What Days Postal Strike

What Days Postal Strike


What Days Postal Strike: February, mail hits. The source says that the Communication Workers Union (CWU) has called for a 24-hour mail strike on February 16 and 17, 2023. People who work for Royal Mail and are in charge of collecting, sorting, and delivering mail and packages are expected to join this walkout.

The strike is set to start on February 16 and end at 12:30 p.m. on February 17, 2023. Mail services may be interrupted during the planned time because of industrial action, just like they were in the past.

People and businesses should make plans that work for them, taking into account that the mail service might be slow during the strike, and they should keep up with any new information or changes to the strike schedule.

What Days Postal Strike

What days have the postal strikes been on?

I value the extra information you gave me. Even though Royal Mail announced a new 18-month 9% salary plan, talks between the company and the CWU ended without a deal. The CWU turned down the pay agreement because they were worried about how it would affect the jobs of postal workers. Because of this refusal, there were more strikes on Black Friday and other days in December.

The Christmas strikes slowed down mail delivery all over the U.K. by a huge amount. Royal Mail and the CWU have complicated problems that may be about more than just money, as shown by the fact that they have been arguing for a long time, and the salary deal has been turned down.

Because of this, it will be very important to keep an eye on any new events and comments made by both sides to see if the situation has changed or if new talks have started about the future. If the basic problems between Royal Mail and the CWU are solved, it may be less likely that there will be more strikes.

What are the next postal strikes?

The most current information we have access to says that no other Royal Mail strike dates have been set for 2023. Still, the ongoing fight between the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and Royal Mail makes it possible that there will be more strikes soon. Royal Mail made its “best and final” offer at the end of November. It included improvements like a new profit-sharing plan, better terms for voluntary layoff, and a 9% pay raise spread out over 18 months. This suggests that talks have come to a standstill.

Even with these attempts, the CWU turned down Royal Mail’s offer and said that there are no plans for any more talks at this time. The union had sworn that there would be no more strikes and peace until January 16, 2023, but the company turned them down.

It is very important to know about any new developments in this case, as they could change the scenario and make future strikes less likely.

Postal strikes dates: When are the Royal Mail walkouts this December 2022 and why?

The information you gave shows how serious and important the current labor dispute is between Royal Mail and more than 100,000 mail workers. During the seven-month scenario, many ideas have been put forward and then taken back, which has made the talks more difficult.

Mail carriers are worried about a backlog of mail that can’t be delivered because of the fight. Both sides are now accusing the other of fabricating evidence. Sources say that millions of packages and letters are piling up, which could cause delivery services to “meltdown” around Christmas.

Not only do postal workers have to deal with this conflict, but so do small businesses and independent merchants that count on mail services to make money. Leaders in the Federation of Small Businesses, eBay, and the British Chamber of Commerce have said that the strike is a “body blow” for small businesses.

Because the situation is so complicated and serious, it will be very important to keep up with any new information and possible answers. The disagreement has effects that go beyond the people involved. Mail delivery networks and the businesses that depend on them are also affected.

When are the postal strikes November 2022?

It looks like the union is planning three different kinds of strikes involving different types of workers. Delivery workers, network workers, processing, distribution, international, collections, and office staff are all affected by the strikes.

Here are the dates for each group’s strike:

Processing, distribution, international, collections, and management are some of the job categories for workers.

People are to make deliveries on November 3, 9, 15, 24, and December 1.

December 2: November 4, 10, 16, and 25 for network workers

November 2–8, 14, 23, and 30.

The union and Royal Mail are still arguing about working conditions and pay, which is why these strikes are happening. It’s important to note that these strikes, while not as bad as the ones in October, are still making it hard to send and receive mail. Due to the days of strikes and possible postal delivery delays, customers may want to ship packages earlier than normal, as suggested by Royal Mail.

Are the postal strikes off?

The two-day mail strike that the Communication Workers Union (CWU) had planned has been called off. After Royal Mail went to court, the CWU chose to end the strike because they were worried about the legal system and what might happen if they went through it.

According to their statement, the CWU decided not to go to court because they thought the country’s rules were unfairly biased against workers, which could affect a future special election. The union’s right to go on strike was set to end on February 17.

The CWU says that Royal Mail is changing the way they do things at work without getting their permission first. This, they say, directly breaks their agreement on workplace relations because it takes away their right to bargain. A fight is still going on over pay and working conditions.

As this debate moves forward and more steps or talks may be needed, it will be important to stay up to date on any new developments.

What Days Postal Strike

What dates are the postal strikes?

National strike action dates formally notified by the CWU

The CWU has formally notified Royal Mail they plan to call on their members who collect, sort and deliver parcels and letters to take national strike action on Wednesday 30 November, Thursday 1 December, Friday 9 December and Sunday 11 December 2022.

We are still keeping an eye on the chance of more postal strikes in January after the ones that happened in December.

“When are the next postal strikes?” The answer is that there are no expected strikes in January 2023. But the CWU has said that “further action will take place in 2023.” Members are going to vote on how likely it is that there will be more strikes that affect Royal Mail services.

We’ll quickly add any new, proven information about Royal Mail strikes in 2023 to this post.

Is post on strike today 2023?

When are the Royal Mail strikes taking place in February, 2023? According to the CWU, the strikes are taking place over a 24-hour period on all shifts commencing after 12.30 pm on Thursday, February 16. The union added that the vast majority of members will be on strike on Friday, February 17.

At the Palayamkottai protest on Tuesday, the protesters stressed how important it was for the Center to offer an 8-hour shift and follow all of the Kamlesh Chandra Committee’s suggestions. On January 1, 2016, they asked that the basic wage suggested by the group be put in place from the beginning. The workers also pushed for the expansion of health care services to include the families of workers.

The protesters also wanted the 3% reduction for the Service Discharge Benefit Scheme to be raised to 10%, which would mean that more of their pay would be taken out. As recommended, the most that can be paid for group insurance should be raised to ₹5 lakh. Employees were also unhappy that they couldn’t use their phones for work-related calls and suggested that branch post offices be given P.C.s with high-speed internet access.

Have postal strikes stopped?

The Members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and Royal Mail have struggled to reach an agreement with union leaders saying Royal Mail bosses needed to “wake up” and negotiate. However, all current strikes have been called off following recent Royal Mail claims made against the CWU ballot.

A two-day pay strike by the Communication Workers Union (CWU) had to be put off because Royal Mail was suing them. A CWU statement said that the union could lose in court even if its case is strong. That’s why the strikes that were supposed to happen on February 16 and 17 were called off.

Declaring that “the laws in this country are heavily weighted against working people,” the statement emphasized how tough the laws are for workers. It was also worried about what might happen if they lost in court on the re-ballot. Calling off the strike shows that the union was thinking about how to best deal with the legal problems that come with industrial action.

How long was the postal strike?

The U.S. postal strike of 1970 was an eight-day strike by federal postal workers in March 1970. The strike began in New York City and spread to some other cities in the following two weeks. This strike against the federal government, regarded as illegal, was the largest wildcat strike in U.S. history.

A wildcat strike was started by leaders of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) in New York. This led to the 1970 postal strike. Beginning on March 18, 1970, it was the largest strike against the federal government. With about 200,000 people taking part, it was also the first national postal strike in U.S. history. Workers got the biggest pay raise in the history of the postal service because of the walkout, which led to emergency talks between management and national postal groups. To everyone’s surprise, there were no penalties for what the postal workers did when they went on strike.

Postal workers from more than thirty big cities joined the walkout by the end of the week. It started in New York City. The walkout, which was caused by consistently low wages, was mainly caused by workers’ requests for higher pay and better retirement benefits.

Is post delayed due to strike?

Letters or parcels you post on the day before, during or straight after any strike are particularly likely to be delayed.

Customers have been told by Royal Mail that the ongoing strikes by postal workers over pay, job security, and working conditions will have a big effect on services. In the past few months, there have been several walkouts, including ones on December 1, 9, and 11, which were organized by members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU). The CWU is in charge of getting mail, sorting it, and moving it. More strikes are planned for this Wednesday and Thursday, as well as for Friday, 23, and Saturday, 24. This could delay Christmas supplies.

An update on the continuing talks between Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) says that the company has made a final offer for pay and changes after several months of talks, which included ACAS mediation. Some strikes might happen before Christmas, making it hard to get mail and packages on time.

What Days Postal Strike

From where things stand now, Royal Mail is thinking about taking a big step, like putting the letter-delivery business into administration. Based on the information you gave, this is clear. If a deal isn’t made, this move could affect the Universal Service Obligation (USO), which says that the government has to make sure that mail gets delivered to every address in the country every week, Monday through Saturday.

Royal Mail said it is committed to reaching a deal, but any deal must be reasonable and in line with its plans to become more competitive, which include starting to work on Sundays. The longer the conflict lasts, the longer the company says the risk to job security is.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU), which represents people who work in the gig economy, is against Royal Mail’s plans to “Uberize” the company. The union got a new order to take industrial action in the middle of February. Any future walkouts must be planned with seven days’ notice.

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