What Is Seoul Fashion Week

What Is Seoul Fashion Week


What Is Seoul Fashion Week: Seoul Fashion Week will happen from September 5–9, 2023, and it will show off designs for Spring/Summer 2024. For this season’s event, the date has been moved to early October to coincide with the famous art show Frieze in order to get more attention.

There will be 31 fashion companies and their collections at the event, including eight new brands. In addition to the shows on the stage, there will be a trade show with 120 buyers from 28 different countries. K-pop stars are likely to attend to make it even more fun. This season, the famous girl group NewJeans is officially promoting Seoul Fashion Week.

What Is Seoul Fashion Week

2024 S/S Seoul Fashion Week Review

Beautiful S/S Seoul Fashion Week 2024, we brought fashion lovers from all over the world to Seoul. The world’s attention was on this fashion show more than the bad weather. VIIM’s first foreign show was at Fashion Week, and we can’t wait to relive some of the most memorable moments.

At SFW, our booth had a special event with AI-powered picture shooting. Highlights included four black boxes showing fashion photoshoots made in real-time with VIIM’s AI technology. All Fashion Week guests could see these. These photoshoots had a range of styles, such as street, basic, formal, and casual, so that people could try out different AI-generated looks.

The booth was made to be an interesting place to take pictures so people could freely record their most memorable times there. We gave out notes, stickers, and other items with VIIM’s logo to show our appreciation to everyone who stopped by our booth.

Everything You Need to Know About Seoul Fashion Week

 Let’s learn more about the interesting world of Korean fashion, from times and designers to how to watch the show at home. Seoul is getting ready for another great event that will show off how clever South Korea is. This huge fashion show happens twice a year and is one of the famous “Big Four” fashion shows, along with London, Paris, Milan, and New York. It will show Spring/Summer 2024 designs.

Not only are K-dramas and K-pop famous around the world, but South Korea is also known for more than just the Hallyu wave. This creative hub and culture melting pot has fashion as an important part of it. With its cutting-edge designs and lively street style, South Korea has become a fashion leader that has a big impact on the world’s fashion scene. In the past few years, Korean fashion has grown a lot, and fashion lovers from all over the world are interested in it. Because of this boom, a lot of young and local artists want to show off their skills around the world. They bring new ideas and unusual styles to the fashion industry.

Seoul Fashion Week 2023: Emerging Designers Steal the Show

A lot of new designers showed up at Seoul Fashion Week 2023, which made it the event’s main draw. The young designers amazed everyone with their unique and surprising creations, which included bold cuts, avant-garde styling, and prints that caught people’s eyes. 

These up-and-coming artists showed their worth and changed fashion forever. These young designers bravely went against what people thought would happen and gave fashion a new lease on life, turning the runway into a blank canvas for their art. The creative and artistic displays were a feast for the eyes, showing that these young fashion leaders have a bright future in the fast-paced world of fashion.

The addition of fresh views and creative ideas showed that Seoul Fashion Week is always changing, honoring both the next generation of fashion leaders and the work of long-time icons.

About Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul Fashion Week is a great example of how fast-paced Korean fashion is because it gives the country’s best designers a chance to show off their collections. The “Generation Next” program, which is one of the event’s main features, is very important for helping new fashion companies get known around the world and for training new fashion workers.

During Seoul Fashion Week, there is also a trade show, which gives buyers and experts in the field a great chance to meet each other. By bringing together Korean designers and people from around the world, this trade show strengthens Seoul’s place as the fashion capital of Asia.

After being put on hold for three years because of the epidemic, Seoul Fashion Week is back and stronger than ever in the fashion business. Today is a celebration of the fashion industry’s comeback from a rough patch and the rise of famous designers.

Seoul Fashion Week Kick-off

At the start of Seoul Fashion Week, to my first SONGZIO show. The fashion company SONGZIO runs four brands:

  • The main brand, SONGZIO, is the high-end male brand SONGZIO HOMME.
  • The unisex streetwear brand ZZERO.
  • The brand ZIOSONGZIO is for younger people.

The Spring/Summer collection from SONGZIO had beautiful clothing that was also fluid enough to appeal to women. It also had a beautiful mix of Eastern and Western styles. The collection was based on the idea of “oriental avant-garde,” which meant making art that celebrated the beauty of duality by carefully mixing colors and materials that were at odds with each other.

The 20–25-minute runway show had almost 100 pieces, making it the longest opening show of the season. People were interested in the collection because it had a wide range of clothes that showed shocking variety. Famous people like Han Hye-jin and other models showed off the brand’s star power on the runway, which added to the glitz of the event.

What Is Seoul Fashion Week

What to wear to Seoul Fashion Week?

In Seoul, attendees are prideful in their outfit choices, wearing Korean brands like Thug Club, often paired with a staple sunglasses accessory from Gentle Monster. Monochromatic styling has been a popular neutral choice amongst showgoers, focusing on casual silhouettes with oversized denim jeans and t-shirts.

It was true that all of the fashion shows took place at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, which Hypebeast covered all week. Travelers from all over the world flocked to Seoul to see how new designers present their art and to experience the creativity of local businesses. Seoul Fashion Week is known for showing a wide range of sophisticated looks. It also gives participants a chance to show off their street-style ideas to people all over the world. There are other well-known fashion weeks in places like New York, London, Milan, and Paris, but Seoul is different because luxury brands do not run it.

People in Seoul are very interested in what they wear. Most of the time, they wear clothes from Korean brands like Thug Club and stylish glasses from Gentle Monster. People who like wearing black clothes with loose fits, like T-shirts that are too big on them and denim pants. Even though the style is mostly useful and sensible, accessories or bright pops of color are often used to add a youthful touch.

How to participate in Seoul Fashion Week?


Brand. Application period 2023-11-13~2023-12-03. Application →

Press. Application period 2023-12-27~2024-01-21. Application →

An ordinary citizen. Local. Application period 2023-12-30~2023-12-31. Application → Inquiry.

An ordinary citizen. Foreigner. Application period 2023-12-30~2023-12-31. Application → Inquiry.

There will be five days of 2024 F/W Seoul Fashion Week, from Thursday, February 1, to Monday, February 5. This was stated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG). The event will show off the newest clothes for fall and winter 2024. At the fashion shows, 21 names will be there. Six will be at S Factory in Seongsu, and 15 will be at DDP in Dongdaemun. Also, a trade show with goods from 68 different companies is expected to bring in around 300 people from both inside and outside the country, including 100 people from 14 different countries.

A picture of the K-pop group NewJeans as a whole is on the city’s Seoul Fashion Week sign, which is meant to get people excited about the event. Members of NewJeans are wearing clothes from brands that will be at the event, such as Julycolumn, ul: kin, and HANNAH SHIN, in this eye-catching ad.

The city is having a raffle with 200 random winners getting tickets to the fashion shows. This is to get people involved. Between Tuesday, January 16, and Wednesday, January 24, people who want to apply can do so online through Instagram. Between January 26 and January 29, the city plans to send winners’ registered cell phone numbers and QR code tickets to enter the city.

Who is the global ambassador for Seoul Fashion Week?

SEOUL — Girl Band NewJeans will participate in South Korea’s major fashion event “Seoul Fashion Week” as a global ambassador. The five-member band will promote the biannual event, featuring 21 South Korean brands, at its fashion show.

Seoul Fashion Week SS 2024 will take place at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) for five days, from September 5 to September 9, 2023. To happen before the big fashion shows in London, Paris, Milan, New York, and other places, the dates have been moved up. The goal is to let fashion lovers and powerful buyers from around the world see Korean fashion brands for themselves and get an idea of their quality and styles.

There will be a lot going on at Seoul Fashion Week SS 2024. There will be 31 fashion shows, and trade shows with 120 buyers from 28 countries, as well as interactive events that blend fashion, technology, and Korean culture. Eight shows by new brands like Generation Next and GN stand out, as do twenty-two collections by top Korean designers, which are grouped under the names Seoul Collection and SC. In this exciting performance, a corporate brand will also be shown. This will add to the event’s lively and varied fashion scene.

When was the first Seoul Fashion Week?


In 1987, Seoul Fashion Week had its first ever iteration.

In 1987, Seoul Fashion Week it has held its first event. It’s been going on for 36 years and is now a well-known event around the world. It has a wide range of attendees and serves as a stage for luxury brands as well as new designers and Korean clothing businesses in the area. It is both an honor and a challenge to plan this year’s event because it involves dealing with contentious and important issues that are central to the event’s goals. We’ve put together a group of lawmakers, designers, models, social media influencers, and other people from different backgrounds to make sure we plan everything out thoroughly. Our goal is to include a lot of different points of view in the decision-making process.

When looking at fashion production and display in the context of today’s political climate, it’s important to talk about sustainability in the fashion business. This includes talking about how to use ecologically sound morals in the planning of the event, like how to make the place look nice and how to get people there, as well as the clothes that are being shown. It also talks about how things are made, how they are transported, and how they can be used or worn again. Due to the current state of global warming, it is very important that Seoul Fashion Week put environmental protection first.

The group is committed to working on both environment and diversity. This includes looking into how different cultures and traditions affect how people use social media and connect with mainstream Western society. On the list of events, body acceptance and the fight against discrimination based on race, gender identity, and sexual orientation have been added by the committee. The objective is to keep up with regional and foreign beauty standards while protecting Seoul Fashion Week’s openness, diversity, and sense of duty to society.

What are the fashion events in Seoul 2023?

The 2023 F/W Seoul Fashion Week will be divided into three major events: fashion show of 30 designer brands; the largest trade show in Korea with 130 overseas buyers from 27 countries; and various citizen participation programs that combine fashion and innovative technology.

Now that you’ve seen how flexible New York is and how strange Copenhagen is, it’s time for Korean street fashion to take the spotlight at Seoul Fashion Week.

K-dramas and K-pop showed bits and pieces of Korean fashion, but Seoul Design Week 2023 Fall/Winter really showed off the looks. Well-known brands like ULKIN, CHARM’s, VEGAN TIGER, and ORDINARY PEOPLE showed off designs with styles like logomania, grunge, and varsity chic. The event was short but lively, and the clothes showed off a lot of different styles from the city’s fashion scene.

Important people of all ages went to Seoul Fashion Week this year, which made it a more open event. It was great to see famous people like Jenny Park, Lea Navvab, and Shinwon of PENTAGON walk the runways, as well as NewJeans’ global representative. WEi, Brave Girls, Somin from KARD, Kino from PENTAGON, and Brave Girls were some of the other well-known people who went.

What Is Seoul Fashion Week

If you went to Seoul Fashion Week or want to remember the fun, scroll down to see the best Korean street fashion on show at one of the city’s most stylish and lively events.

It was a great time to be a part of Seoul Fashion Week. Seeing how established and up-and-coming artists changed over time and being a part of their journey made me feel. It’s an amazing feeling, like cheering them on as they work on their creative projects. Anyone who likes fashion and wants to learn more about how Korean trends change quickly should definitely go on this trip.

Please visit the official website for Seoul Fashion Week to find out more about the shows, the designers, and the schedule. This movie also gives a thorough study of my experience. You can fully engage yourself in the exciting and always-changing world of Korean fashion and learn about the creative and varied trends that are changing the business.

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