San Francisco Zoo Free Day

San Francisco Zoo Free Day


San Francisco Zoo Free Day: As Groundhog Day approaches, enjoy change by going to the San Francisco Zoo, which is home to more than 2,000 rare, endangered, and rescued animals. Thursday is free admission to the Zoo for people who promise to make a change in their lives, no matter how small, for the welfare of the environment.

Recurring events or habits are compared to Groundhog Day, like Bill Murray’s time loop in the movie or Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow sightings. Zoo officials want this program to encourage people to change at least one thing in their daily lives for the better.

As an alternative to driving, zoo officials suggest carpooling, using reusable containers, buying seafood that is grown in a way that doesn’t harm the environment, biking instead of driving, using fewer single-use plastic bags, and being aware of products that contain palm oil—having fun at the Zoo while also helping to make the future more safe and eco-friendly.

San Francisco Zoo Free Day

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San Francisco Zoo Hours, Parking & Directions

Attractions: The San Francisco Zoo is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the last entry an hour before it closes.

Parking: Weekends and holidays cost $13, and weekdays cost $11 to park at the San Francisco Zoo. Visitors coming from the North Bay should use the entrance off of Sloat Boulevard at 47th Avenue, while visitors coming from the East and South Bay should use the entry off of the Great Highway. Alternatively, you can escape paying for parking by using the free parking spots on Sloat Blvd. Visitors with handicapped parking permits can also park for free in the lot.

The San Francisco Zoo is located at the corner of The Great Highway and Sloat Boulevard in San Francisco, California, 94132.


All zoo shops, cafés, and carts offer 10% off to San Francisco Zoo members. This deal can save members a lot of money on food and drinks at the Zoo.

In addition to saving money, guests can bring their food and drinks instead of getting them at the event. Be aware, though, that glass containers and booze are not allowed on the zoo grounds for legal and safety reasons. With reservations and taking their snacks and drinks, visitors to the San Francisco Zoo can have a fun and inexpensive day. If visitors follow this simple advice, they can save the most money possible while still enjoying the Zoo’s sights and spending time with their families.

The San Francisco Zoo offers savings and special deals in addition to Free Days to make sure that all visitors are happy and can enjoy the museum. Many different types of people and hobbies can take advantage of these deals, which offer fun and practical things.

The SF Zoo Membership program is very popular as a way to save money. Membership has many perks, such as free zoo admission all year, discounts on food, drinks, and products, early access to events and sneak peeks that are only open to members, and lower costs for summer camps and educational programs. Included in membership packages may be extras like free or cheap entry to partner zoos and aquariums across the country.


It covers 100 acres and has many different environments for animals, as well as lovely gardens with views of the Pacific Ocean. Throughout the large area, people can visit different ecosystems and see animals in natural settings. The Zoo shows off the beauty and variety of nature by having displays set in wetland areas, wide open grasslands, and tropical rainforests.

In addition to the peaceful mood of the seaside setting, visitors can enjoy the beautiful plants and animals while walking around the property. Petting beautiful big cats, active primates, or colorful birds will give tourists an unforgettable experience with animals from around the world. Many people, including individuals, families, and environmentalists, will have a memorable experience at the SF Zoo because of its beautiful setting and wide range of animals.

What day is the San Francisco Zoo free?

When is the next free zoo day for SF residents? The free days are often the first or second Wednesday of the month. However, dates often announced on VERY short notice with as little as 24 hours in advance and sometimes months are skipped altogether. Check the calendar.

As part of its 90th anniversary celebrations, the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens is giving away free admission every Thursday in September.

In honor of “Good Neighbor Free Days,” admission is free, and there will be entertainment during happy hour. Sadly, this deal is only offered in certain counties, and each adult must show proof of address and a valid ID.

How the promotion works:

The museum is giving away free entry to people from San Mateo and Santa Clara counties in the South Bay on September 5.

San Francisco locals are the only ones who can use September 12.

East Bay residents from Alameda and Contra Costa counties can get in for free on September 19.

On September 26, people in the North Bay, Mariposa, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma counties can enter the Zoo for free.

San Francisco Zoo Free Day

How long does it take to tour San Francisco Zoo?

Buy your tickets at the gate, NOT ONLINE! We had a great time at this zoo, spent about 4 hours looking at the wildlife. Your travel app will have trouble finding the place and will send you in circles.

The San Francisco Zoo, located near the Pacific Ocean, has many interesting animals, beautiful grounds, and fun events for people of all ages. I’ve been a regular visitor for ten years, so I’ve seen many of its sights. Many tourists want to know how long they should stay at the Zoo. Based on my many trips, let me share some thoughts and suggestions.

As much as three to four hours are needed to fully enjoy the many animal displays, take a stroll through the beautiful gardens, and participate in interactive events. During this time, you can get a good look at the animals, witness keeper talks or feeding sessions, and take your time checking out the different sights.

Consider the hobbies and preferences of your group members when you decide how to spend time. Nature lovers may want to spend more time at certain exhibits, while families with young children may want to spend more time at playgrounds or animal experiences.

Are reservations required for San Francisco Zoo?

Simply buy CityPASS® online for instant, paperless mobile ticket delivery. Next, present your CityPASS® tickets at Zoo entry – no advance reservations needed. Learn more about saving 46% off admission with CityPASS®.

Buy a Zoo Membership to support our mission and learn more about our amazing collection of over 2,000 species. Be the first to know about new habitats and sites and get special access to events and programs. An unlimited Zoo Membership gives you endless chances to find and explore our huge 100-acre park and gardens.

Surprisingly, a Zoo Membership is a cheap choice for people who go to the Zoo often since the monthly fee covers three visits. Visit our community as we embark on a journey of endless discovery and wonder at the Zoo!

What is special about San Francisco Zoo?

Gardens and Plant Life: SF Zoo is known for its array of botanical gardens, from succulents, to native and local species to conservation gardens, each thriving in our coastal climate. Many of the plants in our habitats reflect the native area the animals come from, some even very rare plant species and more.

The San Francisco Zoo is on the southwest side of the city and is a fun place to spend the day, whether you’re going with kids or just kicking back. Adding games or a relaxed walk along the nearby Ocean Beach to your visit will make it even more fun. When it first opened in 1929, the Zoo went from having small enclosures to huge environments that look like ecosystems from around the world. Beautiful plantings of rare native plants circle it now, and it’s home to about 1,000 animals from 250 species.

Highlights include the Australian WalkAbout, where you can see wallaroos and kangaroos with their young peeking out of their pouches, and the Jones Family Gorilla Preserve, where you can see how Western lowland gorillas live. Visitors to Penguin Island can see active Magellanic penguins, and at the Fisher Family Children’s Zoo, they can pet goats and ponies. If you want to get a close look at how the park works and see prairie dogs, meerkats, a historic carousel, a train ride, and nature trails that are good for kids, don’t miss the Secret Safari trip.

What is SF Zoo 2?

Zoo II is a committee of young Bay Area professionals dedicated to expanding conservation, raising awareness and encouraging financial support of the San Francisco Zoological Society (SFZS) by connecting to members of the community through a variety of social events.

The San Francisco Zoo & Gardens includes over 250 species and covers 100 acres in San Francisco, California. With a strong commitment to protection, the Zoo actively supports national efforts to safeguard and keep endangered species alive.

Since Earthwatch started in 1991, the Zoo has given its employees chances to grow professionally. More than fifty zoo workers have gone on Earthwatch expeditions over the years; two employees go on expeditions every year on average. Through this program, zoo workers can learn a lot while researching environments that are important to the animals they monitor. Selection criteria include a strong desire to participate in the research program, past zoo performance, and the possible benefits for both the person and the organization. By doing these kinds of things, the San Francisco Zoo continues to create an environment where people care about animals and educating others.

San Francisco Zoo Free Day

This much-anticipated event at the San Francisco Zoo represents openness, community interaction, and environmental protection. It offers a unique chance for both locals and tourists to enjoy the beauty of wildlife and nature without having to worry about money, promoting acceptance and a shared appreciation for the diversity of our world.

A number of Free Days throughout the year give people from different groups free admission to the Zoo. Joining these events brings people from different backgrounds together to enjoy the Zoo’s features, learn about conservation efforts, and create lasting memories with family and friends.

Visitors see many kinds of animals at the Zoo, from majestic big cats to playful monkeys and colorful birds. Everyone we meet has the potential to inspire and teach, which makes us value natural protection and wildlife conservation even more.

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