Ritas First Day Of Spring

Ritas First Day Of Spring


Ritas First Day Of Spring: With the new taste of Gummy Bear, they’re trying to get people excited. It will be offered as an addition to their seasonal menu. In preparation for high demand, Rita’s will serve more than a million cups of Italian Ice on Monday at all of its nearly 600 sites.

According to Linda Chadwick, CEO of Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard, carrying on this beloved custom makes people all over the country happy when spring comes and the weather gets warmer. She also told everyone to have fun and submit their entries for the Rita’s app contest to win a year of free ice cream.

Rita’s welcomes the First Day of Spring with open arms! As nature blooms, so do our delicious offerings. Join us for refreshing treats and vibrant flavors that embody the spirit of the season. Celebrate the arrival of spring with Rita’s and indulge in a taste of sunshine!

Ritas First Day Of Spring

Free ice at Rita’s for first day of spring — March 20

Rita’s Italian Ice is celebrating spring on a yearly basis by giving away free Ice! Today is the event’s 30th anniversary.

Each customer who visits a local Rita’s restaurant on March 20, 2023, will get a free Italian Ice in the flavor of their choice to celebrate the First Day of Spring. To mark the occasion, they are also adding Gummy Bear Ice as a new flavor. Customers can take advantage of a small fee to add cream to their free cups.

From noon to nine o’clock at night, the deal applies to everyone, and each person will get a free Italian ice served in a unique 7-ounce First Day of Spring cup. Different areas have different styles available. Rita promises to give away about a million glasses of their popular traditional Italian Ice at this event.

First Day of Spring 2022: Free Italian Ice — Rita’s Italian Ice

Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard will run a new version of their famous “First Day of Spring” promotion on March 20, 2022, to mark the 30th anniversary of their campaign.

Rita’s has started a new plan to improve the tour experience and make it less crowded. As part of the First Day of Spring offer, customers must download the newest Rita’s mobile app by March 20. On March 20, every app user will get a free First Day of Spring Ice deal in their account. Between March 20 and March 27, you can use this deal once a week after that. Additionally, parents can exchange their app reward for free Ice for their kids. 

Don’t Miss This First Day Of Spring Giveaway With Rita’s!

I’m glad to read about Rita’s inaugural day spring sale because I adore their Italian Ice and amazing deals! An acquaintance on Facebook told me about Rita’s news, which makes me very happy. Since it’s spring, Rita’s is giving away a free cup of regular Italian Ice!

On March 20, Rita’s, the biggest Italian ice shop in the country, will give away free Italian Ice for the first time in over 500 locations in 17 states. Many people are looking forward to taking part in the 17th year of the free Italian ice-giving event.

All day, Rita’s will give away free 10-ounce cups of any flavor of regular Italian Ice to celebrate the start of spring.

Celebrate spring with Rita’s, and remember to post pictures of your first spring party with us!


There must be someone who doesn’t love spring. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and there is warmer weather. What makes springtime enjoyment even greater? Free Italian Ice! All of San Diego’s Rita’s Italian Ice shops are taking part in #SoCalChill on March 20, the first day of spring, and gifting guests FREE Italian Ice. There will be a party to remember!

Join a friend at any Rita’s in San Diego on March 20 to celebrate the start of #SoCalChill. They offer a scoop of their famous frozen custard for just $1, which will make your free ice experience even better and make you love frozen treats even more.

Rita’s frozen treats are delicious, and you definitely need to try them! They make delicious and refreshing Italian Ice in a lot of different tastes. The fruit is made by hand right there on the spot. Indulge in a truly delicious frozen treat right now!

Ritas First Day Of Spring


After Google came along, the process of looking for a business has changed a lot compared to two or even ten years ago. Potential Rita’s franchise owners now do a lot of study before getting in touch with our Franchise Development team.

That’s probably why you want to buy a Rita’s Italian Ice business. Finding your way from having a passing interest to becoming a franchisee may, however, prove to be tough. Supervisory Director of Franchise Sales Lori Shaffron explains the steps. According to Shaffron, the process begins with an initial call to talk about the schedule. “I have learned about the candidate’s values, objectives, and aspirations during this conversation.”

Does Rita’s do anything for the first day of spring?

Every year we celebrate the first day of spring by giving away free Italian Ice. That’s right, for over 25 years we’ve treated each and every Guest to a free Italian Ice. It’s a Rita’s Tradition.

Good luck on the first day of spring! According to tradition, Rita’s Italian Ice is giving away free Ice to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Try your favorite taste of Italian Ice or the new gummy bears to celebrate the start of spring!

It’s okay to download an app this year because the deal is good all day at Rita’s sites that are taking part! Celebrate the start of spring with your loved ones and some delicious Italian ice. Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard is continuing a long-standing seasonal practice by giving away free Italian Ice to celebrate spring. It’s springtime, so on March 20, customers at Rita’s will get free Italian Ice. Since 1981, Rita’s has been celebrating spring by giving away free Ice.

Additionally, Rita’s is adding a new taste of Ice called Gummy Bear, which will be accessible as soon as spring arrives. According to Linda Chadwick, CEO of Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard, “We are thrilled to continue the beloved tradition of our Italian Ice giveaway on the first day of spring, bringing joy to countless fans across the country as we look forward to the warmer days ahead.” “We hope to see everyone enjoying their free ice at Rita’s on March 20 and invite you to use the Rita’s app to enter to win a year’s worth of free ice.”

What is Rita’s most popular flavor?


Mango is Rita’s most popular flavor of Italian Ice. Coming in at number two is our famous Cherry Italian Ice, followed by Swedish Fish®.

As the personification of “Ice, Custard, Happiness,” Rita’s Italian Ice is more than just a tasty ice treat. Our business is all about community, enjoying the little things in life, and finding happiness in them, whether it’s buying a sweet treat every day or remembering important events in your life.

Any time of year, nothing beats the delicious feeling of eating something cold. Rita’s only uses fresh ingredients, so they make their popular Italian Ice every day. It comes in over 95 flavors, so there’s something for everyone. You can try the most popular types because we’ve tried them and ranked them, which makes the menu easier to navigate. Therefore, Rita’s is the best place to share happiness through delicious frozen desserts, whether you’re looking for a mood booster or want to celebrate a big event in your life.

What is the history of Rita’s?

History. Rita’s was founded in May 1984 by former Philadelphia firefighter Bob Tumolo with a recipe that his mother made that he then adjusted to enhance the flavors and include real fruit. Tumolo named the restaurant after his wife, Rita Tumolo.

Former firefighter Bob Tumolo and his mother started selling Italian Ice from their front porch on a hot summer day in 1984. That small business wouldn’t turn into a well-known global name; they had yet to learn. Tumolo wanted to make more money, and his business selling frozen treats took little time to gain popularity. He noticed that the business did better after he named it after his wife, Rita.

Although Tumolos sold the company in 2005, Rita’s is still a popular frozen treat, and there are about 600 stores in the US and other countries. The actual fruit is used to make new Ice every day, making sure that every scoop tastes as good, pleasant, and refreshing as the last. Rita’s continues to be a delightful place to visit, with popular menu items that make customers happy.

Is Rita’s profitable?

First, Rita’s can be a profitable business, with annual revenues ranging from $300,000 to $800,000. However, it’s important to consider factors like location, competition, and operating costs. Second, Rita’s offers support and training to franchisees, which can be helpful if you’re new to the business.

Introducing Italian Ice, which is sometimes called “water ice” in Philadelphia by Bob Tumolo, set the stage for joy. People loved these tasty frozen treats in the summer because they tasted great and brought them relief from the heat. Italian granita was the inspiration for Bob’s Italian ices, which were made with real fruit to make them stand out. In keeping with this custom, we still put real fruit in our ice cream today.

Our dedication to making customers happy shows in the extraordinary and satisfying taste of our staple items, Italian Ice and frozen custard. Every time we scoop and mix, we want to bring you the same joy and happiness that Bob Tumolo did all those years ago.

Ritas First Day Of Spring

What is the healthiest Rita’s ice?

Slenderita is by far the healthiest option on Rita’s menu. A kid’s cup has just 160 calories and absolutely no fat or cholesterol. While it does have 23 grams of sugar and 180 mg of sodium, we’re pleased as punch with the 6 grams of protein it contains.

With an impressive adjusted EBITDA margin of 24, the average Rita’s Ice business makes $58,677 a year.

Knowing the difference between net income and adjusted EBITDA is very important. The adjusted EBITDA may need to be reduced by costs like taxes, loan interest payments, and others. Paying owners and franchisees dividends is how net income is used.

A competitive profit margin is maintained by Rita’s Ice, with an adjusted EBITDA margin of 24%, which is similar to the average for the sector, which is between 24 and 27%.

Notably, Rita’s Ice’s FDD needs to include financial details about franchise prices. As a result, average percentages for labor costs (29% of sales) and cost of goods sold (25% of sales) were used to determine adjusted EBITDA.

In honor of the arrival of warmer weather and longer days, Rita’s First Day of Spring festival is eagerly awaited. This yearly tradition, which has been going on for more than 30 years, draws people together with the promise of free Italian Ice. Rita’s is the biggest Italian ice shop in the country, and its tasty treats continue to make people happy by giving them new experiences.

An annual tradition at Rita’s is to give away free cups of Italian Ice on March 20 to celebrate the start of spring. Anyone can find something they like, from old favorites to new, creative flavors like the famous Gummy Bear Ice. To celebrate the start of a new season, Rita’s sites across the country host get-togethers where families and friends can enjoy the festive atmosphere and tasty treats.

Beyond just having a frozen dessert, Rita’s celebration of the First Day of Spring is a sign of hope, renewal, and the promise of better days to come. Visitors who take part in this yearly custom make memories and bonds with their communities that will last a lifetime. Rita’s Italian Ice becomes a beloved part of springtime for future generations.

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