Columbus Day 2022 California

Columbus Day 2022 California


Columbus Day 2022 California: We appreciate the Governor’s statement, but we need a firm promise that this change will be made official. Tell the California State Legislature that you want Indigenous Peoples’ Day to take the place of Columbus Day for good. California has millions of Indigenous people from Mexico and Central America living there. It also has the most Native Americans of any state in the country.

Columbus Day should not be an official state holiday because it takes away from the heroes we choose to honor. Native Americans across the Americas were exploited, forced to move, and forced to work as enslaved people because of Christopher Columbus’s cruel actions. As long as the legislature doesn’t say otherwise, school districts may continue to celebrate Columbus Day. There are a lot of examples that show how our kids’ emotions change when they are around holiday celebrations at school. Native American and Indigenous kids all over the state feel uncomfortable and unsafe when Columbus Day is celebrated.

The proclamation from Governor Newsom shows a change from recognizing conquering to recognizing endurance. California is a better, stronger, and livelier place because it has many different kinds of Indigenous people. It’s time to set up Indigenous Peoples’ Day the right way and get rid of Columbus Day and its bad history. Indigenous Peoples’ Day has already been celebrated in at least eight states and more than 130 towns.

Columbus Day 2022 California

Working on Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

The United States has eleven official federal holidays, one of which is Columbus Day, celebrated on the second Monday of October. This classification eliminates the need to deliver mail and ensures that government workers get a paid day off. Because of this, most banks and bond markets that deal with U.S. government debt will shut down. The stock market, however, will remain open, as will most stores and businesses.

Even though it’s an official holiday, Columbus Day has become less popular over the years. Native American groups and others have said that celebrating Christopher Columbus is wrong. A look at state laws, H.R. websites, and other sources shows that only sixteen states and the territory of American Samoa officially celebrate Columbus Day on the second Monday of October.

Even though it has a different name, four states, two territories, and Washington, D.C., all recognize the day as a public holiday. The day is celebrated separately from Columbus Day in the U.S. Virgin Islands, four other states, and other places. In 26 states and the territory of Guam, the second Monday in October is a normal work day.

What’s open and closed on Columbus Day 2022

On Columbus Day, people remember Christopher Columbus’s important trip to explore the Americas. However, Indigenous Peoples’ Day has recently become the main focus of celebrating this holiday.

This year, Indigenous Peoples’ Day falls on Columbus Day to bring attention to the cruel and harmful things that Columbus and other explorers of that time did to the Americas. Native Americans have been pushing for a long time for the country’s indigenous people to be honored with regional and national holidays. It was officially recognized and celebrated by the president of the United States last year.

More and more people are recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Day, but the federal government is still celebrating Columbus Day. Because of this, many businesses will be closed on Monday, October 10.

Observe Columbus Day

Some Americans hold church services and other celebrations on the anniversary of when their country was founded. In the Italian-American community, some certain towns and cities are known for their unique church services, parades, and big events. Celebrations in San Francisco and New York, in particular, get a lot of attention. In Hawaii, Columbus Day is celebrated as Discoverers’ Day even though it is not a legal holiday.

In some places, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, which is also called Native Americans’ Day, has taken the place of Columbus Day as the official state holiday.

Columbus Day is a holiday in many states, but not all of them. The government is closed on Columbus Day because it is still a federal holiday.

Tennessee law says that Columbus Day is a holiday (Section 15-1-101, 2019). However, the Governor can choose to close state offices on the day after Thanksgiving instead of Columbus Day. In this case, state workers celebrate a holiday on the Friday after the fourth Thursday of November instead of the second Monday of October.

Many stores and businesses are still open on Columbus Day, even if it’s not a holiday in your area. You should check with your school district, the school calendar, or the post office to see if they are closed on Columbus Day. Schools and post offices may or may not be closed.

What is Columbus Day?

Columbus Day is held on the second Monday of October to remember the day that Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas, October 12, 1492. It was made a federal holiday in 1971.

Columbus is often seen as an enemy rather than a hero in historical accounts, even though he is credited with bringing the first Europeans to North America. He hurt the Native Americans badly and brought diseases, wars, and other problems to the land that would become the United States.

Because of this knowledge, the day was renamed Indigenous Peoples’ Day as a sign of respect in 1992. Today’s holiday isn’t about Columbus; it’s about Native American people, their histories, and their cultures. There is no federal holiday for Columbus Day, but ten states and many cities and towns do recognize it as an official holiday.

It was a big deal when U.S. President Joe Biden made the first proclamation honoring Indigenous Peoples’ Day last year. He said it was a day to recognize the inherent sovereignty of Indigenous peoples, honor their important contributions, and promise to honor the federal government’s treaty obligations to tribal nations.

Is Columbus Day a holiday in California?

Since then, several states have moved away from Columbus Day. California and Delaware dropped the holiday entirely in 2009, the latter swapping in a floating holiday for state workers. Maine, New Mexico, Vermont and D.C. all renamed the day Indigenous Peoples’ Day in 2019, while retaining it as an official holiday.

Many states have stopped celebrating Columbus Day since then. Delaware and California eliminated the holiday in 2009. California replaced it with a floating holiday for state workers. The day was renamed Indigenous Peoples’ Day in 2019 in Maine, New Mexico, Vermont, and Washington, D.C. All four states still recognized it as a holiday. Vermont sees the day as a legal holiday, and state workers are allowed to take the day off as a floating holiday thanks to collective bargaining agreements.

Hawaii celebrates it as Discoverers’ Day, even though it’s not officially a state holiday because of the Constitution. On the second Monday of October in Puerto Rico, people celebrate Día de la Raza, which is also known as Descubrimiento de América. This day is a time to honor the people and cultures of Latin America. The commonwealth celebrates Día del Descubrimiento de Puerto Rico on November 19 to remember when Columbus first came to the island.

Colorado had Columbus Day as a state holiday for more than one hundred years. On the first Monday of October 2020, Frances Xavier Cabrini will be honored as a new state holiday. She was an Italian immigrant and a Catholic nun who opened many hospitals, schools, and orphanages to help immigrants in need. It was said that she was a saint in 1946.

It has been official in South Dakota since 1990 that the second Monday of October is Native Americans’ Day. The Governor can move Tennessee’s official Columbus Day celebration to the Friday after Thanksgiving, giving people a longer weekend with four days off. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands changed the name of Columbus Day to Commonwealth Cultural Day in 2006.

Columbus Day 2022 California

Are California schools closed for Columbus Day?

Columbus Day is celebrated annually on the second Monday of October and is not recognized as a school holiday in California. The CDE encourages you to recognize October 14, 2024 as Indigenous People’s Day.

The Los Angeles Unified School District’s schools will continue to operate as usual. Metro buses and trains, as well as Metrolink trains, will run at the same times.

The courts in Los Angeles County will be open again on this day. They were closed on September 22 for Native American Day.

Indigenous Peoples Day officially took over as a city-wide holiday from Columbus Day in 2017 when Los Angeles made the second Monday of October Indigenous Peoples Day.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors changed the county calendar in 2017 so that Indigenous Peoples Day would be held on the second Monday in October instead of Columbus Day.

Today is a holiday that was created in 1892 to honor the first landfall on October 12, 1492, during Christopher Columbus’s first trip to the Americas. President Benjamin Harrison made October 21, 1892, a national holiday to honor the 400th anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in America. This was done after both houses of Congress passed a resolution.

How many holidays are there in California?

11 state

In California, there are 11 state holidays on which state offices/schools are closed and state/school employees are paid. The observed state holidays for 2023 are: Monday, January 2: New Year’s Day (observed); Monday, January 16: Martin Luther King Jr.

There are federal observance days on the holiday schedules for 2024 and 2025. The governments of the U.S. and California both observe eleven federal holidays and ten California holidays.

It’s important to remember that private businesses and states don’t have to observe federal holidays. In fact, not all eleven federal holidays fall on the same dates for the federal government and the state of California. Most state and local governments, though, are closed on these days, as are many commercial businesses.

Are banks open on Columbus Day in California?

Are banks open on Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples Day? As a Federal Reserve bank holiday, most banks will be closed. US Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citibank branches will be closed while Chase Bank and TD Bank will be open. You can still utilize online banking and ATM services.

Monday is a bank holiday, especially for institutions and branches of the Federal Reserve.

Most financial institutions follow the Federal Reserve System’s schedule unless there are special circumstances.

Many big banks in the U.S. are closed today for the federal holiday, including Regions, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citibank. However, Chase and T.D. Bank are still open.

Wall Street is not affected by this federal holiday; the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market are still open for business as usual. It is very important to know that the Federal Reserve and the bond markets that deal with U.S. government debt are shut down.

Most stores and restaurants are still open, but it’s a good idea to call ahead before you go.

Do businesses close on Columbus Day?

Will stores and businesses be open on Columbus Day? Most stores and businesses remain open on the holiday, including large chain retailers like Target and Walmart.

n Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day, most well-known grocery stores and chains are usually open. Still, you should check the websites of nearby stores to find out their holiday hours.

This makes sure that you get the most up-to-date information on when they are open on holidays. On October 9, 2023, which is both Indigenous People’s Day and Columbus Day, you should make sure that any services or businesses you want to use are open.

Some groups might be closed for the holiday, but others will still be there for the community as usual.

Columbus Day 2022 California

California has the most Native Americans of any state in the union and is home to millions of Native people from Mexico and Central America. Please take responsibility for your Native American citizens and do what needs to be done to take Columbus Day off the state’s list of holidays for good.

Saying that Christopher Columbus found the Americas is not true in terms of history. Columbus was a major force in the deaths and subsequent settlement of many Native Americans in the Americas. His writings show that he is a cruel person who doesn’t care about other people.

More than 130 towns and at least eight states have already celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ Day, which is different from Columbus’s Day. California needs to officially join this growing movement to show that it wants to recognize Indigenous peoples’ diversity, tenacity, and persistence.

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