Valencia County Burn Day

Valencia County Burn Day


Valencia County Burn Day: Assistant Chief Jaime Gonzales of the Valencia County Fire Department said that workers were able to keep the fire to 319 acres even though the weather was bad. There was a lot of vegetation along the river and very flammable cotton falling from cottonwood trees. On Sunday, June 13, just after noon, the size of the burn area was first made public.

On Tuesday afternoon, Gonzales gave an update, saying, “The fire is now 50% contained.” Things look great, and we’re making real progress. Every hotspot that is close to a building has been locked down. In the fire zone, workers will keep their attention on hotspots. There may be smoke or torches because it is still very hot outside.

As of Sunday afternoon, the fire was officially known as the Cemetery Fire. Gonzales said that the fire began near a pet cemetery. To be more specific, she said, “I don’t know if it’s a recognized, official pet cemetery.” It was found away from the burned area.

On Monday, the New Mexico State Forestry Service and the New Mexico Fire Marshal’s Office investigated the case all day. Gonzales said, “We hope to find out soon what caused it and why.” All natural explanations have been ruled out. While people are likely to blame, that doesn’t mean it was planned or has anything to do with the fires that were set on purpose in Los Lunas. The reason for the fire in the cemetery is still being investigated.

Valencia County Burn Day

Open burning is banned in Valencia County

Due to the prolonged drought and higher risk of wildfires, all of Valencia County’s municipal fire departments have joined forces to ban open burning.

The ban will start to take effect in Valencia County, Los Lunas Village, Belen City, Peralta Town, Bosque Farms Village, and Rio Communities City on June 18. Any fire outside is not allowed, including bonfires, cooking fires, and weed burning. Grilling and smoking are okay, but burning things outside is not allowed at all.

There will be no more 30-day ban if it doesn’t rain enough to lower the risk of a fire. After this time, the agencies will look at the restrictions again to see if they are still needed.

“We must do everything we can to protect our natural resources, keep our communities safe, and make sure the safety of people’s lives and property while also making firefighters safer,” said Casey Davis, interim fire chief of the Valencia County Fire Department.

Burn restrictions are implemented after several factors are considered, such as the amount of water in the fuel, the fire’s activity, and the resources available to put out the fire.

People in the area should be very careful when working with open flames, such as grinding or welding. Everything that can catch fire should be removed from a space at least four feet across, and a fire extinguisher or water supply should be kept nearby.

Valencia County Fire: Homes burn as fire continues to spread

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Valencia County Burn Ban Notice

Starting April 18, 2022, open burning will not be allowed in Valencia County, the hamlet of Los Lunas, the City of Belen, Peralta, Bosque Farms, and Rio Communities. This is because of the severe drought, high fire risk, and lack of resources in the state. The ban will last for 30 days or until better weather lowers the risk of a fire, and the need for restrictions on open burning is looked at again.

When fire departments decide when to set limits, they consider many factors, such as the amount of moisture in the fuel, the level of activity in the fire, and the current and forecasted weather. This safety measure will lower the actual risk of fire, protect the Bosque from wildfires, keep natural resources safe, and ensure the safety of both communities and firefighters.

Because of the open burn ban, all outdoor fires are illegal. This includes bonfires, cooking fires, and weed burning. Be careful when working with open flames, such as grinding or welding. It is best to leave 4 feet of space around anything that can catch fire, and there should be a fire extinguisher or a water source nearby. It’s important to smoke responsibly and make sure cigarettes are out completely before throwing them away.

30-day burn ban implemented in Valencia County

A press release from Valencia County Fire Chief Matt Propp recently said that an open burn ban will start today, April 18, in Valencia County, the village of Los Lunas, the city of Belen, the town of Peralta, the village of Bosque Farms, and the city of Rio Communities. This is because of the ongoing drought, the high risk of fire, and the severe lack of resources across New Mexico.

The 30-day limit expires when conditions improve and the risk of fire decreases. During this time, open burn restrictions will be reviewed and changed as needed.

The announcement says that the decision to impose limits is based on several factors, such as current and future weather, the amount of water in the fuel, the level of fire activity, and the resources available for fighting the fire.

“The ban on open burning is a proactive way to lower the very real risk of fire,” said Matt Propp, Valencia County’s fire chief. Along with making firefighters safer, we need to protect our natural resources, stop wildfires from spreading through our Bosque, and ensure the safety of the people who live and work in our communities.

Any flames outside, like bonfires, cooking fires, or weed burning, must be kept out of the open. Grills that use propane or charcoal and have covers are fine.

One dead after fire in Valencia County

Inside the fire, two people were found. One was pronounced dead at the scene, and the other was taken to the University of New Mexico Hospital.

Event in the state: The Fire Department of Valencia County says that the Marshal’s Office will look into what happened.

The Belen, Rio Communities and Peralta Fire Departments worked together to put out the fire. The Public Service Company of New Mexico, the state police, and American Medical Response also provided extra help.

Valencia County Burn Day

What is the number for burn day in Valencia County?

Each day you want to burn, you must call (505) 866-2036. If you live in Bosque Farms: You must get a written burn permit from the Village Office. It is good for 2 weeks.

Valencia County residents must call the fire administration office at 505-866-2040 every day to get permission to burn, except in some neighborhoods. Please call Dispatch at 505-865-9130 on the weekends or after hours. Give your name, phone number, and where you will be burning on the designated Burn Days.

You can get a 30-day burn permit from the fire department if you live in Belen or Los Lunas. Call 505-865-9130 every Burn Day to see how the event is going.

Get a written burn permit from the Village Office for two weeks if you live in Bosque Farms. Call the Village Office at 505-869-2357 during the week to find out what’s going on with Burn Day. Call dispatch at 505-865-9130 on the weekends or after hours.

How much does the Valencia County Fire Department pay?

Average Valencia County hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.50 per hour for Equipment Operator to $24.51 per hour for Firefighter/Emt.

In Valencia County, people who operate heavy equipment make about $11.50 an hour, while firefighters and emergency medical technicians make about $24.51. Every year, people in Valencia County make between $38,806 and $65,171, depending on their job.

This information about wages comes from 25 different sources, such as information given by users, employees, and Indeed job ads over the last 36 months.

Keep in mind that these numbers are just guesses based on information given to Indeed by third parties. People should check with their boss for correct and up-to-date information, keeping in mind that the minimum wage may be different in different areas and that actual salary statistics may also be different.

Are you allowed to burn in the day?

Since there are no specific laws in place about domestic bonfires, as long as you are not burning inappropriate materials that could harm others or cause smoke to drift into a road, you could choose to have one during the day or at night.

For those who live in cities or towns, you should know the rules about burning outside. Some neighborhoods may have specific rules about burning outside, while others may not allow it at all. It is suggested that you make sure the city government is following all the rules before starting any outdoor fires within city limits.

The South Carolina Forestry Commission limits what people who live outside of cities or towns can burn outside. Before starting a fire outside, people who live in these areas must first call the South Carolina Forestry Commission.

It is against the law for both home and business builders to burn trash from construction sites. Single-family home builders also have to follow the rules. During the ozone season, from April 1 to October 30, you can’t burn anything outside. Outside of these dates (November 1–March 30), laws that don’t allow open burning on single-family residential construction sites have a number of other restrictions. South Carolina’s Open Burning Regulation (61-62.2, Prohibition of Open Burning) is where builders of single-family homes should go for full instructions and rules on how to follow them.

What is the highest salary of fire officer?

Fire Officer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.1 Lakhs to ₹ 7.3 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.3 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 2.1k latest salaries received from Fire Officers. 1 – 12 years exp. 1 – 12 years exp.

A firefighter’s primary responsibility is to respond to emergencies, such as hazardous accidents and fires. They are in charge of fighting fires, carrying out rescue missions, providing assistance to victims, and performing community service. The highest pay for a fireman in India is INR 7.9 LPA, with an average of INR 2.4 LPA.

Students who want to be firefighters must take a variety of fire safety and engineering courses after completing grade 12. Along with similar diploma programs, some of the best courses include a BSc in Fire Safety and Hazard Management, a BTech in Fire Engineering, and an MBA in Safety Management. Central Fire Safety Institute, Icon Institute of Safety Training, Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering, and IIT Kharagpur are reputable organizations that offer high-quality courses to prepare people for careers as firefighters.

How much do we burn per day?

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Valencia County Burn Day

Ten people were killed in the horrific Valencia fire, and the last missing person’s bones were discovered among the burned-out structures, according to police. Forensic police have located the tenth victim, and DNA testing will be conducted to determine their identities, according to Pilar Bernabé, the national government delegate in Valencia.

Bernabé emphasized the police and firefighters’ ongoing efforts to carefully comb through the building wreckage in search of any potential additional victims, despite the fact that no other missing persons had been reported. The complex had approximately 140 apartments, so it’s difficult to say exactly how many people were inside the two buildings when the fire started.

The fire started in one house on Thursday afternoon and quickly spread to a 14-story apartment building. The exterior of the building, which had extremely flammable cladding, likely contributed to the fire’s rapid spread. Authorities issued warnings on Friday, anticipating an increase in fatalities.

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