National Basset Hound Day

National Basset Hound Day


National Basset Hound Day: Every year, on January 14, people celebrate National Basset Hound Day. Even though it’s not an official holiday, many people know and celebrate it, especially dog lovers. The WoofBookGroup, which is known for celebrating and organizing dog-related events and activities, made National Basset Hound Day and shared it on social media as part of a larger effort.

In honor of National Dog Breed Days, this series was made to show off a number of American Kennel Club (AKC)-recognized dog types, with a focus on the popular and unique basset hound. The campaign’s goal is to get more people to know about different dog types by focusing on their unique traits and how they improve the lives of their owners.

People who love basset hounds will get together on January 14 to share their love for these droopy-eared pets. Although the day isn’t officially recognized, the social media-based party helps dog lovers feel like they’re part of a group by letting them appreciate and celebrate the unique qualities that make basset hounds important members of many families.

National Basset Hound Day

Origins of National Basset Hound Day

Basset Hounds are often called the “sad clowns of the dog world” because of the sad looks on their faces and the way their ears hang down. The AKC has ranked these dogs as the 10th best-recognized dog breed since 1885. They are known for being friendly.

Because of a genetic trait called osteochondrodysplasia, Basset Hounds are short, have stocky legs, and look wrinkled. Even though they look sad, Basset Hounds have the second-best sense of smell after bloodhounds.

Basset Hounds are known to be loyal family dogs despite common myths about them being stubborn and lazy. They do best in homes with kids and other nice dogs, and they are always trying to please their owners. Because they are so cute, it makes sense that these dogs have their national holiday to honor their unique traits and the happiness they bring to families.

4 Fun Ways You Can Celebrate National Basset Hound Day

You can have fun on January 14, 2024, which is National Basset Hound Day, by doing the creative things below:

Show Your Dog Extra Love: This is a great chance to give your favorite basset hound extra care and love. Spend time with them, give them extra treats, and make them feel really special on this day.

Take Them for a Walk: Basset hounds like to rest, but they need to get some exercise for their health. Take your basset dog for a long walk around the neighborhood and let it sniff and look around. This low-impact activity keeps them busy and improves their health as a whole.

Let Them Sniff Out a Treat: To get your basset hound to use its natural hunting skills, have it follow scents. There are many places to hide their favorite snacks around the house. Let them use their strong sense of smell to find the gift. This is a fun and interesting activity for your animal friend.

Movies with Your Basset Hound: To end the day, sit down with your basset hound and watch a movie. Pick movies with basset dogs in them to make the experience even better. This is a nice way to relax with each other after a fun and busy National Basset Hound Day.

How To Celebrate Hug Your Hound Day

There are a few different ways to honor Hug Your Hound Day and show your animal friend extra love:

Hug Your Dog: Now is the time to give your dog an even tighter hug and lots of love. On this special day, to honor your dog, you should give them lots of kisses, cuddles, and belly rubs.

Get a dog: If you don’t already have a dog, today is a good day to think about getting one. Go to an animal shelter near you to find a pet friend who speaks to you and gives them a loving, forever home.

You can help animals by volunteering at an animal shelter. This is a great way for people who want to make a change beyond their pets. Give dogs and other animals that need help some time. You should also give to groups that help lost pets.

These activities celebrate the bond between you and your dog and also show love to other dogs in need. This makes Hug Your Hound Day a happy and kind holiday for all dog lovers.

Interesting Facts About Basset Hounds

National Hug Your Hound Day is a holiday for all dog owners, but it’s especially for basset hound owners. If you have a basset hound and want to celebrate this day with some fun facts about them, here they are:

Weighty Friends: Even though basset hounds look small, they are actually very heavy dogs. Plus, they might be less than 15 inches tall and weigh 70 pounds or more. The reason for this is that they have more bones per pound than most other dog breeds.

Likes to Wander: Basset hounds were bred to hunt and follow scents, so they naturally liked to roam. Because they are curious and have a strong sense of smell, they are more likely to get lost. This is why owners should keep them in a safe, fenced-in yard.

While basset hounds are great for hunting, they could be better at being guard dogs because they are friendly and outgoing. They are less likely to avoid strangers and more likely to make friends with them. A basset hound might not be the best choice if you want a watchdog.

These facts give you some interesting new information about basset hounds. National Hug Your Hound Day is a chance to celebrate these loving and sometimes strange dog friends.

Basset Hound  Day History

The Basset Hound was chosen because it was bred to do a certain type of hunting that requires special traits. The dog has to keep up a speed that lets the hunter follow on foot, and it also has to be able to chase for long periods, often hours. Critically, the Basset Hound must show a strong desire to find the game, showing persistence even if the search takes all day.

Basset Hounds are often misunderstood and abused, even though they have noble traits that make them great for hunting. Popular portrayals, like the cartoon character “Fred Basset” and the TV character “Cleo,” have made them look like clowns and laid-back people, which may have led to the idea that they are lazy.

“The Intelligence of Dogs,” a book written by Stanley Coren in 1994, also gave the Basset Hound a low score for “working/obedience intelligence,” saying that it was less likely to pay attention to commands the first time.

Basset Hound owners, on the other hand, know and respect that their dogs are smart and independent, which are qualities that are needed to finish the job that was set out years ago. Instead of thinking of them as slow, understanding the Basset Hound means accepting the unique traits that make them not only good pets but also determined and hardworking people.

National Basset Hound Day

Why are Basset hounds so special?

Bassets were selected not only for their outstanding scenting skills, but also because hunters could keep up with the slow-paced dogs. They not only hunted rabbits and hares, but were also sometimes used to track larger wounded game. In the United States, the Basset quickly moved on from hunting dog to family pet.

Only the Bloodhound has a better sense of smell than the Basset Hound. It’s not just their noses that make them so good at smelling things. Their long ears also help to direct scents up toward their noses, and the sagging skin on their faces concentrates the perfume, making the smell even stronger. Because of this unique mix, Basset Hounds always do well in AKC Scent Work, Tracking, and the sport-specific Basset Hound Field Trials.

Bassets were bred to focus on scents with single-minded determination, blocking out everything else. Because of this trait, they are very self-aware and independent, but they may be slow to follow directions sometimes. But don’t worry! With the right training, you can teach a basset hound to behave well. It is very important to get a puppy from a reputable breeder who has already been socialized and to start training it early and hard.

Are there 2 types of Basset hounds?

The American basset hound is the same as the European basset hound, except for the fact that it was recognized as an official Breed by the AKC much later than the European basset hound. The primary difference between the American basset hound and the European basset hound lies in their ancestry and breeding.


This breed of dog is 11 to 15 inches tall and weighs 40 to 80 pounds.

This breed of dog is about 10 to 15 inches tall and 35 to 75 pounds heavy.

How they look:

The American Basset Hound has a long body and short, stumpy legsā€”ears that are very long and floppy, and an expression that droops. You can choose from brown, red, black, and white.

French Basset Hound: The French Basset Hound is the same as the American Basset Hound, but its face and eyes have more wrinkles. A Bloodhound’s expression is sadder and more drooping, like this one.

Family Tree:

The American Basset Hound was brought to the US in the 1800s and was recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club at that time.

The French Basset Hound is a breed of dog that has been around since the sixth century and comes from France. It was bred to hunt and find hares by scent.

What to do:

The American Basset Hound is friendly, silly, and smart, but they can be very stubborn when they’re being trained or when they don’t have a strong hand. Very hungry but needs to be watched because of weight issues.

The French Basset Hound and the American Basset Hound are the same in how they act.

How long:

Both of them live for 10 to 12 years.

Are Basset Hounds intelligent?

Although Bassets are intelligent dogs, this can be overshadowed by the prominent hound traits of being stubborn and independent. To get your dog to do what you would like, you typically have to convince them that it’s something they want to do.

At first glance, Basset Hounds look a lot like Beagles. However, they are different because their bodies are longer and their legs are thicker. They are often used as tracking dogs because of their long, floppy ears and strong sense of smell. They are average to above-average smart, and they can be a little stubborn. There is a strong desire for Basset Hounds to follow certain scents, but they are more calm and friendly than other hunting breeds.

It’s hard to say how smart a dog is, and there are few solid studies on the subject. Despite this, Basset Hounds can be trained well with time and praise, though they might need a firmer touch and the ability to handle more distractions. Their intelligence is just one part of their complex personality.

Learn more about the often overlooked Basset Hound, including their intelligence, origins, and other interesting characteristics.

At what age do basset Hounds stop growing?

two years

At what age is a Basset Hound fully grown? Like all dogs, Basset Hounds are considered adults at a year old. However, they typically need at least 16 months to reach their full size. Larger Basset Hounds may require a full two years to fill out their chest completely.

Basset Hounds are called adults at one year old, but it takes them approximately 16 months to reach their full size. It could take up to two years for bigger Basset Hounds to fully develop their chests.

Most Basset Hounds weigh between 30 and 40 pounds when they are six months old. Male Basset Hounds are heavier than females; their weight is more toward the heavier end of the range.

By six months, most puppies are 75% of the height they will be as adults. Basset Hounds are about 9 to 11 inches tall when they are six months old. As adults, they can grow up to 15 inches tall.

Do basset Hounds have a lot of problems?

Basset Hounds are prone to certain health problems, many of which are due to the fact they have been sadly bred for their appearance. According to the PDSA, the most common health issues are: Skin and ear infections due to their excess skin and ear length.

Even though they are known for being friendly and calm, Basset Hounds can be independent and set in their ways. They are very vocal dogs that bark a lot, especially when they are angry or excited. They shed a little, but their short, smooth coat means they don’t need much grooming.

Basset Hounds often drool because their lips, ears, and faces hang down. They may also get skin rashes and ear infections. Bathing and cleaning the ears must be done regularly. These dogs like to play, even though they don’t have much energy. Their short legs may make them more likely to get arthritis, though.

Basset Hounds naturally want to follow food, people, and things because they have a very good sense of smell. They might get lost if they smell something because they have such a good sense of smell.

National Basset Hound Day

Even though it’s not an official holiday, National Basset Hound Day is a great time to honor the unique and popular basset hound breed. This cute dog breed is known for being very popular with families who have kids and other dogs. They make wonderful, loyal pets. Their owners will never be the same after seeing their funny antics and unique sad faces.

To make January 14, 2024, an even better day for your basset hound, give them lots of love, cuddles, treats, and your full attention. Take them on a slow walk, play scent-tracking, or hang out with them. Do things that make them smile. Do something cute with these dogs and share a video of it with other people.

Every year on National Basset Hound Day, people around the world celebrate and honor the special qualities that make basset hounds such beloved family pets. Today is a special day to honor the special bond between people and their cute, droopy-eared friends.

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