Day

How do you handle rain in Portland?

Get some waterproof boots, a good base layer, a raincoat and an umbrella (don’t let the propagandists tell you that “real Oregonians don’t use umbrellas”) and go for a walk, preferably around some trees. Try Forest Park or Mount Tabor.

You can stay warm and dry by wearing fenders, waterproof layers, gloves, and a cap.

Wiser tires give you more control, grip, and stability when driving in wet circumstances.

Watch out for possible road hazards when it’s bad outside. In addition to flooding, mudslides, and broken traffic lights and power lines, storms can bring down trees and branches and cause debris to land on streets and roads.

For better sight, bike lights on the front and back can help. Wearing bright colors or using shiny tape can help keep you safer.

Carefully drive on roads that have recently rained because they may be slippery and sticky.

Also, it would help if you thought about wet leaves that might make the ground uneven.

Approach driving with confidence by stepping on the brakes early and often. Make sure you stay safe by going slower, giving yourself more time to stop, and keeping a strong grip on the handlebars.

Is Portland known for rain?

With four distinct seasons, Portland’s outdoor scenery and weather conditions transform every few months. Though the city’s weather is perhaps best known for being rainy, showers are typically gentle and short-lived — and locals don’t let that keep them from enjoying the city.

Each of the four seasons brings a different weather and outdoor setting to Portland. Urban areas get rain, but it only falls rarely and in small amounts most of the time. Even when it’s raining, people are enjoying everything the city has to offer.

Portland residents know that the city’s beautiful public gardens, urban green areas, and animal preserves would only exist with rain. These pure beauties are welcome all year and are easy to get to. Whether you go to Portland in the middle of summer or early winter, you’ll have a unique experience full of beautiful views, delicious food, and lots of entertaining things to do. Visit Portland’s events schedule to discover even more ways to enjoy the city’s many and varied offerings.

What are the rainy months in Portland?

Those three steps are a recipe for learning to love the rains that begin to fall as early as September and continue through June. The rain in Portland is rarely a deluge. Often it is an on-again-off-again light mist that is surprisingly tolerable.

Portland, which is in the Pacific Northwest, has warmer and drier summers and cooler, wetter winters than cities like Seattle and Vancouver. The known “Rose City” has 144 sunny days a year and an average yearly temperature of 71 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius), which is perfect for growing its famous rose gardens. Even though Portland has a “Mediterranean” temperature, it is cooler than southern Italy because it is close to the sea and mountains.

Despite having 164 rainy days a year, Portland has an average of 280 growing days, which helps keep its plants healthy. Rainfall in Portland is 42 inches, which is more than the average American city’s 37 inches. Extreme storms or heavy rain that last for a long time are rare, but many days may be cloudy and wet. As the name suggests, Portland gets a fair amount of rain all year long, but not as much as some of the top ten cities in the US in terms of yearly rainfall.

How many days in Portland does it rain?

about 154 days

Portland, Oregon is known for its rainy weather, with a mild and wet climate influenced by the nearby Pacific Ocean. On average, it rains about 154 days per year in Portland.

Third-ranked American city Portland gets 164 wet days a year, which means it has an amazing 280 growing days on average and is in one of the healthiest places in the country.

When compared to the national average of 37 inches of rain, Portland gets 42 inches of rain each year, which is a lot more than the average amount of rain that American towns get. Although Portland has many cloudy and rainy days, stormy weather and long periods of heavy rain are not usual. The city doesn’t have one of the ten wettest years in the US despite having a reputation for being wet. It doesn’t matter how much rain falls in Portland; what matters is how often it rains.

Unlike the East Coast or Midwest, where heavy rain can happen in just an hour or two, Portland gets the same amount of rain over days, if not weeks. During long periods, there are breaks in the clouds, which are followed by rain.

Does it rain hard in Portland?

Portland rain is more like a subdued morning mist. Portland sees an average rainfall of just 5 inches more than the national average at 42 inches. Southern Texas, for example, gets 60-70 inches of rain per year. The average rainy day in Portland yields 0.01 inches of rain.

Rainfall is one of the most common questions people have about Portland, Oregon’s weather. Potential residents often ask about Portland’s rainfall, with more detailed questions like “Does it rain a lot in Portland?”

To dispel a common myth, Portland does not have constant rain. Although it doesn’t rain every day, the city gets a lot of it. A notable aspect is that it rains early in the morning before most people are awake. Portland usually gets 0.01 inches of rain every day. Showers in the morning, mist in the evening, and sprinkles at night are common.

It doesn’t usually rain nonstop and hard, but afternoon showers may happen. Look at the city’s actual rainfall data to clear up any misunderstandings and give you a more accurate picture of Portland, Oregon’s weather patterns.

What To Do In Portland On A Rainy Day

Rain falls on Portland, a beautiful city, about 164 days a year. Luckily, this rain dance happens regularly between October and May, which is kind of like an official schedule. Locals get more comfortable and good at doing things inside as the wet season goes on.

This yearly tradition starts in October and goes through May when it rains. Residents of Portland take advantage of their indoor conveniences during these months by adding to their list of standard activities. As a result, this list becomes a personalized resource that reflects individual tastes while still capturing the essence of this historical practice.

People discovering art treasures, enjoying Portland’s diverse food scene, or going to cultural hotspots can take a break from the weather in the city’s interior sanctuaries. It’s raining softly in Portland, but locals know that rainy days are a good time to enjoy the indoor activities that Portland has long been known for. Mixing culture and rain to make a unique beat, this winter dance captures the heart of this Pacific Northwest gem.

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