Boaters Skip Day 2022

Boaters Skip Day 2022


Boaters Skip Day 2022: Boaters from all across Northeast Florida gather at Bayard Sand Bar on June 3 for an unofficial holiday known as “Boater Skip Day,” which is based around water.

A small-scale friend picnic at the beginning, the event has changed over the years, and this year’s Facebook-organized gathering is projected to draw over 1,500 attendees.

Every year, on the first Friday in June, boats would gather for a picnic and watch the Poker Run. The North Florida Marine Association began to support the event as it grew in popularity year after year, and by 2014, as Verderane stated, it was correctly named “Boater Skip Day.”

Boaters Skip Day 2022

Celebrating ‘Boaters Skip Day’ in the water

Boater Skip Day gets hundreds of boats and grows in popularity year after year, making it one of Northeast Florida’s most anticipated and well-attended boating events. Boaters from all walks of life opt to “skip” work and gather at Marker 24 in Bayard Point, Clay County, on the first Friday of June to enjoy this joyful, unofficial holiday centered on the water.

Boater Skip Day, which started as the Friday Poker Run Raft Up, they were developed into a bustling water celebration as more people and groups participated. With time, more funny features were added, such as food trucks that move and live music. The North Florida Marine Association member Jill Haskell suggested the title “Boater Skip Day” as the event began to take off on its own.

The Facebook event organizer, Chris Verderane, stated that over 1,000 boats showed up this year, which is a great showing. There’s always next year to come up with unique reasons if you were unable to attend! Please mark your calendars for Boater Skip Day on June 2, 2023, as it promises to recreate the same exciting atmosphere and aquatic party.

Nearly 1,000 boats expected for Boater Skip Day in Florida

According to event organizers, Boater Skip Day in Green Cove Springs is Northeast Florida’s most well-known boating event.

In Green Cove Springs, Florida, it is not frivolous to wish First Coast sailors a happy holiday on Friday.

The reason is Boater Skip Day, which is when boaters take time off from work to enjoy the water. Known as the largest boating festival in Northeast Florida, organizers expect up to 900 boats to attend this year. Boat enthusiasts will meet at Green Cove Springs’ Bayard Point, just south of the Shands Bridge, at 9 a.m.

The Shands Boat Ramp will only be available for official use, according to Clay County Fire Rescue; alternatives can be found by utilizing the “Florida Boat Ramp Finder” option on the website of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office gently reminds vehicles to park only in permitted areas and not on Highway 17’s shoulder or middle.

Hundreds pack the river on Boater Skip Day

As hundreds of boats traveled the St. Johns River on Friday to celebrate the unofficial yearly holiday in which people escape the daily grind for a day on the water, the 2023 version of Boater Skip Day left an impression.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office released a notice at 9:30 a.m. on Friday telling citizens that all of the boat ramps—Knight’s Boat Ramp, Lakeshore Boat Ramp, Doctor’s Lake Boat Ramp, and Williams Park—were entirely packed.

Boater Skip Day, widely referred to as “Mardi Gras on the water,” has swiftly developed into one of the most anticipated and popular boating celebrations in Northeast Florida each year. The yearly rise in participating vessels establishes its renown in the area.

Sea of boats seen at Bayard Point for ‘Boater Skip Day’

Many people marked “Boater Skip Day,” an unofficial yearly holiday where people take a break and spend a day on the water on Friday by congregating along the St. Johns River.

According to comments made to News4JAX, the event has been growing yearly, and numerous boats have said that they have been participating in this tradition for almost ten years.

At lunchtime, an above photograph shot with the Sky 4 aircraft showed a big assemblage of boats at Bayard Point, which is close to Green Cove Springs in Clay County.

The presence of the enforcers on the river guaranteed a watchful eye to keep boaters from putting themselves in risky conditions, notably keeping an eye out for anyone driving a vessel while intoxicated. To protect the participants, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission took measures, and News4JAX patrolled alongside the Clay County Sheriff’s Office during the event.

Clay County boat yards filled quickly Friday as hundreds gathered for ‘Boater Skip Day’

Boater Skip Day, an unofficial annual holiday in which people take a break and spend the Day on the water, made a big splash in 2023, with hundreds of boats navigating the St. Johns River on Friday.

Hundreds of boats could be seen as Sky4’s overhead footage of the enormous gathering was played. Governors Creek, Knight’s Boat Ramp, Lakeshore Boat Ramp, Doctor’s Lake Boat Ramp, and Williams Park were all filled by 9:30 a.m. on Friday, according to a Clay County Sheriff’s Office notice.

Boater Skip Day, like “Mardi Gras on the water,” has quickly grown to become one of Northeast Florida’s most anticipated and well-attended boating events of the year. Dave Hall, the local programming and production manager for News4JAX and a lifelong boater, flew Marine 4 on Friday to get a better look at the festivities. Speaking about the unique attractiveness of Boater Skip Day, he stated, “There is a big boating community here. Of course. They laughed and added, “People love to get out, have fun, and skip work.”

Every year on the first Friday in June, boaters of all stripes opt to “skip” work and gather at Clay County’s Marker 24 at Bayard Point to enjoy this fun, unofficial water-themed holiday. The event takes place on a beach where the water is roughly five or six feet deep. When the boats arrive, everyone disembarks to enjoy themselves.

Boaters Skip Day 2022

What is boater skip day in Florida?

Many people hit the St. Johns River on Friday for “Boater Skip Day,” an unofficial annual holiday where people play hooky for a day on the water.

Boaters prefer to start on water excursions on Friday instead of going to work. Known as Northeast Florida’s biggest boating festival, organizers expect up to 900 vessels to attend this year.

Every year, boaters come to Green Cove Springs’ Bayard Point, which is located just south of the Shands Bridge. The celebrations begin at nine in the morning.

The Shands Boat Ramp will be closed for official use only, according to Clay County Fire Rescue. Use the “Florida Boat Ramp Finder” function on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s website to find alternate boat ramp locations.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is telling folks to park only in permitted spaces and to stay off of Highway 17’s shoulder and middle.

The person in charge of Boater Skip Day’s social media, Chris Verderane, emphasizes the value of safety and suggests that everyone go over the boater safety checklist on the U.S. Coast Guard website.

Since the official name was chosen, this is the ninth Boater Skip Day, according to Verderane.

What is boat skip?

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Every year on Friday, boats in Green Cove Springs, Florida, celebrate Boater Skip Day, a day set aside to enjoy a day on the water while taking a break from work.

Boaters will gather at Bayard Point, just south of the Shands Bridge, at Marker 24 at 9 a.m.

Significantly, the Shands Boat Ramp will stay restricted to the general public and only available to law enforcement personnel on Friday night.

What is called boating?

Boating is the leisurely activity of travelling by boat, or the recreational use of a boat whether powerboats, sailboats, or man-powered vessels (such as rowing and paddle boats), focused on the travel itself, as well as sports activities, such as fishing or waterskiing.

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Boaters Skip Day 2022

Boater Skip Day began as a Friday Poker Run Raft Up and quickly grew to become an aquatic festival as more people and groups participated. Over time, more entertaining components were added, like floating food trucks and live music. Jill Haskell, a North Florida Marine Association member, came up with the term “Boater Skip Day” as the event quickly developed its personality and spirit.

The Facebook event’s creator, Chris Verderane, thinks that more than 1,000 boats took part this year. Should you have missed it, you have a full year to conjure up ingenious reasons! On June 2, 2023, Boater Skip Day is set to return.

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