Kings Dominion Opening Day 2023

Kings Dominion Opening Day 2023


Kings Dominion Opening Day 2023: After a recent change, Kings Dominion will go back to the schedule it had before in 2024. On Tuesday, the Hanover County fun park said it would be closed in January and February. It will then be open on the weekends starting on March 23. After adding nine winter weekends in 2023, Kings Dominion was able to keep its business open longer and give weekends all year. However, the attendance numbers weren’t good enough to support sticking to this longer plan.

It will be over for Halloween at Kings Dominion on Sunday. Next, the park will be closed until November 17. On November 17, it will return for WinterFest, a holiday event that lasts until New Year’s Eve. Beginning the first week of April 2024, the park will only be open on the weekends for six weeks. During that time, it will be closed all week for spring break. Kings Dominion will be open every day of the summer starting on May 24.

Someone from Busch Gardens Williamsburg said that the park would only be closed for two weekends in January. The Christmas Town event at the park will stop on January 7. On January 26, the park will reopen for its Mardi Gras festival, which will run every weekend until March 3.

Kings Dominion Opening Day 2023

Join Us When Kings Dominion Opens for the Season

The first weekend at Kings Dominion is March 23–24, 2024. Remember the dates! Get ready for another season you’ll never forget at Central Virginia’s best amusement park, which has thrilling rides, captivating shows, and alluring attractions. The park has things that are good for families, as well as roller coasters that will get your heart racing. You can experience the exciting sites on the East Coast, which have 13 amazing roller coasters for thrill seekers of all ages.

Our younger guests and families will have a great time at Planet Snoopy. There are 20 rides with famous PEANUTSTM characters as themes. All together, they cover 14 acres of fun. A Gold Season Pass also lets you enjoy all the fun things that happen during the 2024 season, including must-see events like WinterFest, Tricks & Treats, Grand Carnivale, and Halloween Haunt. People who have a season pass can get extra perks, save money, and park for free.

Kings Dominion Announces Year-Round Schedule for 2023

The amusement park in the Richmond area has added more weekends to its public schedule for January, February, and early March. “Kings Dominion will be the cure for cabin fever in 2023,” said Kings Dominion’s vice president and general manager, Bridgette Bywater. “We’ve always aimed to prolong our season to cover all 12 months, and now families and season pass holders can enjoy their favorite rides and treats throughout the year,” Bywater continued.

The park said that some attractions might not be open during certain months because of planned repair and weather-related closures. But in 2023, well-known events like Grand Carnivale, WinterFest, and the Halloween Haunt will be back. The Safari Village at Kings Dominion was rebuilt the year before and is now called “Jungle X-Pedition.” Virginia’s first 4D Spin Coaster and the exciting steel roller coaster Tumbili can be found in this newly themed area.

Waterpark Opening Day

The 2024 season at Kings Dominion’s water park starts on May 25. Get ready for a fun summer! Spend a great day floating around at Virginia’s only park that lets you use two parks for the price of one. On Opening Day, Soak City, enjoy the sun and thrills of our 20-acre water park. Dive right into the fun. You can check out a lot of different things, like wave pools, splash pads, water slides, and slow rivers. Check out Beach Street, Sand Dune Lagoon, and Lighthouse Landing in the newly rebuilt Soak City, Coconut Shores neighborhood.

Lighthouse Landing has eight twisted water slides, two huge water buckets that tip over, an interactive multi-level water play structure with more than 200 elements, and more. The Sand Dune Lagoon is a mini-wave pool that is great for kids. It has waves that are up to one foot high and engaging splash effects. Along Beach Street, you can get food from three tasty food trucks: The Captain’s Catch, Pizza Paradise, and Beachside Bowls.

Kings Dominion Won’t Be Open Year-Round

After a year of testing, Kings Dominion has chosen to stay open only some years past December. This year’s WinterFest at the theme park will end on December 31. The park will return on the weekends starting March 23, 2024. Geoff Zindren, the park’s director of communications, said, “A number of factors caused this change, and it lets us continue our commitment to giving our guests exceptional experiences.” The park will be open every day in April so that people can enjoy spring break, but only on the weekends until May 24, when the summer season starts.

Cedar Fair, which owns Kings Dominion, also plans to shut down Great America in California and Carowinds in North Carolina for the whole year. After choosing to be open all year in 2022, vice president and general manager Bridgette Bywater thought that Kings Dominion would be the perfect way to beat cabin fever in 2023. People who have a season pass or bring their kids won’t have to wait until spring to ride their favorite rides or try funnel cake, which is something any kid would love to do.

Kings Dominion to operate year-round beginning in 2023

Richmond’s Kings Dominion, a well-known theme park, has revealed that it will be open all year in 2023. Because of this new plan, there will be more Sundays in January, February, and the first half of March. After this, the park will be open every day of the year. Vice President and General Manager Bridgette Bywater said, “In 2023, Kings Dominion will be the cure for cabin fever.”

Now, families and people with season passes can enjoy their favorite rides and treats all year long. We’ve always wanted to make our season last all twelve months, and in 2023, famous events like Grand Carnivale, Halloween Haunt, and WinterFest will be back. Please be aware that some park attractions may only be open for part of the day because of planned work or bad weather.

Kings Dominion Opening Day 2023

Is Kings Dominion open year around?

Kings Dominion won’t be open year-round after December. The move by the theme park comes a year after it started the practice. Kings Dominion will be closed after its WinterFest celebration ends on December 31. It will reopen on weekends, beginning on March 23, 2024.

From December on, Kings Dominion will have special hours instead of hours that are the same all year. The park tried being open all year for a year before making this change. Kings Dominion will be closed for a while after the WinterFest event ends on December 31. From March 23, 2024, the park will be open on the weekends again. Geoff Zindren, the park’s director of communications, said, “This decision was made after a lot of thought and shows that we are still committed to giving our visitors amazing experiences.”

Kings Dominion will be open every day in April, so it can handle all the people who come for spring break. The park will only be open on the weekends after May 24. Our parent business, Cedar Fair, is also shutting down Great America in California and Carowinds in North Carolina for the whole year. Vice president and general manager Bridgette Bywater said, “Kings Dominion will serve as a remedy for cabin fever in 2023.” She was talking about the original plan to open all year in 2022.

What was the first ride at Kings Dominion?

the Rebel Yell

Following a limited preview of the park’s Lion Country Safari, a drive-through animal zoo with 230 species of animals, and the Scooby-Doo rollercoaster in 1974, Kings Dominion officially opened on May 3, 1975, offering fifteen attractions including the Rebel Yell (later renamed Racer 75), the Lion Country Safari …

In the eastern United States, Kings Dominion is a famous amusement park that is only twenty miles north of Richmond and seventy miles south of Washington, D.C. Although it opened to the public on May 3, 1975, the huge 280-acre park is owned and run by Cedar Fair. It has over 60 rides, shows, and activities, including thirteen thrilling roller coasters and a 20-acre water park.

Virginia is known as the “Old Dominion,” and the name of the park comes from its sister park, Kings Island, which is near Cincinnati, Ohio. The idea to build Kings Dominion came from the success of Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. Family Leisure Centers, a partnership between Taft Broadcasting Company and Top Value Enterprises, planned to copy Kings Island’s success by moving into a new area. They chose a huge 740-acre spot in Doswell, Virginia, and construction began on October 1, 1972.

How many rides does Kings Dominion have?

60 rides

With more than 60 rides, shows, attractions, a kids area, and a waterpark, Kings Dominion has AMAZING fun for everyone. Don’t miss Jungle X-pedition, an immersive x-perience x-ploring an ancient jungle civilization.

Take an exciting ride on Tumbili, the best 4D spin coaster in Virginia. It will entertain you and surprise you. One of the biggest roller coaster parks on the East Coast, we have 13 rides, including the famous Intimidator 305®. Look into even more interesting options.

Our 20-acre water park, Soak City, has thrilling water rides that are free to use when you enter the park. With water slides, splash pads, a wave pool, a lazy river, cabanas, and more, you’ll have a great time! Planet Snoopy is a fun place for kids to have their adventures with their favorite PEANUTS characters.

Coconut Shores is inside Soak City and has a 45-foot play structure with different levels, a small wave pool, and many places to eat. Throughout the season, our great events will keep you busy. Grand Carnivale is a gathering of cultures from all over the world that brings people together. Kids can have a lot of fun with fall-themed games at Tricks and Treats. As night falls, get ready for a memorable Halloween Haunt, where hundreds of scary monsters will take over the park.

Enjoy WinterFest, when the park magically transforms into a winter scene with millions of sparkling lights, fun activities, and holiday spirit. It’s a stunning event that will make everyone happy.

Who is the owner of Kings Dominion?

6 things to know about Kings Dominion ownership change announced this week. The parent company of Kings Dominion, Cedar Fair LP, is merging with Six Flags Entertainment Corp. in an all-stock deal valued at $2 billion, the two sides announced Thursday.

After being built for two years and three months, Kings Dominion opened for business on May 3, 1975. Soon after, it was known as the best place for families to visit in the Mid-Atlantic. In 1971, the idea for a family-friendly amusement park popped up somewhere between Richmond, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., and the 400-acre good spot in Doswell, Virginia, in the middle of the Mid-Atlantic region, was chosen.

The famous park Kings Island, which is close to Cincinnati, Ohio, gave the new park its design ideas. The new park will have similar rides, attractions, and themes. The most popular things to do at the park were an exciting racing roller coaster with two tracks and a huge 315-foot Eiffel Tower replica.

Kings Dominion is the best family amusement park in Virginia. They now have a 400-acre playground with more than 60 rides, shows, and other things for people of all kinds to enjoy. New attractions are being added all the time. For example, Twisted Timbers, the Mid-Atlantic’s first hybrid roller coaster, opened in 2018 and is a one-of-a-kind ride that perfectly combines steel and wood.

With snow, millions of beautiful lights, well-known characters, ice dancing, and more, WinterFest turned the park into a winter paradise when it opened in 2018. Travelers could not get a more full seasonal experience anywhere else.

What is the hardest ride at Kings Dominion?

Intimidator 305 Extreme Roller Coaster at Kings Dominion

Challenge one of the tallest, fastest and most thrilling roller coasters on the East Coast. The 300-tall first drop and high-speed twists and turns deliver a thrilling experience you will remember for a long, long time.

I tried to rank each roller coaster at Kings Dominion, but everyone’s experience may be different. Without a doubt, Flight of Fear is the park’s best roller coaster. It’s interesting how sometimes there’s a park close by that you have yet to go to. It was Kings Dominion until not long ago. Kings Dominion is conveniently located just off of Interstate 95 in Doswell, Virginia. It was a clear choice for a trip, especially since I had been wanting to ride Intimidator 305 and Twisted Timbers for a long time.

I thought Reptilian was like Alpine Bobsled at Great Escape. It was a nice ride with some tight turns, but it needed something. It wasn’t quite as fast as I thought a Mack Bobsled coaster would go, which shows that there are other, more thrilling things to do.

Kings Dominion Opening Day 2023

The official park hours have been changed so that more weekends can be spent at Richmond’s entertainment park in January, February, and early March. Crossette Bywater, Vice President and General Manager of Kings Dominion, said, “Kings Dominion will be the cure for cabin fever in 2023.”

She said that the park’s long-term goal has been to extend its season to all twelve months so that families and people with season passes can enjoy their favorite foods and activities all year. Busch Gardens Williamsburg will be open all year for the first time in its history. However, some attractions may not be open during certain months due to weather or planned repairs.

For the 2022 season, Kings Dominion also changed the name of its Safari Village area to “Jungle X-Pedition.” Tumbili, a steel roller coaster and Virginia’s first 4D Spin Coaster, can be found in this new jungle-themed area. But in 2023, well-known events like Grand Carnivale, WinterFest, and the Halloween Haunt will be back.

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