National Scavenger Hunt Day 2022

National Scavenger Hunt Day 2022


National Scavenger Hunt Day 2022: National Scavenger Hunt Day is held every year on May 24. This day urges people to enjoy the spirit of adventure and friendship. Today, people are urged to plan or go on scavenger hunts to get to know their friends, family, and even people in their community better. 

The day will be fun for everyone, whether you plan a small family hunt or a big neighborhood party. There will be games and other fun things to do.

National Scavenger Hunt Day 2022

History of National Scavenger Hunt Day

Folk games gave rise to the first scavenger hunts, but people have yet to determine for sure where they came from. In the 1930s, Elsa Maxwell is sometimes credited with coming up with the idea and making them famous. Elsa Maxwell was an American author, radio host, composer, singer, gossip columnist, and playwright who was known as the “hostess with the mostest.” She loved throwing fancy parties for New York’s rich, powerful people, and famous people. People would walk around the area and look for things on a list that she had provided. This was one of her signature party activities. The strange twist was that players couldn’t just buy the things; they had to work, trade, or beg for them. For an extra level of challenge, some scavenger hunts had puzzles or hints. The winning team was the one that either got the most things or finished the list first.

These days, scavenger hunts are a fun thing to do, especially for kids on holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and birthdays. Parents can keep their kids busy for hours by giving them complicated mazes of things and clues to find. University fraternities and sororities sometimes use treasure hunts to test potential new members or “pledges.” These events are a great way to get everyone interested, encourage healthy competition, see new places, and get more exercise. Scavenger hunts are fun for both kids and adults who are ready to let go of their adult fears and let their inner child out through the thrill of the game.

How to Celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day

Take home the title of Ultimate Scavenger Hunter on National Scavenger Hunt Day with these fun ideas!

Plan a treasure hunt.

To celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day in the best way possible, bring back the tradition of this fun and unique game. The fact that friends, neighbors, and other people in the community can play the game makes it fun since everyone helps the winners get all the important items.

You can find ideas for things to collect online, and the players’ ages and other relevant information can be used to make the rules for the boundaries. Local scavenger hunts can be done on foot or, for more options, by car.

Scavenger hunts can now be conducted digitally by photographing the items to be found, moving the focus away from physically getting the items. Some big cities even offer their online game options, including lists of places and notable sights for a virtual treasure hunt.

Whatever the format, National Scavenger Hunt Day offers a nostalgic and appealing way to enjoy a fun team activity with people of all ages!

This 1979 comedy film stars a number of great Hollywood actors from the time, including Cloris Leachman, Tony Randall, Roddy McDowall, Vincent Price, and Richard Benjamin. The ensemble gets a rare blend of humor and intelligence, which is difficult to find in modern films.

The film’s plot revolves around a group of people competing for an inheritance through a treasure hunt following the death of a rich game inventor. As relationships are challenged and points are collected, there will undoubtedly be turbulence and laughter.

Observing National Scavenger Hunt Day

There are numerous ways to commemorate and enjoy the thrill of the hunt on National Scavenger Hunt Day. During a scavenger hunt, assign friends and family members to collect objects from a pre-made list, as Elsa Maxwell suggests. Alternatively, make it enjoyable for your kids by hiding objects in the backyard and letting them find them on their own.

Scavenger hunts can be an effective strategy for firms seeking to boost employee engagement. Encourage employees to collaborate by assigning puzzles to solve or having them seek artifacts about the office. Use the hashtag #NationalScavengerHuntDay when posting about the event on social media to urge others to participate and make the celebration even more exciting.

Why We Love National Scavenger Hunt Day

Starting a scavenger hunt is an excellent method to explore your city further. Scavenger hunts are an entertaining way to discover new places while solving puzzles scattered throughout the area or evaluating clues in less well-known locales.

A scavenger hunt that promotes teamwork and collaboration requires coordination among friends and family. Effective communication and group problem-solving are required for success, and this is an excellent opportunity to teach children and young people fundamental social skills such as cooperation and collaborative thinking.

Organizing a clever scavenger hunt poses its own set of challenges. Creating innovative riddles, puzzles, and challenges requires players to utilize their imaginations and think outside the box for answers, resulting in an entertaining and thought-provoking experience as they seek every hidden item on their list.



The world was captivated by the Pokémon Go phenomenon. Following the release of this augmented reality Pokémon game, which centered on character acquisition, enthusiasts embarked on global scavenger hunts, looking for Pokémon wherever they could. Some report it even restored the attractiveness of outdoor activities.

The 2000 movie illustrates the passion for scavenger hunts.

The film “My Man Godfrey,” made by Gregory La Cava and Charles R. Rogers, parodies the aristocratic class’s obsession with scavenger hunts.


Scavenger hunts have become a party standard.

Elsa Maxwell gets credit for turning scavenger hunts into a popular party game in the 1930s. Her innovative approach provided social gatherings with a new perspective.

Easter egg hunts date back to the 1700s.

Easter egg hunts were first popularized in the 1700s by the Pennsylvania Dutch, who believed that a rabbit called Oschter Haws, or Osterhase, could lay eggs. This ethnic custom gave rise to the popular Easter tradition of seeking hidden eggs.

National Scavenger Hunt Day 2022

What is National scavenger hunt Day?

U.S. May 24 is National Scavenger Hunt Day, marking the annual celebration of hunting for a list of items, or solving a series of clues to “win” the game.

Every year on May 24, we celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day. It is a celebration that encourages people to embark on a search for unusual artifacts in the spirit of good joy. The goal of the game is to send teams on a scavenger hunt to find a list of strange objects. One unusual component of the game is that players are not allowed to purchase items. Depending on where the search is taking place, players may need to employ techniques such as working, bartering, or even begging to obtain the essential goods.

Scavenger hunts can be made more sophisticated for those seeking an added challenge; some even include puzzles with suggestions for each item. The battle is entertaining and captivating, with teams competing to collect the most items or complete the entire list first. On National Scavenger Hunt Day, individuals are urged to enjoy the thrill of the hunt while developing a sense of adventure and camaraderie as they navigate the rules and hurdles of this popular game.

Why is it called scavenger hunt?

If you’re wondering where the name came from, the crazed search for strange objects seems to resemble scavenging. Scavengers — such as vultures, raccoons, crows and termites — search out dead animal or plant material to feed on.

In case you were wondering where the phrase came from, the intense quest for odd artifacts during scavenger hunts is similar to the actions of scavengers in nature. Scavengers include termites, vultures, raccoons, and crows, who search dead animals or plant matter for food.

Conventional scavenger hunts may not involve hunting for dead animals, but they do make you feel really thrilled as you look for odd stuff.

The concept of scavenger hunts has evolved substantially during the previous decade. The notion has been taken to a whole new level with the introduction of geocaching as an outdoor pastime. This is a high-tech version of hide-and-seek in which participants use handheld GPS receivers or GPS-enabled mobile phones to search the world for hidden containers known as “geocaches.” These geocaches can take many various forms, but they are typically waterproof containers with a logbook and a range of materials within, such as plastic storage units or historic munitions crates.

What is the scavenger hunt event?

A scavenger hunt is a game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items, which the participants seek to gather or complete all items on the list, usually without purchasing them. Usually participants work in small teams, although the rules may allow individuals to participate.

A scavenger hunt is a competitive game in which players work together or individually to find the most items on a predetermined list. Even while it appears straightforward, the challenge is that the items on the list are often unique and specialized.

Typically, the planning committee compiles a list of commodities, which can range from ordinary to extraordinary. Examples include:

  • A movie ticket stub.
  • A bar of hotel soap.
  • A pair of pink socks.
  • A Christmas card.
  • A coin from a specific year.
  • An avocado.
  • Even a voucher for a specific brand of dog food.

To compound matters, there are typically tight requirements to follow. Buying stuff is usually illegal; thus, one must come up with creative solutions, such as convincing individuals to lend or share the products for a while. As an alternative, participants can be asked to photograph objects or assemble brief information, forcing them to think outside the typical restrictions of getting tangible items.

Who started scavenger hunt?

hostess Elsa Maxwell

American gossip columnist, author, songwriter, and professional hostess Elsa Maxwell (May 24, 1883 – November 1, 1963) is credited with the introduction of the scavenger hunt for use as a party game in the modern era.

Elsa Maxwell, a well-known gossip writer from the Jazz Age, gets credit for inventing the Scavenger Hunt. She was in charge of staging a spectacular event in Paris in 1927, which inspired this intriguing project. Throughout the evening, visitors at Maxwell’s soirée were charged with locating specific items, resulting in a chaotic and memorable affair.

The list includes a red pom-pom on a French seaman’s helmet, a black swan from the Bois de Boulogne, and the shoe of Mistinguett, a music hall artist. The hunt produced extraordinary results: Elsie de Wolfe, an interior decorator and the wife of British diplomat Sir Charles Mendl, was accused of stealing by the French Navy; Mistinguett was forced to perform barefoot at the Casino de Paris; and two people were hospitalized after being injured in a fierce swan encounter. This event not only served as the starting point for the Scavenger Hunt, but it also established a famous moment in social history by demonstrating the unexpected twists and turns that this joyful pastime can take.

What are the values of scavenger hunts?

Participating in a group scavenger hunt at school or for fun helps teach kids the value of teamwork, in addition to promoting social interaction. Kids will have to work together to solve clues and get to the final destination.

Scavenger hunts are an excellent play activity for children since they promote sensory development. This can take many forms, from simple sense-based inquiry and awareness to inclusion in a sensory diet to assist in regulating children. 

The activity’s objectives include:

  • Discovering something fast and noisy.
  • Identifying something wet and cold.
  • Finding something green and soft.

A sensory treasure hunt engages children’s senses of sight, smell, sound, and touch, making it an interesting and educational experience that provides a comprehensive approach to sensory development.

National Scavenger Hunt Day 2022

National Scavenger Hunt Day, observed annually on May 24, honors the influential 1883-born Elsa Maxwell, who, in the 1930s, modernized the scavenger hunt. Elsa Maxwell, a well-known party hostess and promoter, popularized scavenger hunts and turned them into a favorite activity.

Elsa Maxwell, who was born on May 24, 1883, became synonymous with sumptuous and exuberant social events. In the 1930s, she hosted elaborate parties for New York’s elite, politicians, and celebrities, popularizing the concept of scavenger hunts as an exciting and interactive party activity. Her inventive change breathed new life into the game, making it a popular choice for players of any age.

National Scavenger Hunt Day commemorates Elsa Maxwell’s birthdate and the long-lasting impact she had on social entertainment, as well as her contribution to the establishment of scavenger hunting. It invites people to embrace the essence of scavenger hunts, paying tribute to the fun, company, and spirit of adventure that Elsa Maxwell brought to this classic and enjoyable sport.

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